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Name: LibTIFF
Version: 4.0.10
Security Critical: yes
License: BSD
TIFF library.
Local Modifications:
0000-build-config.patch: Local build configuration changes.
0006-HeapBufferOverflow-ChopUpSingleUncompressedStrip.patch: Fix a heap buffer overflow
0008-HeapBufferOverflow-ChopUpSingleUncompressedStrip.patch: Fix a heap buffer overflow
0017-safe_skews_in_gtTileContig.patch: return error if to/from skews overflow from int32.
0027-build-config.patch: #define variables so their value can be used by #if.
0028-nstrips-OOM.patch: return error for excess number of tiles/strips.
0029-CVE-2018-17000.patch: Avoid a null pointer dereference in TIFFWriteDirectoryTagTransferfunction().
0030-CVE-2018-19210.patch: Avoid a null pointer dereference inside _TIFFVSetField().
0031-safe_size_ingtStripContig.patch: return error if the size to read overflow from int32.