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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <deque>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_coordinates.h"
#include "xfa/fgas/layout/cfx_break.h"
#include "xfa/fgas/layout/cfx_char.h"
class CFGAS_GEFont;
class TextCharPos;
#define FX_TXTCHARSTYLE_ArabicShadda 0x0020
#define FX_TXTCHARSTYLE_OddBidiLevel 0x0040
enum CFX_TxtLineAlignment {
CFX_TxtLineAlignment_Left = 0,
CFX_TxtLineAlignment_Center = 1 << 0,
CFX_TxtLineAlignment_Right = 1 << 1,
CFX_TxtLineAlignment_Justified = 1 << 2
inline bool CFX_BreakTypeNoneOrPiece(CFX_Char::BreakType type) {
return type == CFX_Char::BreakType::kNone ||
type == CFX_Char::BreakType::kPiece;
class CFX_TxtBreak final : public CFX_Break {
class Engine {
virtual ~Engine();
virtual wchar_t GetChar(size_t idx) const = 0;
// Non-const so we can force a layout if needed.
virtual size_t GetWidthOfChar(size_t idx) = 0;
struct Run {
Run(const Run& other);
CFX_TxtBreak::Engine* pEdtEngine = nullptr;
WideString wsStr;
int32_t* pWidths = nullptr;
// TODO(thestig): These 2 members probably should be size_t.
int32_t iStart = 0;
int32_t iLength = 0;
RetainPtr<CFGAS_GEFont> pFont;
float fFontSize = 12.0f;
uint32_t dwStyles = 0;
int32_t iHorizontalScale = 100;
int32_t iVerticalScale = 100;
uint32_t dwCharStyles = 0;
const CFX_RectF* pRect = nullptr;
bool bSkipSpace = true;
~CFX_TxtBreak() override;
void SetLineWidth(float fLineWidth);
void SetAlignment(int32_t iAlignment);
void SetCombWidth(float fCombWidth);
CFX_Char::BreakType EndBreak(CFX_Char::BreakType dwStatus);
size_t GetDisplayPos(const Run* pTxtRun, TextCharPos* pCharPos) const;
std::vector<CFX_RectF> GetCharRects(const Run* pTxtRun, bool bCharBBox) const;
CFX_Char::BreakType AppendChar(wchar_t wch);
void AppendChar_Combination(CFX_Char* pCurChar);
void AppendChar_Tab(CFX_Char* pCurChar);
CFX_Char::BreakType AppendChar_Control(CFX_Char* pCurChar);
CFX_Char::BreakType AppendChar_Arabic(CFX_Char* pCurChar);
CFX_Char::BreakType AppendChar_Others(CFX_Char* pCurChar);
void ResetContextCharStyles();
void EndBreak_SplitLine(CFX_BreakLine* pNextLine, bool bAllChars);
void EndBreak_BidiLine(std::deque<FX_TPO>* tpos,
CFX_Char::BreakType dwStatus);
void EndBreak_Alignment(const std::deque<FX_TPO>& tpos,
bool bAllChars,
CFX_Char::BreakType dwStatus);
int32_t GetBreakPos(std::vector<CFX_Char>* pChars,
bool bAllChars,
bool bOnlyBrk,
int32_t* pEndPos);
void SplitTextLine(CFX_BreakLine* pCurLine,
CFX_BreakLine* pNextLine,
bool bAllChars);
int32_t m_iAlignment;
int32_t m_iCombWidth;