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// Copyright 2016 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include "core/fxcodec/gif/cfx_gif.h"
#include "core/fxcodec/progressive_decoder_iface.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_coordinates.h"
#error "GIF must be enabled"
namespace fxcodec {
class CFX_DIBAttribute;
class GifDecoder {
class Delegate {
virtual void GifRecordCurrentPosition(uint32_t& cur_pos) = 0;
virtual bool GifInputRecordPositionBuf(uint32_t rcd_pos,
const FX_RECT& img_rc,
int32_t pal_num,
CFX_GifPalette* pal_ptr,
int32_t delay_time,
bool user_input,
int32_t trans_index,
int32_t disposal_method,
bool interlace) = 0;
virtual void GifReadScanline(int32_t row_num, uint8_t* row_buf) = 0;
static std::unique_ptr<ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context> StartDecode(
Delegate* pDelegate);
static CFX_GifDecodeStatus ReadHeader(
ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context* context,
int* width,
int* height,
int* pal_num,
CFX_GifPalette** pal_pp,
int* bg_index);
static std::pair<CFX_GifDecodeStatus, size_t> LoadFrameInfo(
ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context* context);
static CFX_GifDecodeStatus LoadFrame(
ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context* context,
size_t frame_num);
static FX_FILESIZE GetAvailInput(ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context* context);
static bool Input(ProgressiveDecoderIface::Context* context,
RetainPtr<CFX_CodecMemory> codec_memory,
CFX_DIBAttribute* pAttribute);
GifDecoder() = delete;
GifDecoder(const GifDecoder&) = delete;
GifDecoder& operator=(const GifDecoder&) = delete;
} // namespace fxcodec
using GifDecoder = fxcodec::GifDecoder;