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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_arabic.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_memory.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_unicode.h"
#include "third_party/base/stl_util.h"
namespace {
uint16_t wIsolated;
uint16_t wFinal;
uint16_t wInitial;
uint16_t wMedial;
struct FX_ARAALEF {
uint16_t wAlef;
uint16_t wIsolated;
uint16_t wShadda;
uint16_t wIsolated;
const FX_ARBFORMTABLE g_FX_ArabicFormTables[] = {
{0xFE81, 0xFE82, 0xFE81, 0xFE82}, {0xFE83, 0xFE84, 0xFE83, 0xFE84},
{0xFE85, 0xFE86, 0xFE85, 0xFE86}, {0xFE87, 0xFE88, 0xFE87, 0xFE88},
{0xFE89, 0xFE8A, 0xFE8B, 0xFE8C}, {0xFE8D, 0xFE8E, 0xFE8D, 0xFE8E},
{0xFE8F, 0xFE90, 0xFE91, 0xFE92}, {0xFE93, 0xFE94, 0xFE93, 0xFE94},
{0xFE95, 0xFE96, 0xFE97, 0xFE98}, {0xFE99, 0xFE9A, 0xFE9B, 0xFE9C},
{0xFE9D, 0xFE9E, 0xFE9F, 0xFEA0}, {0xFEA1, 0xFEA2, 0xFEA3, 0xFEA4},
{0xFEA5, 0xFEA6, 0xFEA7, 0xFEA8}, {0xFEA9, 0xFEAA, 0xFEA9, 0xFEAA},
{0xFEAB, 0xFEAC, 0xFEAB, 0xFEAC}, {0xFEAD, 0xFEAE, 0xFEAD, 0xFEAE},
{0xFEAF, 0xFEB0, 0xFEAF, 0xFEB0}, {0xFEB1, 0xFEB2, 0xFEB3, 0xFEB4},
{0xFEB5, 0xFEB6, 0xFEB7, 0xFEB8}, {0xFEB9, 0xFEBA, 0xFEBB, 0xFEBC},
{0xFEBD, 0xFEBE, 0xFEBF, 0xFEC0}, {0xFEC1, 0xFEC2, 0xFEC3, 0xFEC4},
{0xFEC5, 0xFEC6, 0xFEC7, 0xFEC8}, {0xFEC9, 0xFECA, 0xFECB, 0xFECC},
{0xFECD, 0xFECE, 0xFECF, 0xFED0}, {0x063B, 0x063B, 0x063B, 0x063B},
{0x063C, 0x063C, 0x063C, 0x063C}, {0x063D, 0x063D, 0x063D, 0x063D},
{0x063E, 0x063E, 0x063E, 0x063E}, {0x063F, 0x063F, 0x063F, 0x063F},
{0x0640, 0x0640, 0x0640, 0x0640}, {0xFED1, 0xFED2, 0xFED3, 0xFED4},
{0xFED5, 0xFED6, 0xFED7, 0xFED8}, {0xFED9, 0xFEDA, 0xFEDB, 0xFEDC},
{0xFEDD, 0xFEDE, 0xFEDF, 0xFEE0}, {0xFEE1, 0xFEE2, 0xFEE3, 0xFEE4},
{0xFEE5, 0xFEE6, 0xFEE7, 0xFEE8}, {0xFEE9, 0xFEEA, 0xFEEB, 0xFEEC},
{0xFEED, 0xFEEE, 0xFEED, 0xFEEE}, {0xFEEF, 0xFEF0, 0xFBFE, 0xFBFF},
{0xFEF1, 0xFEF2, 0xFEF3, 0xFEF4}, {0x064B, 0x064B, 0x064B, 0x064B},
{0x064C, 0x064C, 0x064C, 0x064C}, {0x064D, 0x064D, 0x064D, 0x064D},
{0x064E, 0x064E, 0x064E, 0x064E}, {0x064F, 0x064F, 0x064F, 0x064F},
{0x0650, 0x0650, 0x0650, 0x0650}, {0x0651, 0x0651, 0x0651, 0x0651},
{0x0652, 0x0652, 0x0652, 0x0652}, {0x0653, 0x0653, 0x0653, 0x0653},
{0x0654, 0x0654, 0x0654, 0x0654}, {0x0655, 0x0655, 0x0655, 0x0655},
{0x0656, 0x0656, 0x0656, 0x0656}, {0x0657, 0x0657, 0x0657, 0x0657},
{0x0658, 0x0658, 0x0658, 0x0658}, {0x0659, 0x0659, 0x0659, 0x0659},
{0x065A, 0x065A, 0x065A, 0x065A}, {0x065B, 0x065B, 0x065B, 0x065B},
{0x065C, 0x065C, 0x065C, 0x065C}, {0x065D, 0x065D, 0x065D, 0x065D},
{0x065E, 0x065E, 0x065E, 0x065E}, {0x065F, 0x065F, 0x065F, 0x065F},
{0x0660, 0x0660, 0x0660, 0x0660}, {0x0661, 0x0661, 0x0661, 0x0661},
{0x0662, 0x0662, 0x0662, 0x0662}, {0x0663, 0x0663, 0x0663, 0x0663},
{0x0664, 0x0664, 0x0664, 0x0664}, {0x0665, 0x0665, 0x0665, 0x0665},
{0x0666, 0x0666, 0x0666, 0x0666}, {0x0667, 0x0667, 0x0667, 0x0667},
{0x0668, 0x0668, 0x0668, 0x0668}, {0x0669, 0x0669, 0x0669, 0x0669},
{0x066A, 0x066A, 0x066A, 0x066A}, {0x066B, 0x066B, 0x066B, 0x066B},
{0x066C, 0x066C, 0x066C, 0x066C}, {0x066D, 0x066D, 0x066D, 0x066D},
{0x066E, 0x066E, 0x066E, 0x066E}, {0x066F, 0x066F, 0x066F, 0x066F},
{0x0670, 0x0670, 0x0670, 0x0670}, {0xFB50, 0xFB51, 0xFB50, 0xFB51},
{0x0672, 0x0672, 0x0672, 0x0672}, {0x0673, 0x0673, 0x0673, 0x0673},
{0x0674, 0x0674, 0x0674, 0x0674}, {0x0675, 0x0675, 0x0675, 0x0675},
{0x0676, 0x0676, 0x0676, 0x0676}, {0x0677, 0x0677, 0x0677, 0x0677},
{0x0678, 0x0678, 0x0678, 0x0678}, {0xFB66, 0xFB67, 0xFB68, 0xFB69},
{0xFB5E, 0xFB5F, 0xFB60, 0xFB61}, {0xFB52, 0xFB53, 0xFB54, 0xFB55},
{0x067C, 0x067C, 0x067C, 0x067C}, {0x067D, 0x067D, 0x067D, 0x067D},
{0xFB56, 0xFB57, 0xFB58, 0xFB59}, {0xFB62, 0xFB63, 0xFB64, 0xFB65},
{0xFB5A, 0xFB5B, 0xFB5C, 0xFB5D}, {0x0681, 0x0681, 0x0681, 0x0681},
{0x0682, 0x0682, 0x0682, 0x0682}, {0xFB76, 0xFB77, 0xFB78, 0xFB79},
{0xFB72, 0xFB73, 0xFB74, 0xFB75}, {0x0685, 0x0685, 0x0685, 0x0685},
{0xFB7A, 0xFB7B, 0xFB7C, 0xFB7D}, {0xFB7E, 0xFB7F, 0xFB80, 0xFB81},
{0xFB88, 0xFB89, 0xFB88, 0xFB89}, {0x0689, 0x0689, 0x0689, 0x0689},
{0x068A, 0x068A, 0x068A, 0x068A}, {0x068B, 0x068B, 0x068B, 0x068B},
{0xFB84, 0xFB85, 0xFB84, 0xFB85}, {0xFB82, 0xFB83, 0xFB82, 0xFB83},
{0xFB86, 0xFB87, 0xFB86, 0xFB87}, {0x068F, 0x068F, 0x068F, 0x068F},
{0x0690, 0x0690, 0x0690, 0x0690}, {0xFB8C, 0xFB8D, 0xFB8C, 0xFB8D},
{0x0692, 0x0692, 0x0692, 0x0692}, {0x0693, 0x0693, 0x0693, 0x0693},
{0x0694, 0x0694, 0x0694, 0x0694}, {0x0695, 0x0695, 0x0695, 0x0695},
{0x0696, 0x0696, 0x0696, 0x0696}, {0x0697, 0x0697, 0x0697, 0x0697},
{0xFB8A, 0xFB8B, 0xFB8A, 0xFB8B}, {0x0699, 0x0699, 0x0699, 0x0699},
{0x069A, 0x069A, 0x069A, 0x069A}, {0x069B, 0x069B, 0x069B, 0x069B},
{0x069C, 0x069C, 0x069C, 0x069C}, {0x069D, 0x069D, 0x069D, 0x069D},
{0x069E, 0x069E, 0x069E, 0x069E}, {0x069F, 0x069F, 0x069F, 0x069F},
{0x06A0, 0x06A0, 0x06A0, 0x06A0}, {0x06A1, 0x06A1, 0x06A1, 0x06A1},
{0x06A2, 0x06A2, 0x06A2, 0x06A2}, {0x06A3, 0x06A3, 0x06A3, 0x06A3},
{0xFB6A, 0xFB6B, 0xFB6C, 0xFB6D}, {0x06A5, 0x06A5, 0x06A5, 0x06A5},
{0xFB6E, 0xFB6F, 0xFB70, 0xFB71}, {0x06A7, 0x06A7, 0x06A7, 0x06A7},
{0x06A8, 0x06A8, 0x06A8, 0x06A8}, {0xFB8E, 0xFB8F, 0xFB90, 0xFB91},
{0x06AA, 0x06AA, 0x06AA, 0x06AA}, {0x06AB, 0x06AB, 0x06AB, 0x06AB},
{0x06AC, 0x06AC, 0x06AC, 0x06AC}, {0xFBD3, 0xFBD4, 0xFBD5, 0xFBD6},
{0x06AE, 0x06AE, 0x06AE, 0x06AE}, {0xFB92, 0xFB93, 0xFB94, 0xFB95},
{0x06B0, 0x06B0, 0x06B0, 0x06B0}, {0xFB9A, 0xFB9B, 0xFB9C, 0xFB9D},
{0x06B2, 0x06B2, 0x06B2, 0x06B2}, {0xFB96, 0xFB97, 0xFB98, 0xFB99},
{0x06B4, 0x06B4, 0x06B4, 0x06B4}, {0x06B5, 0x06B5, 0x06B5, 0x06B5},
{0x06B6, 0x06B6, 0x06B6, 0x06B6}, {0x06B7, 0x06B7, 0x06B7, 0x06B7},
{0x06B8, 0x06B8, 0x06B8, 0x06B8}, {0x06B9, 0x06B9, 0x06B9, 0x06B9},
{0xFB9E, 0xFB9F, 0xFBE8, 0xFBE9}, {0xFBA0, 0xFBA1, 0xFBA2, 0xFBA3},
{0x06BC, 0x06BC, 0x06BC, 0x06BC}, {0x06BD, 0x06BD, 0x06BD, 0x06BD},
{0xFBAA, 0xFBAB, 0xFBAC, 0xFBAD}, {0x06BF, 0x06BF, 0x06BF, 0x06BF},
{0xFBA4, 0xFBA5, 0xFBA4, 0xFBA5}, {0xFBA6, 0xFBA7, 0xFBA8, 0xFBA9},
{0x06C2, 0x06C2, 0x06C2, 0x06C2}, {0x06C3, 0x06C3, 0x06C3, 0x06C3},
{0x06C4, 0x06C4, 0x06C4, 0x06C4}, {0xFBE0, 0xFBE1, 0xFBE0, 0xFBE1},
{0xFBD9, 0xFBDA, 0xFBD9, 0xFBDA}, {0xFBD7, 0xFBD8, 0xFBD7, 0xFBD8},
{0xFBDB, 0xFBDC, 0xFBDB, 0xFBDC}, {0xFBE2, 0xFBE3, 0xFBE2, 0xFBE3},
{0x06CA, 0x06CA, 0x06CA, 0x06CA}, {0xFBDE, 0xFBDF, 0xFBDE, 0xFBDF},
{0xFBFC, 0xFBFD, 0xFBFE, 0xFBFF}, {0x06CD, 0x06CD, 0x06CD, 0x06CD},
{0x06CE, 0x06CE, 0x06CE, 0x06CE}, {0x06CF, 0x06CF, 0x06CF, 0x06CF},
{0xFBE4, 0xFBE5, 0xFBE6, 0xFBE7}, {0x06D1, 0x06D1, 0x06D1, 0x06D1},
{0xFBAE, 0xFBAF, 0xFBAE, 0xFBAF}, {0xFBB0, 0xFBB1, 0xFBB0, 0xFBB1},
{0x06D4, 0x06D4, 0x06D4, 0x06D4}, {0x06D5, 0x06D5, 0x06D5, 0x06D5},
const FX_ARAALEF gs_FX_AlefTable[] = {
{0x0622, 0xFEF5},
{0x0623, 0xFEF7},
{0x0625, 0xFEF9},
{0x0627, 0xFEFB},
const FX_ARASHADDA gs_FX_ShaddaTable[] = {
{0x064C, 0xFC5E}, {0x064D, 0xFC5F}, {0x064E, 0xFC60},
{0x064F, 0xFC61}, {0x0650, 0xFC62},
const FX_ARBFORMTABLE* GetArabicFormTable(wchar_t unicode) {
if (unicode < 0x622 || unicode > 0x6d5)
return nullptr;
return g_FX_ArabicFormTables + unicode - 0x622;
const FX_ARBFORMTABLE* ParseChar(const CFX_Char* pTC,
wchar_t* wChar,
if (!pTC) {
*eType = FX_CHARTYPE_Unknown;
*wChar = 0xFEFF;
return nullptr;
*eType = pTC->GetCharType();
*wChar = static_cast<wchar_t>(pTC->char_code());
const FX_ARBFORMTABLE* pFT = GetArabicFormTable(*wChar);
if (!pFT || *eType >= FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicNormal)
*eType = FX_CHARTYPE_Unknown;
return pFT;
wchar_t GetArabicFromAlefTable(wchar_t alef) {
static const size_t s_iAlefCount = FX_ArraySize(gs_FX_AlefTable);
for (size_t iStart = 0; iStart < s_iAlefCount; iStart++) {
const FX_ARAALEF& v = gs_FX_AlefTable[iStart];
if (v.wAlef == alef)
return v.wIsolated;
return alef;
} // namespace
namespace pdfium {
namespace arabic {
wchar_t GetFormChar(wchar_t wch, wchar_t prev, wchar_t next) {
CFX_Char c(wch, FX_GetUnicodeProperties(wch));
CFX_Char p(prev, FX_GetUnicodeProperties(prev));
CFX_Char n(next, FX_GetUnicodeProperties(next));
return GetFormChar(&c, &p, &n);
wchar_t GetFormChar(const CFX_Char* cur,
const CFX_Char* prev,
const CFX_Char* next) {
wchar_t wCur;
const FX_ARBFORMTABLE* ft = ParseChar(cur, &wCur, &eCur);
if (eCur < FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef || eCur >= FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicNormal)
return wCur;
wchar_t wPrev;
ParseChar(prev, &wPrev, &ePrev);
if (wPrev == 0x0644 && eCur == FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef)
return 0xFEFF;
wchar_t wNext;
ParseChar(next, &wNext, &eNext);
bool bAlef = (eNext == FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef && wCur == 0x644);
if (ePrev < FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef) {
if (bAlef)
return GetArabicFromAlefTable(wNext);
return (eNext < FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef) ? ft->wIsolated : ft->wInitial;
if (bAlef) {
wCur = GetArabicFromAlefTable(wNext);
return (ePrev != FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicDistortion) ? wCur : ++wCur;
if (ePrev == FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef || ePrev == FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicSpecial)
return (eNext < FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef) ? ft->wIsolated : ft->wInitial;
return (eNext < FX_CHARTYPE_ArabicAlef) ? ft->wFinal : ft->wMedial;
} // namespace arabic
} // namespace pdfium
wchar_t FX_GetArabicFromShaddaTable(wchar_t shadda) {
static const size_t s_iShaddaCount = FX_ArraySize(gs_FX_ShaddaTable);
for (size_t iStart = 0; iStart < s_iShaddaCount; iStart++) {
const FX_ARASHADDA& v = gs_FX_ShaddaTable[iStart];
if (v.wShadda == shadda)
return v.wIsolated;
return shadda;