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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include "fpdfsdk/include/fsdk_define.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/javascript/cjs_runtime.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/jsapi/include/fxjs_v8.h"
class CJS_Context;
class CJS_Object;
class CJS_Timer;
class CPDFDoc_Environment;
class CJS_EmbedObj {
explicit CJS_EmbedObj(CJS_Object* pJSObject);
virtual ~CJS_EmbedObj();
virtual void TimerProc(CJS_Timer* pTimer) {}
CJS_Object* GetJSObject() const { return m_pJSObject; }
int MsgBox(CPDFDoc_Environment* pApp,
const FX_WCHAR* swMsg,
const FX_WCHAR* swTitle,
FX_UINT nType,
FX_UINT nIcon);
void Alert(CJS_Context* pContext, const FX_WCHAR* swMsg);
CJS_Object* m_pJSObject;
class CJS_Object {
explicit CJS_Object(v8::Local<v8::Object> pObject);
virtual ~CJS_Object();
void MakeWeak();
void Dispose();
virtual FX_BOOL IsType(const FX_CHAR* sClassName) { return TRUE; }
virtual CFX_ByteString GetClassName() { return ""; }
virtual void InitInstance(IJS_Runtime* pIRuntime) {}
virtual void ExitInstance() {}
v8::Local<v8::Object> ToV8Object() { return m_pV8Object.Get(m_pIsolate); }
// Takes ownership of |pObj|.
void SetEmbedObject(CJS_EmbedObj* pObj) { m_pEmbedObj.reset(pObj); }
CJS_EmbedObj* GetEmbedObject() const { return m_pEmbedObj.get(); }
static int MsgBox(CPDFDoc_Environment* pApp,
const FX_WCHAR* swMsg,
const FX_WCHAR* swTitle,
FX_UINT nType,
FX_UINT nIcon);
static void Alert(CJS_Context* pContext, const FX_WCHAR* swMsg);
v8::Isolate* GetIsolate() { return m_pIsolate; }
std::unique_ptr<CJS_EmbedObj> m_pEmbedObj;
v8::Global<v8::Object> m_pV8Object;
v8::Isolate* m_pIsolate;
class CJS_Timer : public CJS_Runtime::Observer {
CJS_Timer(CJS_EmbedObj* pObj,
CPDFDoc_Environment* pApp,
CJS_Runtime* pRuntime,
int nType,
const CFX_WideString& script,
uint32_t dwElapse,
uint32_t dwTimeOut);
~CJS_Timer() override;
void KillJSTimer();
int GetType() const { return m_nType; }
uint32_t GetTimeOut() const { return m_dwTimeOut; }
CJS_Runtime* GetRuntime() const { return m_bValid ? m_pRuntime : nullptr; }
CFX_WideString GetJScript() const { return m_swJScript; }
static void TimerProc(int idEvent);
using TimerMap = std::map<FX_UINT, CJS_Timer*>;
static TimerMap* GetGlobalTimerMap();
// CJS_Runtime::Observer
void OnDestroyed() override;
uint32_t m_nTimerID;
CJS_EmbedObj* const m_pEmbedObj;
bool m_bProcessing;
bool m_bValid;
// data
const int m_nType; // 0:Interval; 1:TimeOut
const uint32_t m_dwTimeOut;
const CFX_WideString m_swJScript;
CJS_Runtime* const m_pRuntime;
CPDFDoc_Environment* const m_pApp;