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Name: Noto Sans CJK Font
Version: Noto Sans CJK V2.001
License: SIL Open Font License v1.1
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: no
NotoSansSC-Regular.subset.otf contains a subset of NotoSansSC-Regular font.
This font file is used for the test FPDFEditEmbedderTest.EmbedNotoSansSCFont,
and it is included as a real-world example for testing PDFium's API to embed a
CJK font into a PDF file, which contains multiple unicodes mapped to the same
CID. See for details.
Local Modifications:
NotoSansSC-Regular.subset.otf is a subset of NotoSansSC-Regular font.
Command to generate this font subset:
$ pyftsubset NotoSansSC-Regular.otf --unicodes="U+0000884C,U+0000FA08, \
U+0000F906,U+000053E5,U+00008FD9,U+0000662F,U+00007B2C,U+00004E00,U+00003002, \
where pyftsubset comes from (version 4.16.1).