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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "xfa/fwl/cfwl_edit.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/cfwl_event.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/cfwl_listbox.h"
#include "xfa/fwl/cfwl_widget.h"
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_MultiSelection (1L << 0)
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_LeftAlign (0L << 4)
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_CenterAlign (1L << 4)
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_RightAlign (2L << 4)
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_AlignMask (3L << 4)
#define FWL_STYLEEXT_LTB_ShowScrollBarFocus (1L << 10)
#define FWL_ITEMSTATE_LTB_Selected (1L << 0)
#define FWL_ITEMSTATE_LTB_Focused (1L << 1)
class CFWL_MessageMouse;
class CFWL_MessageMouseWheel;
class CFWL_ListBox : public CFWL_Widget {
class Item {
explicit Item(const WideString& text);
CFX_RectF GetRect() const { return m_ItemRect; }
void SetRect(const CFX_RectF& rect) { m_ItemRect = rect; }
uint32_t GetStates() const { return m_dwStates; }
void SetStates(uint32_t dwStates) { m_dwStates = dwStates; }
WideString GetText() const { return m_wsText; }
uint32_t m_dwStates = 0;
CFX_RectF m_ItemRect;
WideString m_wsText;
~CFWL_ListBox() override;
// CFWL_Widget:
void Trace(cppgc::Visitor* visitor) const override;
FWL_Type GetClassID() const override;
void Update() override;
FWL_WidgetHit HitTest(const CFX_PointF& point) override;
void DrawWidget(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics,
const CFX_Matrix& matrix) override;
void OnProcessMessage(CFWL_Message* pMessage) override;
void OnProcessEvent(CFWL_Event* pEvent) override;
void OnDrawWidget(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics,
const CFX_Matrix& matrix) override;
int32_t CountItems(const CFWL_Widget* pWidget) const;
Item* GetItem(const CFWL_Widget* pWidget, int32_t nIndex) const;
int32_t GetItemIndex(CFWL_Widget* pWidget, Item* pItem);
Item* AddString(const WideString& wsAdd);
void RemoveAt(int32_t iIndex);
void DeleteString(Item* pItem);
void DeleteAll();
int32_t CountSelItems();
Item* GetSelItem(int32_t nIndexSel);
int32_t GetSelIndex(int32_t nIndex);
void SetSelItem(Item* hItem, bool bSelect);
float GetItemHeight() const { return m_fItemHeight; }
float CalcItemHeight();
CFWL_ListBox(CFWL_App* pApp,
const Properties& properties,
CFWL_Widget* pOuter);
Item* GetListItem(Item* hItem, uint32_t dwKeyCode);
void SetSelection(Item* hStart, Item* hEnd, bool bSelected);
Item* GetItemAtPoint(const CFX_PointF& point);
bool ScrollToVisible(Item* hItem);
void InitVerticalScrollBar();
void InitHorizontalScrollBar();
bool IsShowVertScrollBar() const;
bool IsShowHorzScrollBar() const;
bool ScrollBarPropertiesPresent() const;
CFWL_ScrollBar* GetVertScrollBar() const { return m_pVertScrollBar; }
const CFX_RectF& GetRTClient() const { return m_ClientRect; }
void SetSelectionDirect(Item* hItem, bool bSelect);
bool IsMultiSelection() const;
bool IsItemSelected(Item* hItem);
void ClearSelection();
void SelectAll();
Item* GetFocusedItem();
void SetFocusItem(Item* hItem);
void DrawBkground(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics, const CFX_Matrix& mtMatrix);
void DrawItems(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics, const CFX_Matrix& mtMatrix);
void DrawItem(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics,
Item* hItem,
int32_t Index,
const CFX_RectF& rtItem,
const CFX_Matrix& pMatrix);
void DrawStatic(CFGAS_GEGraphics* pGraphics);
CFX_SizeF CalcSize(bool bAutoSize);
void UpdateItemSize(Item* hItem,
CFX_SizeF& size,
float fWidth,
float fHeight,
bool bAutoSize) const;
float GetMaxTextWidth();
float GetScrollWidth();
void OnFocusGained();
void OnFocusLost();
void OnLButtonDown(CFWL_MessageMouse* pMsg);
void OnLButtonUp(CFWL_MessageMouse* pMsg);
void OnMouseWheel(CFWL_MessageMouseWheel* pMsg);
void OnKeyDown(CFWL_MessageKey* pMsg);
void OnVK(Item* hItem, bool bShift, bool bCtrl);
bool OnScroll(CFWL_ScrollBar* pScrollBar,
CFWL_EventScroll::Code dwCode,
float fPos);
CFX_RectF m_ClientRect;
CFX_RectF m_StaticRect;
CFX_RectF m_ContentRect;
cppgc::Member<CFWL_ScrollBar> m_pHorzScrollBar;
cppgc::Member<CFWL_ScrollBar> m_pVertScrollBar;
FDE_TextStyle m_TTOStyles;
FDE_TextAlignment m_iTTOAligns = FDE_TextAlignment::kTopLeft;
bool m_bLButtonDown = false;
float m_fItemHeight = 0.0f;
float m_fScorllBarWidth = 0.0f;
Item* m_hAnchor = nullptr;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>> m_ItemArray;