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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fpdfapi/cmaps/GB1/cmaps_gb1.h"
const uint16_t kFXCMAP_GBK2K_V_5[41 * 3] = {
0xA1A2, 0xA1A2, 0x023F, 0xA1A3, 0xA1A3, 0x023E, 0xA1AA, 0xA1AA, 0x0256,
0xA1AB, 0xA1AC, 0x1E18, 0xA1AD, 0xA1AD, 0x0257, 0xA1B2, 0xA1BF, 0x0246,
0xA1FE, 0xA1FE, 0x1E1A, 0xA3A1, 0xA3A1, 0x0242, 0xA3A8, 0xA3A9, 0x0244,
0xA3AC, 0xA3AC, 0x023D, 0xA3AE, 0xA3AE, 0x1E1B, 0xA3BA, 0xA3BB, 0x0240,
0xA3BD, 0xA3BD, 0x1E1C, 0xA3BF, 0xA3BF, 0x0243, 0xA3DB, 0xA3DB, 0x1E1D,
0xA3DD, 0xA3DD, 0x1E1E, 0xA3DF, 0xA3DF, 0x0258, 0xA3FB, 0xA3FB, 0x0254,
0xA3FD, 0xA3FD, 0x0255, 0xA3FE, 0xA3FE, 0x1E1F, 0xA4A1, 0xA4A1, 0x5757,
0xA4A3, 0xA4A3, 0x5759, 0xA4A5, 0xA4A5, 0x5762, 0xA4A7, 0xA4A7, 0x5758,
0xA4A9, 0xA4A9, 0x5760, 0xA4C3, 0xA4C3, 0x5761, 0xA4E3, 0xA4E3, 0x5764,
0xA4E5, 0xA4E5, 0x5766, 0xA4E7, 0xA4E7, 0x5765, 0xA4EE, 0xA4EE, 0x5763,
0xA5A1, 0xA5A1, 0x5768, 0xA5A3, 0xA5A3, 0x576A, 0xA5A5, 0xA5A5, 0x5771,
0xA5A7, 0xA5A7, 0x5769, 0xA5A9, 0xA5A9, 0x576F, 0xA5C3, 0xA5C3, 0x5770,
0xA5E3, 0xA5E3, 0x5773, 0xA5E5, 0xA5E5, 0x5775, 0xA5E7, 0xA5E7, 0x5774,
0xA5EE, 0xA5EE, 0x5772, 0xA960, 0xA960, 0x577A,