Save some zero bytes in struct XFA_FMHtmlReserveCode

The change at

gave us inline-strings to avoid relocations, so now that there is
no longer a pointer in this struct, it pays to restrict the size
of the character code to uint16_t as it is no longer padded to
a word boundary for pointer alignment. Additionally, the longest
string is 8 + NUL, so [10] should be sufficient.

Change-Id: I64ed5fe15f7252cdbfc8e186d0cc0022a643e0f7
Reviewed-by: Daniel Hosseinian <>
Commit-Queue: Tom Sepez <>
diff --git a/fxjs/xfa/cfxjse_formcalc_context.cpp b/fxjs/xfa/cfxjse_formcalc_context.cpp
index 99d7ca1..6f3301d 100644
--- a/fxjs/xfa/cfxjse_formcalc_context.cpp
+++ b/fxjs/xfa/cfxjse_formcalc_context.cpp
@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@
 const wchar_t kStrCode[] = L"0123456789abcdef";
 struct XFA_FMHtmlReserveCode {
-  uint32_t m_uCode;
+  uint16_t m_uCode;
   // Inline string data reduces size for small strings.
-  const char m_htmlReserve[12];
+  const char m_htmlReserve[10];
 // Sorted by |m_htmlReserve|.