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Name: OpenJPEG
Version: 0fa5a17c98c4b8f9ee2286f4f0a50cf52a5fccb0
Security Critical: yes
License: 2-clause BSD
JPEG 2000 library.
Local Modifications:
0000-use-colorspace.patch: Makes it possible to not call opj_jp2_apply_pclr().
0001-image-data.patch: Fix a crasher in opj_j2k_update_image_data().
0002-packet-iterator.patch: Fix integer overflow in opj_pi_create_decode().
0003-dwt-decode.patch: Check array bounds for opj_dwt_decode_1() and friends.
0004-j2k_read_mcc.patch: Move incrementing of l_tcp->m_nb_mcc_records to the right place.
0005-jp2_apply_pclr.patch: Fix out of bounds access.
0006-tcd_init_tile.patch: Fix a divide by zero bug in opj_tcd_init_tile().
0007-jp2_read_cmap.patch: Fix wrong rendering on greyscale images with index colorspace.
0008-jp2_check_color.patch: Replace an assertion with returning false.
0009-opj_pi_next.patch: Fix potential bad precno value in opj_pi_next* functions.
0010-pi_update_decode_poc.patch: Set proper upper bound for an array in opj_pi_update_decode_poc().
0011-j2k_update_image_data.patch: Prevent bad signed -> unsigned casting.
0012-mct_sse.patch: Don't use SSE intrinsics in 32-bit builds.
0013-attrib_fix.patch: Don't needlessly redefine __attribute__,
0014-opj_jp2_read_ihdr_leak.patch: Memory leak in opj_jp2_read_ihdr().
0015-read_SPCod_SPCoc_overflow.patch: Prevent a buffer overflow in opj_j2k_read_SPCod_SPCoc.
0016-read_SQcd_SQcc_overflow.patch: Prevent a buffer overflow in opj_j2k_read_SQcd_SQcc.
0017-tcd_init_tile.patch: Prevent integer overflows during calculation of |l_nb_precinct_size|.
0018-tcd_get_decoded_tile_size.patch: Fix an integer overflow in opj_tcd_get_decoded_tile_size.
0019-tcd_init_tile.patch: Prevent integer overflows during calculation of |l_nb_code_blocks_size|.
0020-opj_aligned_malloc.patch: Prevent overflows when using opj_aligned_malloc().
TODO(thestig): List all the other patches.