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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_memory_wrappers.h"
class CFX_GifContext;
extern const char kGifSignature87[];
extern const char kGifSignature89[];
#define GIF_SIG_EXTENSION 0x21
#define GIF_SIG_IMAGE 0x2C
#define GIF_SIG_TRAILER 0x3B
#define GIF_BLOCK_GCE 0xF9
#define GIF_BLOCK_PTE 0x01
#define GIF_BLOCK_CE 0xFE
#define GIF_MAX_LZW_EXP 12
#define GIF_MAX_LZW_CODE 4096
#define GIF_D_STATUS_SIG 0x01
#define GIF_D_STATUS_TAIL 0x02
#define GIF_D_STATUS_EXT 0x03
#define GIF_D_STATUS_EXT_CE 0x05
#define GIF_D_STATUS_EXT_GCE 0x06
#define GIF_D_STATUS_EXT_PTE 0x07
#define GIF_D_STATUS_EXT_UNE 0x08
#define GIF_D_STATUS_IMG_INFO 0x09
#pragma pack(1)
struct CFX_GifGlobalFlags {
uint8_t pal_bits : 3;
uint8_t sort_flag : 1;
uint8_t color_resolution : 3;
uint8_t global_pal : 1;
struct CFX_GifLocalFlags {
uint8_t pal_bits : 3;
uint8_t reserved : 2;
uint8_t sort_flag : 1;
uint8_t interlace : 1;
uint8_t local_pal : 1;
struct CFX_GifHeader {
char signature[6];
struct CFX_GifLocalScreenDescriptor {
uint16_t width;
uint16_t height;
CFX_GifGlobalFlags global_flags;
uint8_t bc_index;
uint8_t pixel_aspect;
struct CFX_GifImageInfo {
uint16_t left;
uint16_t top;
uint16_t width;
uint16_t height;
CFX_GifLocalFlags local_flags;
struct CFX_GifControlExtensionFlags {
uint8_t transparency : 1;
uint8_t user_input : 1;
uint8_t disposal_method : 3;
uint8_t reserved : 3;
struct CFX_GifGraphicControlExtension {
uint8_t block_size;
CFX_GifControlExtensionFlags gce_flags;
uint16_t delay_time;
uint8_t trans_index;
struct CFX_GifPlainTextExtension {
uint8_t block_size;
uint16_t grid_left;
uint16_t grid_top;
uint16_t grid_width;
uint16_t grid_height;
uint8_t char_width;
uint8_t char_height;
uint8_t fc_index;
uint8_t bc_index;
struct GifApplicationExtension {
uint8_t block_size;
uint8_t app_identify[8];
uint8_t app_authentication[3];
struct CFX_GifPalette {
uint8_t r;
uint8_t g;
uint8_t b;
#pragma pack()
enum class CFX_GifDecodeStatus {
InsufficientDestSize, // Only used internally by CGifLZWDecoder::Decode()
struct CFX_GifImage {
std::unique_ptr<CFX_GifGraphicControlExtension> image_GCE;
std::vector<CFX_GifPalette> local_palettes;
std::vector<uint8_t, FxAllocAllocator<uint8_t>> row_buffer;
CFX_GifImageInfo image_info;
uint8_t local_palette_exp;
uint8_t code_exp;
uint32_t data_pos;
int32_t row_num;