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// Copyright 2016 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fpdfapi/page/cpdf_occontext.h"
#include "core/fpdfapi/page/cpdf_page.h"
#include "core/fpdfapi/parser/cpdf_document.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/cfx_timer.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/observed_ptr.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/retain_ptr.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/unowned_ptr.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/cpdfsdk_annot.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/pwl/ipwl_systemhandler.h"
#include "public/fpdf_formfill.h"
class CFFL_InteractiveFormFiller;
class CPDFSDK_ActionHandler;
class CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr;
class CPDFSDK_InteractiveForm;
class CPDFSDK_PageView;
class IJS_Runtime;
// NOTE: |bsUTF16LE| must outlive the use of the result. Care must be taken
// since modifying the result would impact |bsUTF16LE|.
FPDF_WIDESTRING AsFPDFWideString(ByteString* bsUTF16LE);
// The CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment is "owned" by the embedder across the
// C API as a FPDF_FormHandle, and may pop out of existence at any time,
// so long as the associated embedder-owned FPDF_Document outlives it.
// Pointers from objects in the FPDF_Document ownership hierarchy should
// be ObservedPtr<> so as to clear themselves when the embedder "exits"
// the form fill environment. Pointers from objects in this ownership
// heirarcy to objects in the FPDF_Document ownership hierarcy should be
// UnownedPtr<>, as should pointers from objects in this ownership
// hierarcy back to the form fill environment itself, so as to flag any
// lingering lifetime issues via the memory tools.
class CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment final : public CFX_Timer::HandlerIface,
public IPWL_SystemHandler {
CPDF_Document* pDoc,
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr> pHandlerMgr);
~CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment() override;
// TimerHandlerIface:
int32_t SetTimer(int32_t uElapse, TimerCallback lpTimerFunc) override;
void KillTimer(int32_t nTimerID) override;
// IPWL_SystemHandler:
void InvalidateRect(PerWindowData* pWidgetData,
const CFX_FloatRect& rect) override;
void OutputSelectedRect(CFFL_FormField* pFormField,
const CFX_FloatRect& rect) override;
bool IsSelectionImplemented() const override;
void SetCursor(CursorStyle nCursorType) override;
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetOrCreatePageView(IPDF_Page* pUnderlyingPage);
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetPageView(IPDF_Page* pUnderlyingPage);
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetPageViewAtIndex(int nIndex);
void RemovePageView(IPDF_Page* pUnderlyingPage);
void UpdateAllViews(CPDFSDK_PageView* pSender, CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFocusAnnot() const { return m_pFocusAnnot.Get(); }
bool SetFocusAnnot(ObservedPtr<CPDFSDK_Annot>* pAnnot);
bool KillFocusAnnot(uint32_t nFlag);
void ClearAllFocusedAnnots();
int GetPageCount() const;
// See PDF Reference 1.7, table 3.20 for the permission bits. Returns true if
// any bit in |flags| is set.
bool HasPermissions(uint32_t flags) const;
bool GetChangeMark() const { return m_bChangeMask; }
void SetChangeMark() { m_bChangeMask = true; }
void ClearChangeMark() { m_bChangeMask = false; }
void ProcJavascriptAction();
bool ProcOpenAction();
void Invalidate(IPDF_Page* page, const FX_RECT& rect);
void OnChange();
void ExecuteNamedAction(const char* namedAction);
void OnSetFieldInputFocus(FPDF_WIDESTRING focusText,
bool bFocus);
void DoURIAction(const char* bsURI, uint32_t modifiers);
void DoGoToAction(int nPageIndex,
int zoomMode,
float* fPosArray,
int sizeOfArray);
CPDF_Document* GetPDFDocument() const { return m_pCPDFDoc.Get(); }
CPDF_Document::Extension* GetDocExtension() const {
return m_pCPDFDoc->GetExtension();
bool IsJSPlatformPresent() const { return m_pInfo && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform; }
IPDF_JSPLATFORM* GetJSPlatform() const {
return m_pInfo ? m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform : nullptr;
#ifdef PDF_ENABLE_V8
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetCurrentView();
FPDF_PAGE GetCurrentPage() const;
WideString GetLanguage();
WideString GetPlatform();
int JS_appAlert(const WideString& Msg,
const WideString& Title,
int Type,
int Icon);
int JS_appResponse(const WideString& Question,
const WideString& Title,
const WideString& Default,
const WideString& cLabel,
FPDF_BOOL bPassword,
void* response,
int length);
void JS_appBeep(int nType);
WideString JS_fieldBrowse();
void JS_docmailForm(void* mailData,
int length,
const WideString& To,
const WideString& Subject,
const WideString& CC,
const WideString& BCC,
const WideString& Msg);
void JS_docprint(FPDF_BOOL bUI,
int nStart,
int nEnd,
FPDF_BOOL bSilent,
FPDF_BOOL bShrinkToFit,
FPDF_BOOL bPrintAsImage,
FPDF_BOOL bReverse,
FPDF_BOOL bAnnotations);
void JS_docgotoPage(int nPageNum);
WideString JS_docGetFilePath();
int GetPageViewCount() const;
void DisplayCaret(IPDF_Page* page,
FPDF_BOOL bVisible,
double left,
double top,
double right,
double bottom);
int GetCurrentPageIndex() const;
void SetCurrentPage(int iCurPage);
// TODO(dsinclair): This should probably change to PDFium?
WideString FFI_GetAppName() const { return WideString(L"Acrobat"); }
void GotoURL(const WideString& wsURL);
FS_RECTF GetPageViewRect(IPDF_Page* page);
bool PopupMenu(IPDF_Page* page, int menuFlag, const CFX_PointF& pt);
void EmailTo(FPDF_FILEHANDLER* fileHandler,
void UploadTo(FPDF_FILEHANDLER* fileHandler,
int fileFlag,
FPDF_FILEHANDLER* OpenFile(int fileType,
const char* mode);
RetainPtr<IFX_SeekableReadStream> DownloadFromURL(const WideString& url);
WideString PostRequestURL(const WideString& wsURL,
const WideString& wsData,
const WideString& wsContentType,
const WideString& wsEncode,
const WideString& wsHeader);
FPDF_BOOL PutRequestURL(const WideString& wsURL,
const WideString& wsData,
const WideString& wsEncode);
void PageEvent(int iPageCount, uint32_t dwEventType) const;
#endif // PDF_ENABLE_XFA
#endif // PDF_ENABLE_V8
WideString GetFilePath() const;
ByteString GetAppName() const { return ByteString(); }
CFX_Timer::HandlerIface* GetTimerHandler() { return this; }
IPWL_SystemHandler* GetSysHandler() { return this; }
FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* GetFormFillInfo() const { return m_pInfo; }
void SubmitForm(pdfium::span<uint8_t> form_data, const WideString& URL);
CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr* GetAnnotHandlerMgr(); // Always present.
void SetFocusableAnnotSubtypes(
const std::vector<CPDF_Annot::Subtype>& focusableAnnotTypes) {
m_FocusableAnnotTypes = focusableAnnotTypes;
const std::vector<CPDF_Annot::Subtype>& GetFocusableAnnotSubtypes() const {
return m_FocusableAnnotTypes;
// Creates if not present.
CFFL_InteractiveFormFiller* GetInteractiveFormFiller();
IJS_Runtime* GetIJSRuntime(); // Creates if not present.
CPDFSDK_ActionHandler* GetActionHandler(); // Creates if not present.
CPDFSDK_InteractiveForm* GetInteractiveForm(); // Creates if not present.
IPDF_Page* GetPage(int nIndex) const;
void SendOnFocusChange(ObservedPtr<CPDFSDK_Annot>* pAnnot);
UnownedPtr<FPDF_FORMFILLINFO> const m_pInfo;
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_ActionHandler> m_pActionHandler;
std::unique_ptr<IJS_Runtime> m_pIJSRuntime;
std::map<IPDF_Page*, std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_PageView>> m_PageMap;
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_InteractiveForm> m_pInteractiveForm;
ObservedPtr<CPDFSDK_Annot> m_pFocusAnnot;
UnownedPtr<CPDF_Document> const m_pCPDFDoc;
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr> m_pAnnotHandlerMgr;
std::unique_ptr<CFFL_InteractiveFormFiller> m_pInteractiveFormFiller;
bool m_bChangeMask = false;
bool m_bBeingDestroyed = false;
// Holds the list of focusable annot types.
// Annotations of type WIDGET are by default focusable.
std::vector<CPDF_Annot::Subtype> m_FocusableAnnotTypes = {