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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2015 The PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
# pylint: disable=relative-import
import common
class Suppressor:
def __init__(self, finder, feature_string, js_disabled, xfa_disabled):
feature_vector = feature_string.strip().split(",")
self.has_v8 = not js_disabled and "V8" in feature_vector
self.has_xfa = (not js_disabled and not xfa_disabled and
"XFA" in feature_vector)
self.suppression_set = self._LoadSuppressedSet('SUPPRESSIONS', finder)
self.image_suppression_set = self._LoadSuppressedSet(
def _LoadSuppressedSet(self, suppressions_filename, finder):
v8_option = "v8" if self.has_v8 else "nov8"
xfa_option = "xfa" if self.has_xfa else "noxfa"
with open(os.path.join(finder.TestingDir(), suppressions_filename)) as f:
return set(
self._FilterSuppressions(common.os_name(), v8_option, xfa_option,
def _ExtractSuppressions(self, f):
return [
y.split(' ') for y in [x.split('#')[0].strip()
for x in f.readlines()] if y
def _FilterSuppressions(self, os_name, js, xfa, unfiltered_list):
return [
for x in unfiltered_list
if self._MatchSuppression(x, os_name, js, xfa)
def _MatchSuppression(self, item, os_name, js, xfa):
os_column = item[1].split(",")
js_column = item[2].split(",")
xfa_column = item[3].split(",")
return (('*' in os_column or os_name in os_column) and
('*' in js_column or js in js_column) and
('*' in xfa_column or xfa in xfa_column))
def IsResultSuppressed(self, input_filename):
if input_filename in self.suppression_set:
print "%s result is suppressed" % input_filename
return True
return False
def IsExecutionSuppressed(self, input_filepath):
if "xfa_specific" in input_filepath and not self.has_xfa:
print "%s execution is suppressed" % input_filepath
return True
return False
def IsImageDiffSuppressed(self, input_filename):
if input_filename in self.image_suppression_set:
print "%s image diff comparison is suppressed" % input_filename
return True
return False