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// Copyright 2017 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fxcrt/css/cfx_css.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_coordinates.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_string.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/retain_ptr.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/unowned_ptr.h"
#include "core/fxge/dib/fx_dib.h"
#include "fxjs/gc/heap.h"
#include "v8/include/cppgc/garbage-collected.h"
#include "v8/include/cppgc/member.h"
#include "v8/include/cppgc/visitor.h"
#include "xfa/fgas/layout/cfx_char.h"
#include "xfa/fgas/layout/cfx_textpiece.h"
#include "xfa/fxfa/fxfa_basic.h"
class CFX_CSSComputedStyle;
class CFX_LinkUserData;
class CFX_RTFBreak;
class CFX_RenderDevice;
class CFX_XMLNode;
class CXFA_FFDoc;
class CXFA_Node;
class CXFA_TextParser;
class CXFA_TextProvider;
class CXFA_TextTabstopsContext;
class TextCharPos;
class CXFA_TextLayout final : public cppgc::GarbageCollected<CXFA_TextLayout> {
void Trace(cppgc::Visitor* visitor) const;
float GetLayoutHeight();
float StartLayout(float fWidth);
float DoLayout(float fTextHeight);
float DoSplitLayout(size_t szBlockIndex,
float fCalcHeight,
float fTextHeight);
float Layout(const CFX_SizeF& size);
CFX_SizeF CalcSize(const CFX_SizeF& minSize, const CFX_SizeF& maxSize);
void ItemBlocks(const CFX_RectF& rtText, size_t szBlockIndex);
bool DrawString(CFX_RenderDevice* pFxDevice,
const CFX_Matrix& mtDoc2Device,
const CFX_RectF& rtClip,
size_t szBlockIndex);
bool IsLoaded() const { return !m_pieceLines.empty(); }
void Unload();
bool HasBlock() const { return m_bHasBlock; }
void ClearBlocks() { m_Blocks.clear(); }
void ResetHasBlock() { m_bHasBlock = false; }
const wchar_t* GetLinkURLAtPoint(const CFX_PointF& point);
class TextPiece : public CFX_TextPiece {
int32_t iUnderline = 0;
int32_t iLineThrough = 0;
XFA_AttributeValue iPeriod = XFA_AttributeValue::All;
FX_ARGB dwColor = 0;
RetainPtr<CFX_LinkUserData> pLinkData;
class PieceLine {
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<TextPiece>> m_textPieces;
std::vector<size_t> m_charCounts;
struct BlockData {
size_t szIndex;
size_t szLength;
struct BlockHeight {
size_t szBlockIndex;
float fHeight;
struct LoaderContext {
void Trace(cppgc::Visitor* visitor) const;
bool bSaveLineHeight = false;
bool bFilterSpace = false;
float fWidth = 0;
float fHeight = 0;
float fLastPos = 0;
float fStartLineOffset = 0;
int32_t iChar = 0;
// TODO(thestig): Make this size_t?
int32_t iTotalLines = -1;
UnownedPtr<const CFX_XMLNode> pXMLNode;
RetainPtr<CFX_CSSComputedStyle> pParentStyle;
cppgc::Member<CXFA_Node> pNode;
std::vector<float> lineHeights;
std::vector<BlockHeight> blockHeights;
CXFA_TextLayout(CXFA_FFDoc* doc, CXFA_TextProvider* pTextProvider);
void GetTextDataNode();
CFX_XMLNode* GetXMLContainerNode();
std::unique_ptr<CFX_RTFBreak> CreateBreak(bool bDefault);
void InitBreak(float fLineWidth);
void InitBreak(CFX_CSSComputedStyle* pStyle,
CFX_CSSDisplay eDisplay,
float fLineWidth,
const CFX_XMLNode* pXMLNode,
CFX_CSSComputedStyle* pParentStyle);
void Loader(float textWidth, float* pLinePos, bool bSavePieces);
void LoadText(CXFA_Node* pNode,
float textWidth,
float* pLinePos,
bool bSavePieces);
bool LoadRichText(const CFX_XMLNode* pXMLNode,
float textWidth,
float* pLinePos,
const RetainPtr<CFX_CSSComputedStyle>& pParentStyle,
bool bSavePieces,
RetainPtr<CFX_LinkUserData> pLinkData,
bool bEndBreak,
bool bIsOl,
int32_t iLiCount);
bool AppendChar(const WideString& wsText,
float* pLinePos,
float fSpaceAbove,
bool bSavePieces);
void AppendTextLine(CFX_BreakType dwStatus,
float* pLinePos,
bool bSavePieces,
bool bEndBreak);
void EndBreak(CFX_BreakType dwStatus, float* pLinePos, bool bDefault);
bool IsEnd(bool bSavePieces);
void UpdateAlign(float fHeight, float fBottom);
void RenderString(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
PieceLine* pPieceLine,
size_t szPiece,
std::vector<TextCharPos>* pCharPos,
const CFX_Matrix& mtDoc2Device);
void RenderPath(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
const PieceLine* pPieceLine,
size_t szPiece,
std::vector<TextCharPos>* pCharPos,
const CFX_Matrix& mtDoc2Device);
size_t GetDisplayPos(const TextPiece* pPiece,
std::vector<TextCharPos>* pCharPos);
void DoTabstops(CFX_CSSComputedStyle* pStyle, PieceLine* pPieceLine);
bool LayoutInternal(size_t szBlockIndex);
size_t CountBlocks() const;
size_t GetNextIndexFromLastBlockData() const;
void UpdateLoaderHeight(float fTextHeight);
bool m_bHasBlock = false;
bool m_bRichText = false;
int32_t m_iLines = 0;
float m_fMaxWidth = 0;
std::vector<BlockData> m_Blocks;
cppgc::Member<CXFA_FFDoc> const m_pDoc;
cppgc::Member<CXFA_TextProvider> const m_pTextProvider;
cppgc::Member<CXFA_Node> m_pTextDataNode;
cppgc::Member<CXFA_TextParser> m_pTextParser;
std::unique_ptr<CFX_RTFBreak> m_pBreak;
std::unique_ptr<LoaderContext> m_pLoader;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<PieceLine>> m_pieceLines;
std::unique_ptr<CXFA_TextTabstopsContext> m_pTabstopContext;