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// Copyright 2015 The PDFium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fstream>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "public/cpp/fpdf_scopers.h"
#include "public/fpdf_dataavail.h"
#include "public/fpdf_ext.h"
#include "public/fpdf_formfill.h"
#include "public/fpdf_save.h"
#include "public/fpdfview.h"
#include "testing/fake_file_access.h"
#include "testing/free_deleter.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h"
#include "third_party/base/span.h"
class TestLoader;
// The loading time of the CFGAS_FontMgr is linear in the number of times it is
// loaded. So, if a test suite has a lot of tests that need a font manager they
// can end up executing very, very slowly.
// This class is used to load a PDF document, and then run programatic
// API tests against it.
class EmbedderTest : public ::testing::Test,
enum class LinearizeOption { kDefaultLinearize, kMustLinearize };
enum class JavaScriptOption { kDisableJavaScript, kEnableJavaScript };
class Delegate {
virtual ~Delegate() = default;
// Equivalent to UNSUPPORT_INFO::FSDK_UnSupport_Handler().
virtual void UnsupportedHandler(int type) {}
// Equivalent to IPDF_JSPLATFORM::app_alert().
virtual int Alert(FPDF_WIDESTRING message,
int type,
int icon) {
return 0;
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_SetTimer().
virtual int SetTimer(int msecs, TimerCallback fn) { return 0; }
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_KillTimer().
virtual void KillTimer(int id) {}
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_GetPage().
int page_index);
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_DoURIAction().
virtual void DoURIAction(FPDF_BYTESTRING uri) {}
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_DoGoToAction().
virtual void DoGoToAction(FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* info,
int page_index,
int zoom_mode,
float* pos_arry,
int array_size) {}
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_OnFocusChange().
virtual void OnFocusChange(FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* info,
int page_index) {}
// Equivalent to FPDF_FORMFILLINFO::FFI_DoURIActionWithKeyboardModifier().
virtual void DoURIActionWithKeyboardModifier(FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* info,
int modifiers) {}
virtual ~EmbedderTest();
void SetUp() override;
void TearDown() override;
Delegate* GetDelegate() { return delegate_; }
void SetDelegate(Delegate* delegate) {
delegate_ = delegate ? delegate : default_delegate_.get();
void SetFormFillInfoVersion(int form_fill_info_version) {
form_fill_info_version_ = form_fill_info_version;
void SetDocumentFromAvail();
FPDF_DOCUMENT document() const { return document_.get(); }
FPDF_DOCUMENT saved_document() const { return saved_document_.get(); }
FPDF_FORMHANDLE form_handle() const { return form_handle_.get(); }
FPDF_FORMHANDLE saved_form_handle() const { return saved_form_handle_.get(); }
// Wrapper for FPDFAvail_Create() to set `avail_`.
void CreateAvail(FX_FILEAVAIL* file_avail, FPDF_FILEACCESS* file);
FPDF_AVAIL avail() { return avail_.get(); }
// Create an empty document, and its form fill environment.
void CreateEmptyDocument();
// Create an empty document without a form fill environment.
void CreateEmptyDocumentWithoutFormFillEnvironment();
// Open the document specified by |filename|, and create its form fill
// environment, or return false on failure. The |filename| is relative to
// the test data directory where we store all the test files. |password| can
// be nullptr if the file is not password protected. If |javascript_opts|
// is kDisableJavascript, then the document will be given stubs in place
// of the real JS engine.
virtual bool OpenDocumentWithOptions(const std::string& filename,
const char* password,
LinearizeOption linearize_option,
JavaScriptOption javascript_option);
// Variants provided for convenience.
bool OpenDocument(const std::string& filename);
bool OpenDocumentLinearized(const std::string& filename);
bool OpenDocumentWithPassword(const std::string& filename,
const char* password);
bool OpenDocumentWithoutJavaScript(const std::string& filename);
// Close the document from a previous OpenDocument() call. This happens
// automatically at tear-down, and is usually not explicitly required,
// unless testing multiple documents or duplicate destruction.
void CloseDocument();
// Perform JavaScript actions that are to run at document open time.
void DoOpenActions();
// Determine the page numbers present in the document.
int GetFirstPageNum();
int GetPageCount();
// Load a specific page of the open document with a given non-negative
// |page_number|. On success, fire form events for the page and return a page
// handle. On failure, return nullptr.
// The caller does not own the returned page handle, but must call
// UnloadPage() on it when done.
// The caller cannot call this for a |page_number| if it already obtained and
// holds the page handle for that page.
FPDF_PAGE LoadPage(int page_number);
// Same as LoadPage(), but does not fire form events.
FPDF_PAGE LoadPageNoEvents(int page_number);
// Fire form unload events and release the resources for a |page| obtained
// from LoadPage(). Further use of |page| is prohibited after calling this.
void UnloadPage(FPDF_PAGE page);
// Same as UnloadPage(), but does not fire form events.
void UnloadPageNoEvents(FPDF_PAGE page);
// Apply standard highlighting color/alpha to forms.
void SetInitialFormFieldHighlight(FPDF_FORMHANDLE form);
// RenderLoadedPageWithFlags() with no flags.
ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderLoadedPage(FPDF_PAGE page);
// Convert |page| loaded via LoadPage() into a bitmap with the specified page
// rendering |flags|.
// See public/fpdfview.h for a list of page rendering flags.
ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderLoadedPageWithFlags(FPDF_PAGE page, int flags);
// RenderSavedPageWithFlags() with no flags.
ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderSavedPage(FPDF_PAGE page);
// Convert |page| loaded via LoadSavedPage() into a bitmap with the specified
// page rendering |flags|.
// See public/fpdfview.h for a list of page rendering flags.
ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderSavedPageWithFlags(FPDF_PAGE page, int flags);
// Convert |page| into a bitmap with the specified page rendering |flags|.
// The form handle associated with |page| should be passed in via |handle|.
// If |handle| is nullptr, then forms on the page will not be rendered.
// See public/fpdfview.h for a list of page rendering flags.
// If none of the above Render methods are appropriate, then use this one.
static ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderPageWithFlags(FPDF_PAGE page,
int flags);
// Simplified form of RenderPageWithFlags() with no handle and no flags.
static ScopedFPDFBitmap RenderPage(FPDF_PAGE page);
// Convert |page| into EMF with the specified page rendering |flags|.
static std::vector<uint8_t> RenderPageWithFlagsToEmf(FPDF_PAGE page,
int flags);
// Get the PostScript data from |emf_data|.
static std::string GetPostScriptFromEmf(pdfium::span<const uint8_t> emf_data);
// Return bytes for each of the FPDFBitmap_* format types.
static int BytesPerPixelForFormat(int format);
using PageNumberToHandleMap = std::map<int, FPDF_PAGE>;
bool OpenDocumentHelper(const char* password,
LinearizeOption linearize_option,
JavaScriptOption javascript_option,
FakeFileAccess* network_simulator,
ScopedFPDFDocument* document,
ScopedFPDFAvail* avail,
ScopedFPDFFormHandle* form_handle);
JavaScriptOption javascript_option);
// Return the hash of only the pixels in |bitmap|. i.e. Excluding the gap, if
// any, at the end of a row where the stride is larger than width * bpp.
static std::string HashBitmap(FPDF_BITMAP bitmap);
// For debugging purposes.
// Write |bitmap| as a PNG to |filename|.
static void WriteBitmapToPng(FPDF_BITMAP bitmap, const std::string& filename);
// Check |bitmap| to make sure it has the right dimensions and content.
static void CompareBitmap(FPDF_BITMAP bitmap,
int expected_width,
int expected_height,
const char* expected_md5sum);
void ClearString() { data_string_.clear(); }
const std::string& GetString() const { return data_string_; }
static int GetBlockFromString(void* param,
unsigned long pos,
unsigned char* buf,
unsigned long size);
// See comments in the respective non-Saved versions of these methods.
FPDF_DOCUMENT OpenSavedDocument();
FPDF_DOCUMENT OpenSavedDocumentWithPassword(const char* password);
void CloseSavedDocument();
FPDF_PAGE LoadSavedPage(int page_number);
void CloseSavedPage(FPDF_PAGE page);
void VerifySavedRendering(FPDF_PAGE page,
int width,
int height,
const char* md5);
void VerifySavedDocument(int width, int height, const char* md5);
void SetWholeFileAvailable();
#ifndef NDEBUG
// For debugging purposes.
// While open, write any data that gets passed to WriteBlockCallback() to
// |filename|. This is typically used to capture data from FPDF_SaveAsCopy()
// calls.
void OpenPDFFileForWrite(const std::string& filename);
void ClosePDFFileForWrite();
static int WriteBlockCallback(FPDF_FILEWRITE* pFileWrite,
const void* data,
unsigned long size);
// Helper method for the methods below.
static int GetPageNumberForPage(const PageNumberToHandleMap& page_map,
FPDF_PAGE page);
// Find |page| inside |page_map_| and return the associated page number, or -1
// if |page| cannot be found.
int GetPageNumberForLoadedPage(FPDF_PAGE page) const;
// Same as GetPageNumberForLoadedPage(), but with |saved_page_map_|.
int GetPageNumberForSavedPage(FPDF_PAGE page) const;
void UnloadPageCommon(FPDF_PAGE page, bool do_events);
FPDF_PAGE LoadPageCommon(int page_number, bool do_events);
std::unique_ptr<Delegate> default_delegate_;
Delegate* delegate_;
int form_fill_info_version_ = 2;
int form_fill_info_version_ = 1;
#endif // PDF_ENABLE_XFA
size_t file_length_ = 0;
// must outlive `loader_`.
std::unique_ptr<char, pdfium::FreeDeleter> file_contents_;
std::unique_ptr<TestLoader> loader_;
FPDF_FILEACCESS file_access_; // must outlive `avail_`.
std::unique_ptr<FakeFileAccess> fake_file_access_; // must outlive `avail_`.
ScopedFPDFAvail avail_;
ScopedFPDFDocument document_;
ScopedFPDFFormHandle form_handle_;
PageNumberToHandleMap page_map_;
FPDF_FILEACCESS saved_file_access_; // must outlive `saved_avail_`.
// must outlive `saved_avail_`.
std::unique_ptr<FakeFileAccess> saved_fake_file_access_;
ScopedFPDFAvail saved_avail_;
ScopedFPDFDocument saved_document_;
ScopedFPDFFormHandle saved_form_handle_;
PageNumberToHandleMap saved_page_map_;
std::string data_string_;
std::string saved_document_file_data_;
std::ofstream filestream_;