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Name: OpenJPEG
Version: 2.2.0 (also update in opj_config*)
Security Critical: yes
License: 2-clause BSD
JPEG 2000 library.
Local Modifications:
0000-use-colorspace.patch: Makes it possible to not call opj_jp2_apply_pclr().
0003-dwt-decode.patch: Check array bounds for opj_dwt_decode_1() and friends.
0005-jp2_apply_pclr.patch: Fix out of bounds access.
0006-tcd_init_tile.patch: Fix a divide by zero bug in opj_tcd_init_tile().
0007-jp2_read_cmap.patch: Fix wrong rendering on greyscale images with index colorspace.
0009-opj_pi_next.patch: Fix potential bad precno value in opj_pi_next* functions.
0011-j2k_update_image_data.patch: Prevent bad signed -> unsigned casting.
0012-mct_sse.patch: Don't use SSE intrinsics in 32-bit builds.
0014-opj_jp2_read_ihdr_leak.patch: Memory leak in opj_jp2_read_ihdr().
0015-read_SPCod_SPCoc_overflow.patch: Prevent a buffer overflow in opj_j2k_read_SPCod_SPCoc.
0016-read_SQcd_SQcc_overflow.patch: Prevent a buffer overflow in opj_j2k_read_SQcd_SQcc.
0019-tcd_init_tile.patch: Prevent integer overflows during calculation of |l_nb_code_blocks_size|.
0022-jp2_apply_pclr_overflow.patch: Prevent integer overflow in opj_jp2_apply_pclr.
0023-opj_j2k_read_mct_records.patch: Fix opj_j2k_read to prevent heap-use-after-free.
0025-opj_j2k_add_mct_null_data.patch: Check m_data != null before trying to read from it.
0026-use_opj_uint_ceildiv.patch: Remove (OPJ_UINT32)opj_int_ceildiv((OPJ_INT32)a, (OPJ_INT32) b).
0033-undefined-shift-opj_t1_dec_clnpass.patch: fix undefined shifts originated from opj_t1_decode_cblk.
0034-opj_malloc.patch: PDFium changes in opj_malloc.