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// Copyright 2016 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <type_traits>
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_string.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_system.h"
class CPDF_Array;
class CPDF_Boolean;
class CPDF_Dictionary;
class CPDF_IndirectObjectHolder;
class CPDF_Name;
class CPDF_Null;
class CPDF_Number;
class CPDF_Reference;
class CPDF_Stream;
class CPDF_String;
class IFX_ArchiveStream;
class CPDF_Object {
static const uint32_t kInvalidObjNum = static_cast<uint32_t>(-1);
enum Type {
virtual ~CPDF_Object();
virtual Type GetType() const = 0;
uint32_t GetObjNum() const { return m_ObjNum; }
void SetObjNum(uint32_t objnum) { m_ObjNum = objnum; }
uint32_t GetGenNum() const { return m_GenNum; }
void SetGenNum(uint32_t gennum) { m_GenNum = gennum; }
bool IsInline() const { return m_ObjNum == 0; }
// Create a deep copy of the object.
virtual std::unique_ptr<CPDF_Object> Clone() const = 0;
// Create a deep copy of the object except any reference object be
// copied to the object it points to directly.
virtual std::unique_ptr<CPDF_Object> CloneDirectObject() const;
virtual CPDF_Object* GetDirect();
virtual const CPDF_Object* GetDirect() const;
virtual ByteString GetString() const;
virtual WideString GetUnicodeText() const;
virtual float GetNumber() const;
virtual int GetInteger() const;
virtual CPDF_Dictionary* GetDict();
virtual const CPDF_Dictionary* GetDict() const;
virtual void SetString(const ByteString& str);
virtual bool IsArray() const;
virtual bool IsBoolean() const;
virtual bool IsDictionary() const;
virtual bool IsName() const;
virtual bool IsNumber() const;
virtual bool IsReference() const;
virtual bool IsStream() const;
virtual bool IsString() const;
virtual bool IsNull() const;
virtual CPDF_Array* AsArray();
virtual const CPDF_Array* AsArray() const;
virtual CPDF_Boolean* AsBoolean();
virtual const CPDF_Boolean* AsBoolean() const;
virtual CPDF_Dictionary* AsDictionary();
virtual const CPDF_Dictionary* AsDictionary() const;
virtual CPDF_Name* AsName();
virtual const CPDF_Name* AsName() const;
virtual CPDF_Number* AsNumber();
virtual const CPDF_Number* AsNumber() const;
virtual CPDF_Reference* AsReference();
virtual const CPDF_Reference* AsReference() const;
virtual CPDF_Stream* AsStream();
virtual const CPDF_Stream* AsStream() const;
virtual CPDF_String* AsString();
virtual const CPDF_String* AsString() const;
virtual bool WriteTo(IFX_ArchiveStream* archive) const = 0;
// Create a deep copy of the object with the option to either
// copy a reference object or directly copy the object it refers to
// when |bDirect| is true.
// Also check cyclic reference against |pVisited|, no copy if it is found.
// Complex objects should implement their own CloneNonCyclic()
// function to properly check for possible loop.
virtual std::unique_ptr<CPDF_Object> CloneNonCyclic(
bool bDirect,
std::set<const CPDF_Object*>* pVisited) const;
// Return a reference to itself.
// The object must be direct (!IsInlined).
virtual std::unique_ptr<CPDF_Object> MakeReference(
CPDF_IndirectObjectHolder* holder) const;
CPDF_Object() : m_ObjNum(0), m_GenNum(0) {}
std::unique_ptr<CPDF_Object> CloneObjectNonCyclic(bool bDirect) const;
uint32_t m_ObjNum;
CPDF_Object(const CPDF_Object& src) {}
uint32_t m_GenNum;
template <typename T>
struct CanInternStrings {
static const bool value = std::is_same<T, CPDF_Array>::value ||
std::is_same<T, CPDF_Dictionary>::value ||
std::is_same<T, CPDF_Name>::value ||
std::is_same<T, CPDF_String>::value;