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Name: Anti-Grain Geometry
Version: 2.3
Security Critical: yes
License: MIT
2D vector graphics library.
Local Modifications:
0000-bug-466.patch: Fixes an infinite loop in stroke_calc_arc().
Various changes to use FX_ library functions.
Possibly more?
0001-gcc-warning.patch: Fix a GCC warning about both enumeral and
non-enumeral type in conditional.
0002-ubsan-error-fixes.patch: Fix UBSan errors for overflows.
0003-ubsan-render-line-error.patch: Fix UBSan overflow error in render_line.
0004-ubsan-sweep-scanline-error.patch: Fix UBSan left shift of negative value
error in sweep_scanline.
0005-assignment-return-values.patch: Fix assignment operator return values in
0006-ubsan-sweep-scanline-error.patch: Fix UBSan integer overflow error in
0007-unused-struct.patch: Remove unused struct point_type_flag, which has a
shadow variable.
0008-namespace.patch: Wrap all AGG code in namespace pdfium.
0009-infinite-loop.patch: avoid hang in agg_math_stroke.h
0010-math.patch: includes <math.h>
0011-path-storage-move-ctor.patch: Add a move ctor for path_storage.
0012-infinite-loop.patch: Fix an infinite loop in calc_dash_start().
0013-cxx20.patch: C++20 support.
0014-ubsan-render-line.patch: Fix some integer overflows in