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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fpdfapi/cmaps/Japan1/cmaps_japan1.h"
const uint16_t g_FXCMAP_EUC_H_1[120 * 3] = {
0x0020, 0x007E, 0x00E7, 0x8EA0, 0x8EDF, 0x0146, 0xA1A1, 0xA1FE, 0x0279,
0xA2A1, 0xA2AE, 0x02D7, 0xA2BA, 0xA2C1, 0x02E5, 0xA2CA, 0xA2D0, 0x02ED,
0xA2DC, 0xA2EA, 0x02F4, 0xA2F2, 0xA2F9, 0x0303, 0xA2FE, 0xA2FE, 0x030B,
0xA3B0, 0xA3B9, 0x030C, 0xA3C1, 0xA3DA, 0x0316, 0xA3E1, 0xA3FA, 0x0330,
0xA4A1, 0xA4F3, 0x034A, 0xA5A1, 0xA5F6, 0x039D, 0xA6A1, 0xA6B8, 0x03F3,
0xA6C1, 0xA6D8, 0x040B, 0xA7A1, 0xA7C1, 0x0423, 0xA7D1, 0xA7F1, 0x0444,
0xA8A1, 0xA8A1, 0x1D37, 0xA8A2, 0xA8A2, 0x1D39, 0xA8A3, 0xA8A3, 0x1D43,
0xA8A4, 0xA8A4, 0x1D47, 0xA8A5, 0xA8A5, 0x1D4F, 0xA8A6, 0xA8A6, 0x1D4B,
0xA8A7, 0xA8A7, 0x1D53, 0xA8A8, 0xA8A8, 0x1D63, 0xA8A9, 0xA8A9, 0x1D5B,
0xA8AA, 0xA8AA, 0x1D6B, 0xA8AB, 0xA8AB, 0x1D73, 0xA8AC, 0xA8AC, 0x1D38,
0xA8AD, 0xA8AD, 0x1D3A, 0xA8AE, 0xA8AE, 0x1D46, 0xA8AF, 0xA8AF, 0x1D4A,
0xA8B0, 0xA8B0, 0x1D52, 0xA8B1, 0xA8B1, 0x1D4E, 0xA8B2, 0xA8B2, 0x1D5A,
0xA8B3, 0xA8B3, 0x1D6A, 0xA8B4, 0xA8B4, 0x1D62, 0xA8B5, 0xA8B5, 0x1D72,
0xA8B6, 0xA8B6, 0x1D82, 0xA8B7, 0xA8B7, 0x1D57, 0xA8B8, 0xA8B8, 0x1D66,
0xA8B9, 0xA8B9, 0x1D5F, 0xA8BA, 0xA8BA, 0x1D6E, 0xA8BB, 0xA8BB, 0x1D76,
0xA8BC, 0xA8BC, 0x1D54, 0xA8BD, 0xA8BD, 0x1D67, 0xA8BE, 0xA8BE, 0x1D5C,
0xA8BF, 0xA8BF, 0x1D6F, 0xA8C0, 0xA8C0, 0x1D79, 0xB0A1, 0xB0FE, 0x0465,
0xB1A1, 0xB1FE, 0x04C3, 0xB2A1, 0xB2FE, 0x0521, 0xB3A1, 0xB3FE, 0x057F,
0xB4A1, 0xB4FE, 0x05DD, 0xB5A1, 0xB5FE, 0x063B, 0xB6A1, 0xB6FE, 0x0699,
0xB7A1, 0xB7FE, 0x06F7, 0xB8A1, 0xB8FE, 0x0755, 0xB9A1, 0xB9FE, 0x07B3,
0xBAA1, 0xBAFE, 0x0811, 0xBBA1, 0xBBFE, 0x086F, 0xBCA1, 0xBCFE, 0x08CD,
0xBDA1, 0xBDFE, 0x092B, 0xBEA1, 0xBEFE, 0x0989, 0xBFA1, 0xBFFE, 0x09E7,
0xC0A1, 0xC0FE, 0x0A45, 0xC1A1, 0xC1FE, 0x0AA3, 0xC2A1, 0xC2FE, 0x0B01,
0xC3A1, 0xC3FE, 0x0B5F, 0xC4A1, 0xC4FE, 0x0BBD, 0xC5A1, 0xC5FE, 0x0C1B,
0xC6A1, 0xC6FE, 0x0C79, 0xC7A1, 0xC7FE, 0x0CD7, 0xC8A1, 0xC8FE, 0x0D35,
0xC9A1, 0xC9FE, 0x0D93, 0xCAA1, 0xCAFE, 0x0DF1, 0xCBA1, 0xCBFE, 0x0E4F,
0xCCA1, 0xCCFE, 0x0EAD, 0xCDA1, 0xCDFE, 0x0F0B, 0xCEA1, 0xCEFE, 0x0F69,
0xCFA1, 0xCFD3, 0x0FC7, 0xD0A1, 0xD0FE, 0x0FFA, 0xD1A1, 0xD1FE, 0x1058,
0xD2A1, 0xD2FE, 0x10B6, 0xD3A1, 0xD3FE, 0x1114, 0xD4A1, 0xD4FE, 0x1172,
0xD5A1, 0xD5FE, 0x11D0, 0xD6A1, 0xD6FE, 0x122E, 0xD7A1, 0xD7FE, 0x128C,
0xD8A1, 0xD8FE, 0x12EA, 0xD9A1, 0xD9FE, 0x1348, 0xDAA1, 0xDAFE, 0x13A6,
0xDBA1, 0xDBFE, 0x1404, 0xDCA1, 0xDCFE, 0x1462, 0xDDA1, 0xDDFE, 0x14C0,
0xDEA1, 0xDEFE, 0x151E, 0xDFA1, 0xDFFE, 0x157C, 0xE0A1, 0xE0FE, 0x15DA,
0xE1A1, 0xE1FE, 0x1638, 0xE2A1, 0xE2FE, 0x1696, 0xE3A1, 0xE3FE, 0x16F4,
0xE4A1, 0xE4FE, 0x1752, 0xE5A1, 0xE5FE, 0x17B0, 0xE6A1, 0xE6FE, 0x180E,
0xE7A1, 0xE7FE, 0x186C, 0xE8A1, 0xE8FE, 0x18CA, 0xE9A1, 0xE9FE, 0x1928,
0xEAA1, 0xEAFE, 0x1986, 0xEBA1, 0xEBFE, 0x19E4, 0xECA1, 0xECFE, 0x1A42,
0xEDA1, 0xEDFE, 0x1AA0, 0xEEA1, 0xEEFE, 0x1AFE, 0xEFA1, 0xEFFE, 0x1B5C,
0xF0A1, 0xF0FE, 0x1BBA, 0xF1A1, 0xF1FE, 0x1C18, 0xF2A1, 0xF2FE, 0x1C76,
0xF3A1, 0xF3FE, 0x1CD4, 0xF4A1, 0xF4A4, 0x1D32, 0xF4A5, 0xF4A6, 0x205C,