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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fpdfapi/cmaps/Japan1/cmaps_japan1.h"
const uint16_t g_FXCMAP_V_1[27 * 3] = {
0x2122, 0x2123, 0x1ECF, 0x2131, 0x2132, 0x1ED1, 0x213C, 0x213E, 0x1ED3,
0x2141, 0x2145, 0x1ED6, 0x214A, 0x215B, 0x1EDB, 0x2161, 0x2161, 0x1EED,
0x2421, 0x2421, 0x1EEE, 0x2423, 0x2423, 0x1EEF, 0x2425, 0x2425, 0x1EF0,
0x2427, 0x2427, 0x1EF1, 0x2429, 0x2429, 0x1EF2, 0x2443, 0x2443, 0x1EF3,
0x2463, 0x2463, 0x1EF4, 0x2465, 0x2465, 0x1EF5, 0x2467, 0x2467, 0x1EF6,
0x246E, 0x246E, 0x1EF7, 0x2521, 0x2521, 0x1EF8, 0x2523, 0x2523, 0x1EF9,
0x2525, 0x2525, 0x1EFA, 0x2527, 0x2527, 0x1EFB, 0x2529, 0x2529, 0x1EFC,
0x2543, 0x2543, 0x1EFD, 0x2563, 0x2563, 0x1EFE, 0x2565, 0x2565, 0x1EFF,
0x2567, 0x2567, 0x1F00, 0x256E, 0x256E, 0x1F01, 0x2575, 0x2576, 0x1F02,