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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_coordinates.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/fxedit/fx_edit.h"
class CFX_Edit;
class CFX_Edit_Iterator;
class CPWL_List_Notify;
class CLST_Rect : public CFX_FloatRect {
CLST_Rect() { left = top = right = bottom = 0.0f; }
CLST_Rect(FX_FLOAT other_left,
FX_FLOAT other_top,
FX_FLOAT other_right,
FX_FLOAT other_bottom) {
left = other_left;
top = other_top;
right = other_right;
bottom = other_bottom;
explicit CLST_Rect(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) {
left = rect.left;
top =;
right = rect.right;
bottom = rect.bottom;
~CLST_Rect() {}
void Default() { left = top = right = bottom = 0.0f; }
const CLST_Rect operator=(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) {
left = rect.left;
top =;
right = rect.right;
bottom = rect.bottom;
return *this;
bool operator==(const CLST_Rect& rect) const {
return FXSYS_memcmp(this, &rect, sizeof(CLST_Rect)) == 0;
bool operator!=(const CLST_Rect& rect) const { return !(*this == rect); }
FX_FLOAT Width() const { return right - left; }
FX_FLOAT Height() const {
if (top > bottom)
return top - bottom;
return bottom - top;
CFX_FloatPoint LeftTop() const { return CFX_FloatPoint(left, top); }
CFX_FloatPoint RightBottom() const { return CFX_FloatPoint(right, bottom); }
const CLST_Rect operator+=(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) {
left += point.x;
right += point.x;
top += point.y;
bottom += point.y;
return *this;
const CLST_Rect operator-=(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) {
left -= point.x;
right -= point.x;
top -= point.y;
bottom -= point.y;
return *this;
CLST_Rect operator+(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const {
return CLST_Rect(left + point.x, top + point.y, right + point.x,
bottom + point.y);
CLST_Rect operator-(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const {
return CLST_Rect(left - point.x, top - point.y, right - point.x,
bottom - point.y);
class CFX_ListItem final {
void SetFontMap(IPVT_FontMap* pFontMap);
CFX_Edit* GetEdit() const;
void SetRect(const CLST_Rect& rect);
void SetSelect(FX_BOOL bSelected);
void SetText(const CFX_WideString& text);
void SetFontSize(FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
CFX_WideString GetText() const;
CLST_Rect GetRect() const;
FX_BOOL IsSelected() const;
FX_FLOAT GetItemHeight() const;
uint16_t GetFirstChar() const;
CFX_Edit_Iterator* GetIterator() const;
std::unique_ptr<CFX_Edit> m_pEdit;
FX_BOOL m_bSelected;
CLST_Rect m_rcListItem;
class CFX_ListContainer {
virtual ~CFX_ListContainer();
virtual void SetPlateRect(const CFX_FloatRect& rect);
CFX_FloatRect GetPlateRect() const { return m_rcPlate; }
void SetContentRect(const CLST_Rect& rect) { m_rcContent = rect; }
CLST_Rect GetContentRect() const { return m_rcContent; }
CFX_FloatPoint GetBTPoint() const {
return CFX_FloatPoint(m_rcPlate.left,;
CFX_FloatPoint GetETPoint() const {
return CFX_FloatPoint(m_rcPlate.right, m_rcPlate.bottom);
CFX_FloatPoint InnerToOuter(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const {
return CFX_FloatPoint(point.x + GetBTPoint().x, GetBTPoint().y - point.y);
CFX_FloatPoint OuterToInner(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const {
return CFX_FloatPoint(point.x - GetBTPoint().x, GetBTPoint().y - point.y);
CFX_FloatRect InnerToOuter(const CLST_Rect& rect) const {
CFX_FloatPoint ptLeftTop =
CFX_FloatPoint ptRightBottom =
InnerToOuter(CFX_FloatPoint(rect.right, rect.bottom));
return CFX_FloatRect(ptLeftTop.x, ptRightBottom.y, ptRightBottom.x,
CLST_Rect OuterToInner(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) const {
CFX_FloatPoint ptLeftTop =
CFX_FloatPoint ptRightBottom =
OuterToInner(CFX_FloatPoint(rect.right, rect.bottom));
return CLST_Rect(ptLeftTop.x, ptLeftTop.y, ptRightBottom.x,
CFX_FloatRect m_rcPlate;
CLST_Rect m_rcContent; // positive forever!
template <class TYPE>
class CLST_ArrayTemplate : public CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE> {
FX_BOOL IsEmpty() { return CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE>::GetSize() <= 0; }
TYPE GetAt(int32_t nIndex) const {
if (nIndex >= 0 && nIndex < CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE>::GetSize())
return CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE>::GetAt(nIndex);
return nullptr;
void RemoveAt(int32_t nIndex) {
if (nIndex >= 0 && nIndex < CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE>::GetSize())
struct CPLST_Select_Item {
CPLST_Select_Item(int32_t other_nItemIndex, int32_t other_nState) {
nItemIndex = other_nItemIndex;
nState = other_nState;
int32_t nItemIndex;
int32_t nState; // 0:normal select -1:to deselect 1: to select
class CPLST_Select {
virtual ~CPLST_Select();
void Add(int32_t nItemIndex);
void Add(int32_t nBeginIndex, int32_t nEndIndex);
void Sub(int32_t nItemIndex);
void Sub(int32_t nBeginIndex, int32_t nEndIndex);
FX_BOOL IsExist(int32_t nItemIndex) const;
int32_t Find(int32_t nItemIndex) const;
int32_t GetCount() const;
int32_t GetItemIndex(int32_t nIndex) const;
int32_t GetState(int32_t nIndex) const;
void Done();
void DeselectAll();
CFX_ArrayTemplate<CPLST_Select_Item*> m_aItems;
class CFX_ListCtrl : protected CFX_ListContainer {
~CFX_ListCtrl() override;
// CFX_ListContainer
void SetPlateRect(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) override;
void SetNotify(CPWL_List_Notify* pNotify);
void OnMouseDown(const CFX_FloatPoint& point, FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnMouseMove(const CFX_FloatPoint& point, FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_UP(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_DOWN(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_LEFT(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_RIGHT(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_HOME(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK_END(FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void OnVK(int32_t nItemIndex, FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
FX_BOOL OnChar(uint16_t nChar, FX_BOOL bShift, FX_BOOL bCtrl);
void SetScrollPos(const CFX_FloatPoint& point);
void ScrollToListItem(int32_t nItemIndex);
CFX_FloatRect GetItemRect(int32_t nIndex) const;
int32_t GetCaret() const;
int32_t GetSelect() const;
int32_t GetTopItem() const;
CFX_FloatRect GetContentRect() const;
int32_t GetItemIndex(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
void AddString(const CFX_WideString& str);
void SetTopItem(int32_t nIndex);
void Select(int32_t nItemIndex);
void SetCaret(int32_t nItemIndex);
void Empty();
void Cancel();
CFX_WideString GetText() const;
void SetFontMap(IPVT_FontMap* pFontMap);
void SetFontSize(FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
CFX_FloatRect GetPlateRect() const;
FX_FLOAT GetFontSize() const;
CFX_Edit* GetItemEdit(int32_t nIndex) const;
int32_t GetCount() const;
FX_BOOL IsItemSelected(int32_t nIndex) const;
FX_FLOAT GetFirstHeight() const;
void SetMultipleSel(FX_BOOL bMultiple);
FX_BOOL IsMultipleSel() const;
FX_BOOL IsValid(int32_t nItemIndex) const;
int32_t FindNext(int32_t nIndex, FX_WCHAR nChar) const;
int32_t GetFirstSelected() const;
CFX_FloatPoint InToOut(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
CFX_FloatPoint OutToIn(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
CFX_FloatRect InToOut(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) const;
CFX_FloatRect OutToIn(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) const;
void ReArrange(int32_t nItemIndex);
CFX_FloatRect GetItemRectInternal(int32_t nIndex) const;
CFX_FloatRect GetContentRectInternal() const;
void SetMultipleSelect(int32_t nItemIndex, FX_BOOL bSelected);
void SetSingleSelect(int32_t nItemIndex);
void InvalidateItem(int32_t nItemIndex);
void SelectItems();
FX_BOOL IsItemVisible(int32_t nItemIndex) const;
void SetScrollInfo();
void SetScrollPosY(FX_FLOAT fy);
void AddItem(const CFX_WideString& str);
CFX_WideString GetItemText(int32_t nIndex) const;
void SetItemSelect(int32_t nItemIndex, FX_BOOL bSelected);
int32_t GetLastSelected() const;
FX_WCHAR Toupper(FX_WCHAR c) const;
CPWL_List_Notify* m_pNotify;
FX_BOOL m_bNotifyFlag;
CFX_FloatPoint m_ptScrollPos;
CPLST_Select m_aSelItems; // for multiple
int32_t m_nSelItem; // for single
int32_t m_nFootIndex; // for multiple
FX_BOOL m_bCtrlSel; // for multiple
int32_t m_nCaretIndex; // for multiple
CLST_ArrayTemplate<CFX_ListItem*> m_aListItems;
FX_FLOAT m_fFontSize;
IPVT_FontMap* m_pFontMap;
FX_BOOL m_bMultiple;