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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fpdfapi/cmaps/Japan1/cmaps_japan1.h"
const uint16_t g_FXCMAP_Ext_RKSJ_H_2[665 * 3] = {
0x0020, 0x007E, 0x00E7, 0x00A0, 0x00DF, 0x0146, 0x8140, 0x817E, 0x0279,
0x8180, 0x8188, 0x02B8, 0x8189, 0x8189, 0x1D36, 0x818A, 0x81AC, 0x02C2,
0x824F, 0x8258, 0x030C, 0x8260, 0x8279, 0x0316, 0x8281, 0x829A, 0x0330,
0x829F, 0x82F1, 0x034A, 0x8340, 0x837E, 0x039D, 0x8380, 0x8396, 0x03DC,
0x839F, 0x83B6, 0x03F3, 0x83BF, 0x83D6, 0x040B, 0x8440, 0x8460, 0x0423,
0x8470, 0x847E, 0x0444, 0x8480, 0x8491, 0x0453, 0x8540, 0x857E, 0x00E8,
0x8580, 0x8580, 0x0186, 0x8581, 0x859E, 0x0128, 0x859F, 0x85DD, 0x0147,
0x85DE, 0x85FC, 0x0187, 0x8640, 0x867E, 0x01A6, 0x8680, 0x8691, 0x01E5,
0x8692, 0x8692, 0x0127, 0x8693, 0x869E, 0x01F7, 0x86A2, 0x86ED, 0x1D37,
0x8740, 0x875D, 0x1D83, 0x875F, 0x8775, 0x1DA1, 0x877E, 0x877E, 0x2083,
0x8780, 0x878F, 0x1DB8, 0x8790, 0x8790, 0x02FA, 0x8791, 0x8791, 0x02F9,
0x8792, 0x8792, 0x0301, 0x8793, 0x8799, 0x1DC8, 0x879A, 0x879A, 0x0300,
0x879B, 0x879C, 0x1DCF, 0x889F, 0x889F, 0x0465, 0x88A0, 0x88A0, 0x1DD1,
0x88A1, 0x88B0, 0x0467, 0x88B1, 0x88B1, 0x1CA2, 0x88B2, 0x88B8, 0x0478,
0x88B9, 0x88B9, 0x1DD2, 0x88BA, 0x88EB, 0x0480, 0x88EC, 0x88EC, 0x1DD3,
0x88ED, 0x88F0, 0x04B3, 0x88F1, 0x88F1, 0x1DD4, 0x88F2, 0x88F9, 0x04B8,
0x88FA, 0x88FA, 0x1DD5, 0x88FB, 0x88FC, 0x04C1, 0x8940, 0x8948, 0x04C3,
0x8949, 0x8949, 0x1DD6, 0x894A, 0x8953, 0x04CD, 0x8954, 0x8954, 0x1DD7,
0x8955, 0x8957, 0x04D8, 0x8958, 0x8958, 0x1DD8, 0x8959, 0x895A, 0x04DC,
0x895B, 0x895C, 0x1DD9, 0x895D, 0x8960, 0x04E0, 0x8961, 0x8961, 0x1DDB,
0x8962, 0x897E, 0x04E5, 0x8980, 0x898A, 0x0502, 0x898B, 0x898B, 0x1DDC,
0x898C, 0x89A5, 0x050E, 0x89A6, 0x89A6, 0x1DDD, 0x89A7, 0x89A7, 0x1CC9,
0x89A8, 0x89A8, 0x1DDE, 0x89A9, 0x89DD, 0x052B, 0x89DE, 0x89DE, 0x1DDF,
0x89DF, 0x89F7, 0x0561, 0x89F8, 0x89F8, 0x1DE0, 0x89F9, 0x89FA, 0x057B,
0x89FB, 0x89FB, 0x1DE1, 0x89FC, 0x89FC, 0x057E, 0x8A40, 0x8A40, 0x057F,
0x8A41, 0x8A41, 0x1DE2, 0x8A42, 0x8A60, 0x0581, 0x8A61, 0x8A61, 0x1961,
0x8A62, 0x8A67, 0x05A1, 0x8A68, 0x8A68, 0x139F, 0x8A69, 0x8A7E, 0x05A8,
0x8A80, 0x8A84, 0x05BE, 0x8A85, 0x8A85, 0x1DE3, 0x8A86, 0x8A8A, 0x05C4,
0x8A8B, 0x8A8B, 0x1DE4, 0x8A8C, 0x8A92, 0x05CA, 0x8A93, 0x8A93, 0x1DE5,
0x8A94, 0x8A95, 0x05D2, 0x8A96, 0x8A96, 0x1731, 0x8A97, 0x8A99, 0x05D5,
0x8A9A, 0x8A9A, 0x1DE6, 0x8A9B, 0x8ABF, 0x05D9, 0x8AC0, 0x8AC0, 0x1DE7,
0x8AC1, 0x8AC1, 0x1572, 0x8AC2, 0x8ACA, 0x0600, 0x8ACB, 0x8ACB, 0x1DE8,
0x8ACC, 0x8ACF, 0x060A, 0x8AD0, 0x8AD0, 0x1A20, 0x8AD1, 0x8AE2, 0x060F,
0x8AE3, 0x8AE3, 0x1DE9, 0x8AE4, 0x8AFC, 0x0622, 0x8B40, 0x8B49, 0x063B,
0x8B4A, 0x8B4A, 0x1DEA, 0x8B4B, 0x8B5E, 0x0646, 0x8B5F, 0x8B5F, 0x1DEB,
0x8B60, 0x8B7E, 0x065B, 0x8B80, 0x8B9F, 0x067A, 0x8BA0, 0x8BA0, 0x1DEC,
0x8BA1, 0x8BA7, 0x069B, 0x8BA8, 0x8BA8, 0x1DED, 0x8BA9, 0x8BC3, 0x06A3,
0x8BC4, 0x8BC4, 0x1D32, 0x8BC5, 0x8BCC, 0x06BF, 0x8BCD, 0x8BCD, 0x1DEE,
0x8BCE, 0x8BEA, 0x06C8, 0x8BEB, 0x8BEB, 0x1DEF, 0x8BEC, 0x8BF1, 0x06E6,
0x8BF2, 0x8BF2, 0x1DF0, 0x8BF3, 0x8BF8, 0x06ED, 0x8BF9, 0x8BF9, 0x1DF1,
0x8BFA, 0x8BFA, 0x06F4, 0x8BFB, 0x8BFB, 0x1DF2, 0x8BFC, 0x8BFC, 0x06F6,
0x8C40, 0x8C42, 0x06F7, 0x8C43, 0x8C43, 0x1DF3, 0x8C44, 0x8C55, 0x06FB,
0x8C56, 0x8C56, 0x1DF4, 0x8C57, 0x8C63, 0x070E, 0x8C64, 0x8C64, 0x1DF5,
0x8C65, 0x8C6C, 0x071C, 0x8C6D, 0x8C6D, 0x1DF6, 0x8C6E, 0x8C70, 0x0725,
0x8C71, 0x8C71, 0x1DF7, 0x8C72, 0x8C73, 0x0729, 0x8C74, 0x8C74, 0x1DF8,
0x8C75, 0x8C79, 0x072C, 0x8C7A, 0x8C7A, 0x1C0D, 0x8C7B, 0x8C7E, 0x0732,
0x8C80, 0x8C83, 0x0736, 0x8C84, 0x8C84, 0x1DF9, 0x8C85, 0x8C90, 0x073B,
0x8C91, 0x8C91, 0x1DFA, 0x8C92, 0x8C98, 0x0748, 0x8C99, 0x8C99, 0x1DFB,
0x8C9A, 0x8C9D, 0x0750, 0x8C9E, 0x8C9E, 0x1DFC, 0x8C9F, 0x8CB1, 0x0755,
0x8CB2, 0x8CB2, 0x1DFD, 0x8CB3, 0x8CBE, 0x0769, 0x8CBF, 0x8CBF, 0x1DFE,
0x8CC0, 0x8CFC, 0x0776, 0x8D40, 0x8D49, 0x07B3, 0x8D4A, 0x8D4A, 0x1DFF,
0x8D4B, 0x8D55, 0x07BE, 0x8D56, 0x8D56, 0x1E00, 0x8D57, 0x8D60, 0x07CA,
0x8D61, 0x8D61, 0x1E01, 0x8D62, 0x8D7A, 0x07D5, 0x8D7B, 0x8D7B, 0x16DD,
0x8D7C, 0x8D7E, 0x07EF, 0x8D80, 0x8D8C, 0x07F2, 0x8D8D, 0x8D8D, 0x1E02,
0x8D8E, 0x8D93, 0x0800, 0x8D94, 0x8D94, 0x1E03, 0x8D95, 0x8D98, 0x0807,
0x8D99, 0x8D99, 0x1E04, 0x8D9A, 0x8DD0, 0x080C, 0x8DD1, 0x8DD1, 0x1E05,
0x8DD2, 0x8DE4, 0x0844, 0x8DE5, 0x8DE5, 0x1E06, 0x8DE6, 0x8DF1, 0x0858,
0x8DF2, 0x8DF2, 0x1E07, 0x8DF3, 0x8DFC, 0x0865, 0x8E40, 0x8E45, 0x086F,
0x8E46, 0x8E46, 0x1E08, 0x8E47, 0x8E48, 0x0876, 0x8E49, 0x8E49, 0x1E09,
0x8E4A, 0x8E4A, 0x0879, 0x8E4B, 0x8E4B, 0x1E0A, 0x8E4C, 0x8E57, 0x087B,
0x8E58, 0x8E58, 0x1E0B, 0x8E59, 0x8E7E, 0x0888, 0x8E80, 0x8EB5, 0x08AE,
0x8EB6, 0x8EB6, 0x1E0C, 0x8EB7, 0x8EC5, 0x08E5, 0x8EC6, 0x8EC6, 0x1E0D,
0x8EC7, 0x8EC7, 0x1929, 0x8EC8, 0x8ED4, 0x08F6, 0x8ED5, 0x8ED5, 0x1E0E,
0x8ED6, 0x8EDA, 0x0904, 0x8EDB, 0x8EDC, 0x1E0F, 0x8EDD, 0x8EFC, 0x090B,
0x8F40, 0x8F49, 0x092B, 0x8F4A, 0x8F4A, 0x1E11, 0x8F4B, 0x8F54, 0x0936,
0x8F55, 0x8F55, 0x1E12, 0x8F56, 0x8F7E, 0x0941, 0x8F80, 0x8F8B, 0x096A,
0x8F8C, 0x8F8D, 0x1E13, 0x8F8E, 0x8F91, 0x0978, 0x8F92, 0x8F93, 0x1E15,
0x8F94, 0x8FA2, 0x097E, 0x8FA3, 0x8FA3, 0x1E17, 0x8FA4, 0x8FB0, 0x098E,
0x8FB1, 0x8FB1, 0x1E18, 0x8FB2, 0x8FBC, 0x099C, 0x8FBD, 0x8FBD, 0x1E19,
0x8FBE, 0x8FD2, 0x09A8, 0x8FD3, 0x8FD3, 0x1E1A, 0x8FD4, 0x8FDC, 0x09BE,
0x8FDD, 0x8FDD, 0x1E1B, 0x8FDE, 0x8FE1, 0x09C8, 0x8FE2, 0x8FE2, 0x1E1C,
0x8FE3, 0x8FFC, 0x09CD, 0x9040, 0x9048, 0x09E7, 0x9049, 0x9049, 0x1E1D,
0x904A, 0x9077, 0x09F1, 0x9078, 0x9078, 0x1E1E, 0x9079, 0x907E, 0x0A20,
0x9080, 0x9080, 0x1E1F, 0x9081, 0x9088, 0x0A27, 0x9089, 0x9089, 0x1E20,
0x908A, 0x909F, 0x0A30, 0x90A0, 0x90A0, 0x1E21, 0x90A1, 0x90BF, 0x0A47,
0x90C0, 0x90C0, 0x1E22, 0x90C1, 0x90E3, 0x0A67, 0x90E4, 0x90E4, 0x1E23,
0x90E5, 0x90EE, 0x0A8B, 0x90EF, 0x90F0, 0x1E24, 0x90F1, 0x90F6, 0x0A97,
0x90F7, 0x90F8, 0x1E26, 0x90F9, 0x90FC, 0x0A9F, 0x9140, 0x9145, 0x0AA3,
0x9146, 0x9146, 0x1E28, 0x9147, 0x9147, 0x1A6E, 0x9148, 0x9157, 0x0AAB,
0x9158, 0x9158, 0x1E29, 0x9159, 0x916A, 0x0ABC, 0x916B, 0x916B, 0x1E2A,
0x916C, 0x916D, 0x0ACF, 0x916E, 0x916E, 0x1E2B, 0x916F, 0x917D, 0x0AD2,
0x917E, 0x917E, 0x1E2C, 0x9180, 0x9188, 0x0AE2, 0x9189, 0x9189, 0x1E2D,
0x918A, 0x91BA, 0x0AEC, 0x91BB, 0x91BB, 0x1E2E, 0x91BC, 0x91CA, 0x0B1E,
0x91CB, 0x91CB, 0x1E2F, 0x91CC, 0x91D9, 0x0B2E, 0x91DA, 0x91DA, 0x1E30,
0x91DB, 0x91E0, 0x0B3D, 0x91E1, 0x91E1, 0x1E31, 0x91E2, 0x91EC, 0x0B44,
0x91ED, 0x91ED, 0x1E32, 0x91EE, 0x91F2, 0x0B50, 0x91F3, 0x91F4, 0x1E33,
0x91F5, 0x91FA, 0x0B57, 0x91FB, 0x91FB, 0x1E35, 0x91FC, 0x91FC, 0x0B5E,
0x9240, 0x9245, 0x0B5F, 0x9246, 0x9246, 0x1E36, 0x9247, 0x9247, 0x0B66,
0x9248, 0x9249, 0x1E37, 0x924A, 0x924B, 0x0B69, 0x924C, 0x924D, 0x1E39,
0x924E, 0x925B, 0x0B6D, 0x925C, 0x925C, 0x1E3B, 0x925D, 0x927E, 0x0B7C,
0x9280, 0x928F, 0x0B9E, 0x9290, 0x9290, 0x1E3C, 0x9291, 0x9294, 0x0BAF,
0x9295, 0x9295, 0x1E3D, 0x9296, 0x929B, 0x0BB4, 0x929C, 0x929C, 0x1E3E,
0x929D, 0x92BA, 0x0BBB, 0x92BB, 0x92BB, 0x1E3F, 0x92BC, 0x92C5, 0x0BDA,
0x92C6, 0x92C6, 0x1E40, 0x92C7, 0x92C7, 0x0BE5, 0x92C8, 0x92C8, 0x1E41,
0x92C9, 0x92CA, 0x0BE7, 0x92CB, 0x92CB, 0x1E42, 0x92CC, 0x92CC, 0x0BEA,
0x92CD, 0x92CD, 0x1E43, 0x92CE, 0x92D8, 0x0BEC, 0x92D9, 0x92D9, 0x11B5,
0x92DA, 0x92FC, 0x0BF8, 0x9340, 0x9340, 0x0C1B, 0x9341, 0x9341, 0x1E44,
0x9342, 0x9345, 0x0C1D, 0x9346, 0x9346, 0x1E45, 0x9347, 0x934C, 0x0C22,
0x934D, 0x934D, 0x1E46, 0x934E, 0x9354, 0x0C29, 0x9355, 0x9355, 0x1E47,
0x9356, 0x935D, 0x0C31, 0x935E, 0x935E, 0x1E48, 0x935F, 0x9366, 0x0C3A,
0x9367, 0x9367, 0x1E49, 0x9368, 0x9369, 0x0C43, 0x936A, 0x936A, 0x1E4A,
0x936B, 0x936F, 0x0C46, 0x9370, 0x9371, 0x1E4B, 0x9372, 0x9375, 0x0C4D,
0x9376, 0x9376, 0x16DF, 0x9377, 0x937E, 0x0C52, 0x9380, 0x9383, 0x0C5A,
0x9384, 0x9384, 0x1E4D, 0x9385, 0x938D, 0x0C5F, 0x938E, 0x938E, 0x1450,
0x938F, 0x9392, 0x0C69, 0x9393, 0x9393, 0x1536, 0x9394, 0x9397, 0x0C6E,
0x9398, 0x9398, 0x1E4E, 0x9399, 0x93BB, 0x0C73, 0x93BC, 0x93BC, 0x1E4F,
0x93BD, 0x93BF, 0x0C97, 0x93C0, 0x93C0, 0x1E50, 0x93C1, 0x93D1, 0x0C9B,
0x93D2, 0x93D3, 0x1E51, 0x93D4, 0x93D8, 0x0CAE, 0x93D9, 0x93DA, 0x1E53,
0x93DB, 0x93DE, 0x0CB5, 0x93DF, 0x93DF, 0x1E55, 0x93E0, 0x93E3, 0x0CBA,
0x93E4, 0x93E5, 0x1E56, 0x93E6, 0x93E7, 0x0CC0, 0x93E8, 0x93E8, 0x1E58,
0x93E9, 0x93F3, 0x0CC3, 0x93F4, 0x93F4, 0x1AED, 0x93F5, 0x93FC, 0x0CCF,
0x9440, 0x9447, 0x0CD7, 0x9448, 0x9448, 0x1E59, 0x9449, 0x9457, 0x0CE0,
0x9458, 0x9458, 0x1E5A, 0x9459, 0x9475, 0x0CF0, 0x9476, 0x9476, 0x1E5B,
0x9477, 0x947E, 0x0D0E, 0x9480, 0x9486, 0x0D16, 0x9487, 0x9487, 0x1E5C,
0x9488, 0x9488, 0x1989, 0x9489, 0x9489, 0x1E5D, 0x948A, 0x948C, 0x0D20,
0x948D, 0x948D, 0x1E5E, 0x948E, 0x94A1, 0x0D24, 0x94A2, 0x94A2, 0x1E5F,
0x94A3, 0x94AB, 0x0D39, 0x94AC, 0x94AC, 0x1E60, 0x94AD, 0x94AD, 0x0D43,
0x94AE, 0x94AE, 0x1E61, 0x94AF, 0x94D1, 0x0D45, 0x94D2, 0x94D2, 0x1E62,
0x94D3, 0x94DF, 0x0D69, 0x94E0, 0x94E0, 0x1E63, 0x94E1, 0x94F2, 0x0D77,
0x94F3, 0x94F3, 0x1E64, 0x94F4, 0x94FC, 0x0D8A, 0x9540, 0x9540, 0x0D93,
0x9541, 0x9542, 0x1E65, 0x9543, 0x954D, 0x0D96, 0x954E, 0x954E, 0x1E67,
0x954F, 0x954F, 0x143B, 0x9550, 0x9550, 0x0DA3, 0x9551, 0x9551, 0x1E68,
0x9552, 0x9553, 0x0DA5, 0x9554, 0x9554, 0x1E69, 0x9555, 0x955E, 0x0DA8,
0x955F, 0x955F, 0x1E6A, 0x9560, 0x956C, 0x0DB3, 0x956D, 0x956D, 0x1E6B,
0x956E, 0x956F, 0x0DC1, 0x9570, 0x9570, 0x1E6C, 0x9571, 0x957E, 0x0DC4,
0x9580, 0x95C0, 0x0DD2, 0x95C1, 0x95C1, 0x1E6D, 0x95C2, 0x95CA, 0x0E14,
0x95CB, 0x95CB, 0x1E6E, 0x95CC, 0x95D7, 0x0E1E, 0x95D8, 0x95D8, 0x1E6F,
0x95D9, 0x95F6, 0x0E2B, 0x95F7, 0x95F7, 0x1E70, 0x95F8, 0x95FC, 0x0E4A,
0x9640, 0x9640, 0x0E4F, 0x9641, 0x9641, 0x1E71, 0x9642, 0x9647, 0x0E51,
0x9648, 0x9648, 0x1E72, 0x9649, 0x9669, 0x0E58, 0x966A, 0x966A, 0x1E73,
0x966B, 0x967E, 0x0E7A, 0x9680, 0x9689, 0x0E8E, 0x968A, 0x968A, 0x1D33,
0x968B, 0x968F, 0x0E99, 0x9690, 0x9690, 0x1E74, 0x9691, 0x9698, 0x0E9F,
0x9699, 0x9699, 0x102F, 0x969A, 0x96CA, 0x0EA8, 0x96CB, 0x96CB, 0x1E75,
0x96CC, 0x96D6, 0x0EDA, 0x96D7, 0x96D7, 0x1E76, 0x96D8, 0x96DC, 0x0EE6,
0x96DD, 0x96DD, 0x1E77, 0x96DE, 0x96DF, 0x0EEC, 0x96E0, 0x96E0, 0x1E78,
0x96E1, 0x96F6, 0x0EEF, 0x96F7, 0x96F7, 0x1935, 0x96F8, 0x96F8, 0x1E79,
0x96F9, 0x96F9, 0x0F07, 0x96FA, 0x96FA, 0x1E7A, 0x96FB, 0x96FB, 0x0F09,
0x96FC, 0x96FC, 0x1E7B, 0x9740, 0x9750, 0x0F0B, 0x9751, 0x9751, 0x1E7C,
0x9752, 0x976E, 0x0F1D, 0x976F, 0x976F, 0x1E7D, 0x9770, 0x9772, 0x0F3B,
0x9773, 0x9773, 0x1E7E, 0x9774, 0x9778, 0x0F3F, 0x9779, 0x9779, 0x1D34,
0x977A, 0x977E, 0x0F45, 0x9780, 0x9788, 0x0F4A, 0x9789, 0x9789, 0x1E7F,
0x978A, 0x97C8, 0x0F54, 0x97C9, 0x97C9, 0x1E80, 0x97CA, 0x97F7, 0x0F94,
0x97F8, 0x97F9, 0x1E81, 0x97FA, 0x97FC, 0x0FC4, 0x9840, 0x9840, 0x1E83,
0x9841, 0x984F, 0x0FC8, 0x9850, 0x9850, 0x1E84, 0x9851, 0x9854, 0x0FD8,
0x9855, 0x9855, 0x1777, 0x9856, 0x9857, 0x0FDD, 0x9858, 0x9858, 0x1E85,
0x9859, 0x9872, 0x0FE0, 0x989F, 0x98D3, 0x0FFA, 0x98D4, 0x98D4, 0x0EA7,
0x98D5, 0x98FC, 0x1030, 0x9940, 0x995B, 0x1058, 0x995C, 0x995C, 0x1E86,
0x995D, 0x9965, 0x1075, 0x9966, 0x9966, 0x1E87, 0x9967, 0x9969, 0x107F,
0x996A, 0x996A, 0x1E88, 0x996B, 0x996B, 0x1083, 0x996C, 0x996C, 0x1E89,
0x996D, 0x997E, 0x1085, 0x9980, 0x99FC, 0x1097, 0x9A40, 0x9A4E, 0x1114,
0x9A4F, 0x9A4F, 0x1E8A, 0x9A50, 0x9A58, 0x1124, 0x9A59, 0x9A59, 0x1E8B,
0x9A5A, 0x9A6E, 0x112E, 0x9A6F, 0x9A6F, 0x1E8C, 0x9A70, 0x9A7C, 0x1144,
0x9A7D, 0x9A7D, 0x1E8D, 0x9A7E, 0x9A7E, 0x1152, 0x9A80, 0x9A8A, 0x1153,
0x9A8B, 0x9A8B, 0x1E8E, 0x9A8C, 0x9AC1, 0x115F, 0x9AC2, 0x9AC2, 0x1E8F,
0x9AC3, 0x9AE1, 0x1196, 0x9AE2, 0x9AE2, 0x0BF7, 0x9AE3, 0x9AFC, 0x11B6,
0x9B40, 0x9B5B, 0x11D0, 0x9B5C, 0x9B5C, 0x1E90, 0x9B5D, 0x9B7E, 0x11ED,
0x9B80, 0x9B82, 0x120F, 0x9B83, 0x9B83, 0x1E91, 0x9B84, 0x9B9F, 0x1213,
0x9BA0, 0x9BA0, 0x1E92, 0x9BA1, 0x9BEF, 0x1230, 0x9BF0, 0x9BF0, 0x1E93,
0x9BF1, 0x9BFC, 0x1280, 0x9C40, 0x9C7E, 0x128C, 0x9C80, 0x9CA1, 0x12CB,
0x9CA2, 0x9CA2, 0x1E94, 0x9CA3, 0x9CFC, 0x12EE, 0x9D40, 0x9D7E, 0x1348,
0x9D80, 0x9D80, 0x1E95, 0x9D81, 0x9D8B, 0x1388, 0x9D8C, 0x9D8C, 0x1E96,
0x9D8D, 0x9D97, 0x1394, 0x9D98, 0x9D98, 0x05A7, 0x9D99, 0x9DB6, 0x13A0,
0x9DB7, 0x9DB7, 0x1E97, 0x9DB8, 0x9DCA, 0x13BF, 0x9DCB, 0x9DCB, 0x1E98,
0x9DCC, 0x9DFC, 0x13D3, 0x9E40, 0x9E63, 0x1404, 0x9E64, 0x9E64, 0x1E99,
0x9E65, 0x9E68, 0x1429, 0x9E69, 0x9E69, 0x1E9A, 0x9E6A, 0x9E76, 0x142E,
0x9E77, 0x9E77, 0x0DA2, 0x9E78, 0x9E7E, 0x143C, 0x9E80, 0x9E8A, 0x1443,
0x9E8B, 0x9E8B, 0x1E9B, 0x9E8C, 0x9E8C, 0x144F, 0x9E8D, 0x9E8D, 0x0C68,
0x9E8E, 0x9E93, 0x1451, 0x9E94, 0x9E94, 0x1E9C, 0x9E95, 0x9EFC, 0x1458,
0x9F40, 0x9F7E, 0x14C0, 0x9F80, 0x9FB6, 0x14FF, 0x9FB7, 0x9FB7, 0x0C6D,
0x9FB8, 0x9FCD, 0x1537, 0x9FCE, 0x9FCE, 0x1E9D, 0x9FCF, 0x9FF2, 0x154E,
0x9FF3, 0x9FF3, 0x05FF, 0x9FF4, 0x9FFC, 0x1573, 0xE040, 0xE07E, 0x157C,
0xE080, 0xE092, 0x15BB, 0xE093, 0xE093, 0x1E9E, 0xE094, 0xE0A3, 0x15CF,
0xE0A4, 0xE0A4, 0x1E9F, 0xE0A5, 0xE0DC, 0x15E0, 0xE0DD, 0xE0DD, 0x1EA0,
0xE0DE, 0xE0F3, 0x1619, 0xE0F4, 0xE0F4, 0x1D35, 0xE0F5, 0xE0FC, 0x1630,
0xE140, 0xE149, 0x1638, 0xE14A, 0xE14A, 0x1EA1, 0xE14B, 0xE14E, 0x1643,
0xE14F, 0xE150, 0x1EA2, 0xE151, 0xE17E, 0x1649, 0xE180, 0xE1A8, 0x1677,
0xE1A9, 0xE1A9, 0x1EA4, 0xE1AA, 0xE1E5, 0x16A1, 0xE1E6, 0xE1E6, 0x07EE,
0xE1E7, 0xE1E7, 0x16DE, 0xE1E8, 0xE1E8, 0x0C51, 0xE1E9, 0xE1EC, 0x16E0,
0xE1ED, 0xE1ED, 0x1EA5, 0xE1EE, 0xE1FC, 0x16E5, 0xE240, 0xE268, 0x16F4,
0xE269, 0xE269, 0x1EA6, 0xE26A, 0xE272, 0x171E, 0xE273, 0xE273, 0x1EA7,
0xE274, 0xE27C, 0x1728, 0xE27D, 0xE27D, 0x05D4, 0xE27E, 0xE27E, 0x1732,
0xE280, 0xE2B6, 0x1733, 0xE2B7, 0xE2B7, 0x1EA8, 0xE2B8, 0xE2C3, 0x176B,
0xE2C4, 0xE2C4, 0x0FDC, 0xE2C5, 0xE2E1, 0x1778, 0xE2E2, 0xE2E2, 0x1EA9,
0xE2E3, 0xE2EB, 0x1796, 0xE2EC, 0xE2EC, 0x1EAA, 0xE2ED, 0xE2FC, 0x17A0,
0xE340, 0xE357, 0x17B0, 0xE358, 0xE358, 0x1EAB, 0xE359, 0xE359, 0x17C9,
0xE35A, 0xE35A, 0x1EAC, 0xE35B, 0xE364, 0x17CB, 0xE365, 0xE365, 0x1EAD,
0xE366, 0xE37E, 0x17D6, 0xE380, 0xE3C3, 0x17EF, 0xE3C4, 0xE3C4, 0x1EAE,
0xE3C5, 0xE3FC, 0x1834, 0xE440, 0xE47E, 0x186C, 0xE480, 0xE483, 0x18AB,
0xE484, 0xE484, 0x1EAF, 0xE485, 0xE488, 0x18B0, 0xE489, 0xE489, 0x1EB0,
0xE48A, 0xE491, 0x18B5, 0xE492, 0xE492, 0x1EB1, 0xE493, 0xE4B1, 0x18BE,
0xE4B2, 0xE4B2, 0x1EB2, 0xE4B3, 0xE4B8, 0x18DE, 0xE4B9, 0xE4B9, 0x1EB3,
0xE4BA, 0xE4F1, 0x18E5, 0xE4F2, 0xE4F2, 0x1EB4, 0xE4F3, 0xE4FC, 0x191E,
0xE540, 0xE540, 0x1928, 0xE541, 0xE541, 0x08F5, 0xE542, 0xE54C, 0x192A,
0xE54D, 0xE54D, 0x0F05, 0xE54E, 0xE55A, 0x1936, 0xE55B, 0xE55B, 0x1EB5,
0xE55C, 0xE578, 0x1944, 0xE579, 0xE579, 0x05A0, 0xE57A, 0xE57E, 0x1962,
0xE580, 0xE5A1, 0x1967, 0xE5A2, 0xE5A2, 0x0D1E, 0xE5A3, 0xE5A4, 0x198A,
0xE5A5, 0xE5A5, 0x1EB6, 0xE5A6, 0xE5BA, 0x198D, 0xE5BB, 0xE5BB, 0x1EB7,
0xE5BC, 0xE5EC, 0x19A3, 0xE5ED, 0xE5ED, 0x1EB8, 0xE5EE, 0xE5FC, 0x19D5,
0xE640, 0xE650, 0x19E4, 0xE651, 0xE651, 0x1EB9, 0xE652, 0xE67B, 0x19F6,
0xE67C, 0xE67C, 0x060E, 0xE67D, 0xE67E, 0x1A21, 0xE680, 0xE685, 0x1A23,
0xE686, 0xE686, 0x1EBA, 0xE687, 0xE695, 0x1A2A, 0xE696, 0xE696, 0x1EBB,
0xE697, 0xE6CA, 0x1A3A, 0xE6CB, 0xE6CB, 0x0AAA, 0xE6CC, 0xE6E6, 0x1A6F,
0xE6E7, 0xE6E7, 0x1EBC, 0xE6E8, 0xE6F1, 0x1A8B, 0xE6F2, 0xE6F2, 0x1EBD,
0xE6F3, 0xE6FC, 0x1A96, 0xE740, 0xE76C, 0x1AA0, 0xE76D, 0xE76D, 0x1EBE,
0xE76E, 0xE77E, 0x1ACE, 0xE780, 0xE78B, 0x1ADF, 0xE78C, 0xE78C, 0x1EBF,
0xE78D, 0xE78D, 0x1AEC, 0xE78E, 0xE78E, 0x1EC0, 0xE78F, 0xE7A6, 0x1AEE,
0xE7A7, 0xE7A7, 0x1EC1, 0xE7A8, 0xE7BA, 0x1B07, 0xE7BB, 0xE7BB, 0x1EC2,
0xE7BC, 0xE7D4, 0x1B1B, 0xE7D5, 0xE7D5, 0x1EC3, 0xE7D6, 0xE7FC, 0x1B35,
0xE840, 0xE87E, 0x1B5C, 0xE880, 0xE884, 0x1B9B, 0xE885, 0xE885, 0x1EC4,
0xE886, 0xE8B0, 0x1BA1, 0xE8B1, 0xE8B1, 0x1EC5, 0xE8B2, 0xE8C2, 0x1BCD,
0xE8C3, 0xE8C3, 0x1EC6, 0xE8C4, 0xE8CE, 0x1BDF, 0xE8CF, 0xE8CF, 0x1EC7,
0xE8D0, 0xE8D4, 0x1BEB, 0xE8D5, 0xE8D5, 0x1EC8, 0xE8D6, 0xE8F1, 0x1BF1,
0xE8F2, 0xE8F2, 0x0731, 0xE8F3, 0xE8F3, 0x1EC9, 0xE8F4, 0xE8FC, 0x1C0F,
0xE940, 0xE97E, 0x1C18, 0xE980, 0xE9AA, 0x1C57, 0xE9AB, 0xE9AB, 0x1ECA,
0xE9AC, 0xE9B9, 0x1C83, 0xE9BA, 0xE9BA, 0x1ECB, 0xE9BB, 0xE9CA, 0x1C92,
0xE9CB, 0xE9CB, 0x0477, 0xE9CC, 0xE9CC, 0x1ECC, 0xE9CD, 0xE9F1, 0x1CA4,
0xE9F2, 0xE9F2, 0x0529, 0xE9F3, 0xE9FC, 0x1CCA, 0xEA40, 0xEA6F, 0x1CD4,
0xEA70, 0xEA70, 0x1ECD, 0xEA71, 0xEA7E, 0x1D05, 0xEA80, 0xEA9C, 0x1D13,
0xEA9D, 0xEA9D, 0x1ECE, 0xEA9E, 0xEA9E, 0x1D31, 0xED40, 0xED7E, 0x20A7,
0xED80, 0xEDB3, 0x20E6, 0xEDB4, 0xEDB4, 0x07C9, 0xEDB5, 0xEDFC, 0x211A,
0xEE40, 0xEE7E, 0x2162, 0xEE80, 0xEEEC, 0x21A1, 0xEEEF, 0xEEF8, 0x1F9C,
0xEEF9, 0xEEF9, 0x02EF, 0xEEFA, 0xEEFC, 0x1F45,