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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_coordinates.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_system.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/cfwl_event.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/cfwl_themepart.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/cfwl_widgetmgr.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/cfwl_widgetproperties.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/fwl_widgethit.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/core/ifwl_widgetdelegate.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/theme/cfwl_widgettp.h"
// FWL contains two parallel inheritance hierarchies, which reference each
// other via pointers as follows:
// m_pAssociate
// <----------
// CFWL_Widget ----------> IFWL_Widget
// | m_pIface |
// A A
// | |
// CFWL_... IFWL_...
// TODO(tsepez): Collapse these into a single hierarchy.
enum class FWL_Type {
Unknown = 0,
class CFWL_AppImp;
class CFWL_MsgKey;
class CFWL_Widget;
class CFWL_WidgetProperties;
class CFWL_WidgetMgr;
class IFWL_App;
class IFWL_DataProvider;
class IFWL_ThemeProvider;
class IFWL_Widget;
enum class FWL_Type;
class IFWL_Widget : public IFWL_WidgetDelegate {
~IFWL_Widget() override;
virtual FWL_Type GetClassID() const = 0;
virtual bool IsInstance(const CFX_WideStringC& wsClass) const;
virtual void GetWidgetRect(CFX_RectF& rect, bool bAutoSize = false);
virtual void GetClientRect(CFX_RectF& rect);
virtual void ModifyStylesEx(uint32_t dwStylesExAdded,
uint32_t dwStylesExRemoved);
virtual void SetStates(uint32_t dwStates, bool bSet = true);
virtual void Update();
virtual FWL_WidgetHit HitTest(FX_FLOAT fx, FX_FLOAT fy);
virtual void DrawWidget(CFX_Graphics* pGraphics,
const CFX_Matrix* pMatrix = nullptr);
virtual void SetThemeProvider(IFWL_ThemeProvider* pThemeProvider);
// IFWL_WidgetDelegate.
void OnProcessMessage(CFWL_Message* pMessage) override;
void OnProcessEvent(CFWL_Event* pEvent) override;
void OnDrawWidget(CFX_Graphics* pGraphics,
const CFX_Matrix* pMatrix = nullptr) override;
void SetWidgetRect(const CFX_RectF& rect);
void SetParent(IFWL_Widget* pParent);
IFWL_Widget* GetOwner() { return m_pWidgetMgr->GetOwnerWidget(this); }
IFWL_Widget* GetOuter() const { return m_pOuter; }
uint32_t GetStyles() const { return m_pProperties->m_dwStyles; }
void ModifyStyles(uint32_t dwStylesAdded, uint32_t dwStylesRemoved);
uint32_t GetStylesEx() const { return m_pProperties->m_dwStyleExes; }
uint32_t GetStates() const { return m_pProperties->m_dwStates; }
void LockUpdate() { m_iLock++; }
void UnlockUpdate() {
if (IsLocked())
void TransformTo(IFWL_Widget* pWidget, FX_FLOAT& fx, FX_FLOAT& fy);
void GetMatrix(CFX_Matrix& matrix, bool bGlobal = false);
IFWL_ThemeProvider* GetThemeProvider() const {
return m_pProperties->m_pThemeProvider;
void SetDelegate(IFWL_WidgetDelegate* delegate) { m_pDelegate = delegate; }
IFWL_WidgetDelegate* GetDelegate() {
return m_pDelegate ? m_pDelegate : this;
const IFWL_WidgetDelegate* GetDelegate() const {
return m_pDelegate ? m_pDelegate : this;
const IFWL_App* GetOwnerApp() const { return m_pOwnerApp; }
uint32_t GetEventKey() const { return m_nEventKey; }
void SetEventKey(uint32_t key) { m_nEventKey = key; }
void* GetLayoutItem() const { return m_pLayoutItem; }
void SetLayoutItem(void* pItem) { m_pLayoutItem = pItem; }
void SetAssociateWidget(CFWL_Widget* pAssociate) {
m_pAssociate = pAssociate;
void SetFocus(bool bFocus);
void Repaint(const CFX_RectF* pRect = nullptr);
IFWL_Widget(const IFWL_App* app,
std::unique_ptr<CFWL_WidgetProperties> properties,
IFWL_Widget* pOuter);
bool IsEnabled() const {
return (m_pProperties->m_dwStates & FWL_WGTSTATE_Disabled) == 0;
bool IsActive() const {
return (m_pProperties->m_dwStates & FWL_WGTSTATE_Deactivated) == 0;
bool IsLocked() const { return m_iLock > 0; }
bool HasBorder() const {
return !!(m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_Border);
bool HasEdge() const {
return !!(m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_EdgeMask);
void GetEdgeRect(CFX_RectF& rtEdge);
FX_FLOAT GetBorderSize(bool bCX = true);
FX_FLOAT GetEdgeWidth();
void GetRelativeRect(CFX_RectF& rect);
void* GetThemeCapacity(CFWL_WidgetCapacity dwCapacity);
IFWL_ThemeProvider* GetAvailableTheme();
CFX_SizeF CalcTextSize(const CFX_WideString& wsText,
IFWL_ThemeProvider* pTheme,
bool bMultiLine = false,
int32_t iLineWidth = -1);
void CalcTextRect(const CFX_WideString& wsText,
IFWL_ThemeProvider* pTheme,
uint32_t dwTTOStyles,
int32_t iTTOAlign,
CFX_RectF& rect);
void SetGrab(bool bSet);
bool GetPopupPos(FX_FLOAT fMinHeight,
FX_FLOAT fMaxHeight,
const CFX_RectF& rtAnchor,
CFX_RectF& rtPopup);
void RegisterEventTarget(IFWL_Widget* pEventSource = nullptr,
uint32_t dwFilter = FWL_EVENT_ALL_MASK);
void UnregisterEventTarget();
void DispatchKeyEvent(CFWL_MsgKey* pNote);
void DispatchEvent(CFWL_Event* pEvent);
void DrawBorder(CFX_Graphics* pGraphics,
CFWL_Part iPartBorder,
IFWL_ThemeProvider* pTheme,
const CFX_Matrix* pMatrix = nullptr);
void DrawEdge(CFX_Graphics* pGraphics,
CFWL_Part iPartEdge,
IFWL_ThemeProvider* pTheme,
const CFX_Matrix* pMatrix = nullptr);
const IFWL_App* const m_pOwnerApp;
CFWL_WidgetMgr* const m_pWidgetMgr;
std::unique_ptr<CFWL_WidgetProperties> m_pProperties;
IFWL_Widget* m_pOuter;
int32_t m_iLock;
IFWL_Widget* GetParent() { return m_pWidgetMgr->GetParentWidget(this); }
CFX_SizeF GetOffsetFromParent(IFWL_Widget* pParent);
bool IsVisible() const {
return (m_pProperties->m_dwStates & FWL_WGTSTATE_Invisible) == 0;
bool IsOverLapper() const {
return (m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_WindowTypeMask) ==
bool IsPopup() const {
return !!(m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_Popup);
bool IsChild() const {
return !!(m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_Child);
bool IsOffscreen() const {
return !!(m_pProperties->m_dwStyles & FWL_WGTSTYLE_Offscreen);
IFWL_Widget* GetRootOuter();
bool GetPopupPosMenu(FX_FLOAT fMinHeight,
FX_FLOAT fMaxHeight,
const CFX_RectF& rtAnchor,
CFX_RectF& rtPopup);
bool GetPopupPosComboBox(FX_FLOAT fMinHeight,
FX_FLOAT fMaxHeight,
const CFX_RectF& rtAnchor,
CFX_RectF& rtPopup);
bool GetPopupPosGeneral(FX_FLOAT fMinHeight,
FX_FLOAT fMaxHeight,
const CFX_RectF& rtAnchor,
CFX_RectF& rtPopup);
bool GetScreenSize(FX_FLOAT& fx, FX_FLOAT& fy);
void DrawBackground(CFX_Graphics* pGraphics,
CFWL_Part iPartBk,
IFWL_ThemeProvider* pTheme,
const CFX_Matrix* pMatrix = nullptr);
void NotifyDriver();
bool IsParent(IFWL_Widget* pParent);
void* m_pLayoutItem;
CFWL_Widget* m_pAssociate;
uint32_t m_nEventKey;
IFWL_WidgetDelegate* m_pDelegate; // Not owned.