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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <utility>
#include "core/fpdfdoc/cpvt_wordrange.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_codepage.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/fx_string.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/unowned_ptr.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/pwl/cpwl_wnd.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/pwl/ipwl_systemhandler.h"
class CPDF_Font;
class CPWL_Caret;
class CPWL_EditImpl;
class IPWL_FillerNotify;
class CPWL_Edit final : public CPWL_Wnd {
CPWL_Edit(const CreateParams& cp,
std::unique_ptr<IPWL_SystemHandler::PerWindowData> pAttachedData);
~CPWL_Edit() override;
// CPWL_Wnd:
bool RePosChildWnd() override;
CFX_FloatRect GetClientRect() const override;
void DrawThisAppearance(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
const CFX_Matrix& mtUser2Device) override;
bool OnMouseWheel(uint32_t nFlag,
const CFX_PointF& point,
const CFX_Vector& delta) override;
bool OnKeyDown(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag) override;
bool OnChar(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag) override;
CFX_FloatRect GetFocusRect() const override;
void OnSetFocus() override;
void OnKillFocus() override;
void OnCreated() override;
void OnDestroy() override;
bool OnLButtonDown(uint32_t nFlag, const CFX_PointF& point) override;
bool OnLButtonUp(uint32_t nFlag, const CFX_PointF& point) override;
bool OnLButtonDblClk(uint32_t nFlag, const CFX_PointF& point) override;
bool OnRButtonUp(uint32_t nFlag, const CFX_PointF& point) override;
bool OnMouseMove(uint32_t nFlag, const CFX_PointF& point) override;
void SetScrollInfo(const PWL_SCROLL_INFO& info) override;
void SetScrollPosition(float pos) override;
void ScrollWindowVertically(float pos) override;
void CreateChildWnd(const CreateParams& cp) override;
void SetFontSize(float fFontSize) override;
float GetFontSize() const override;
void SetCursor() override;
WideString GetText() override;
WideString GetSelectedText() override;
void ReplaceSelection(const WideString& text) override;
bool SelectAllText() override;
bool CanUndo() override;
bool CanRedo() override;
bool Undo() override;
bool Redo() override;
void SetSelection(int32_t nStartChar, int32_t nEndChar);
std::pair<int32_t, int32_t> GetSelection() const;
void ClearSelection();
CFX_PointF GetScrollPos() const;
void SetScrollPos(const CFX_PointF& point);
void SetCharSet(FX_Charset nCharSet) { m_nCharSet = nCharSet; }
FX_Charset GetCharSet() const { return m_nCharSet; }
void SetReadyToInput();
void SetAlignFormatVerticalCenter();
void SetCharArray(int32_t nCharArray);
void SetLimitChar(int32_t nLimitChar);
void SetCharSpace(float fCharSpace);
bool CanSelectAll() const;
bool CanCopy() const;
bool CanCut() const;
void CutText();
void SetText(const WideString& csText);
bool IsTextFull() const;
static float GetCharArrayAutoFontSize(const CPDF_Font* pFont,
const CFX_FloatRect& rcPlate,
int32_t nCharArray);
void SetFillerNotify(IPWL_FillerNotify* pNotify) {
m_pFillerNotify = pNotify;
void AttachFFLData(CFFL_FormField* pData) { m_pFormFiller = pData; }
bool SetCaret(bool bVisible,
const CFX_PointF& ptHead,
const CFX_PointF& ptFoot);
// In case of implementation swallow the OnKeyDown event. If the event is
// swallowed, implementation may do other unexpected things, which is not the
// control means to do.
static bool IsProceedtoOnChar(uint16_t nKeyCode, uint32_t nFlag);
bool OnKeyDownInternal(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag);
bool OnCharInternal(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag);
void CopyText();
void PasteText();
void InsertWord(uint16_t word, FX_Charset nCharset);
void InsertReturn();
bool IsWndHorV() const;
void Delete();
void Backspace();
void GetCaretInfo(CFX_PointF* ptHead, CFX_PointF* ptFoot) const;
void SetEditCaret(bool bVisible);
void CreateEditCaret(const CreateParams& cp);
CPVT_WordRange GetSelectWordRange() const;
bool IsVScrollBarVisible() const;
void SetParamByFlag();
bool m_bMouseDown = false;
bool m_bFocus = false;
FX_Charset m_nCharSet = FX_Charset::kDefault;
CFX_FloatRect m_rcOldWindow;
std::unique_ptr<CPWL_EditImpl> const m_pEditImpl;
UnownedPtr<CPWL_Caret> m_pCaret;
UnownedPtr<IPWL_FillerNotify> m_pFillerNotify;
UnownedPtr<CFFL_FormField> m_pFormFiller;