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// Copyright 2014 The PDFium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
// Original code is licensed as follows:
* Copyright 2006 Jeremias Maerki in part, and ZXing Authors in part
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "fxbarcode/pdf417/BC_PDF417.h"
#include <math.h>
#include "fxbarcode/pdf417/BC_PDF417BarcodeMatrix.h"
#include "fxbarcode/pdf417/BC_PDF417BarcodeRow.h"
#include "fxbarcode/pdf417/BC_PDF417ErrorCorrection.h"
#include "fxbarcode/pdf417/BC_PDF417HighLevelEncoder.h"
namespace {
const uint16_t kCodewordTable[3][929] = {
{0xd5c0, 0xeaf0, 0xf57c, 0xd4e0, 0xea78, 0xf53e, 0xa8c0, 0xd470, 0xa860,
0x5040, 0xa830, 0x5020, 0xadc0, 0xd6f0, 0xeb7c, 0xace0, 0xd678, 0xeb3e,
0x58c0, 0xac70, 0x5860, 0x5dc0, 0xaef0, 0xd77c, 0x5ce0, 0xae78, 0xd73e,
0x5c70, 0xae3c, 0x5ef0, 0xaf7c, 0x5e78, 0xaf3e, 0x5f7c, 0xf5fa, 0xd2e0,
0xe978, 0xf4be, 0xa4c0, 0xd270, 0xe93c, 0xa460, 0xd238, 0x4840, 0xa430,
0xd21c, 0x4820, 0xa418, 0x4810, 0xa6e0, 0xd378, 0xe9be, 0x4cc0, 0xa670,
0xd33c, 0x4c60, 0xa638, 0xd31e, 0x4c30, 0xa61c, 0x4ee0, 0xa778, 0xd3be,
0x4e70, 0xa73c, 0x4e38, 0xa71e, 0x4f78, 0xa7be, 0x4f3c, 0x4f1e, 0xa2c0,
0xd170, 0xe8bc, 0xa260, 0xd138, 0xe89e, 0x4440, 0xa230, 0xd11c, 0x4420,
0xa218, 0x4410, 0x4408, 0x46c0, 0xa370, 0xd1bc, 0x4660, 0xa338, 0xd19e,
0x4630, 0xa31c, 0x4618, 0x460c, 0x4770, 0xa3bc, 0x4738, 0xa39e, 0x471c,
0x47bc, 0xa160, 0xd0b8, 0xe85e, 0x4240, 0xa130, 0xd09c, 0x4220, 0xa118,
0xd08e, 0x4210, 0xa10c, 0x4208, 0xa106, 0x4360, 0xa1b8, 0xd0de, 0x4330,
0xa19c, 0x4318, 0xa18e, 0x430c, 0x4306, 0xa1de, 0x438e, 0x4140, 0xa0b0,
0xd05c, 0x4120, 0xa098, 0xd04e, 0x4110, 0xa08c, 0x4108, 0xa086, 0x4104,
0x41b0, 0x4198, 0x418c, 0x40a0, 0xd02e, 0xa04c, 0xa046, 0x4082, 0xcae0,
0xe578, 0xf2be, 0x94c0, 0xca70, 0xe53c, 0x9460, 0xca38, 0xe51e, 0x2840,
0x9430, 0x2820, 0x96e0, 0xcb78, 0xe5be, 0x2cc0, 0x9670, 0xcb3c, 0x2c60,
0x9638, 0x2c30, 0x2c18, 0x2ee0, 0x9778, 0xcbbe, 0x2e70, 0x973c, 0x2e38,
0x2e1c, 0x2f78, 0x97be, 0x2f3c, 0x2fbe, 0xdac0, 0xed70, 0xf6bc, 0xda60,
0xed38, 0xf69e, 0xb440, 0xda30, 0xed1c, 0xb420, 0xda18, 0xed0e, 0xb410,
0xda0c, 0x92c0, 0xc970, 0xe4bc, 0xb6c0, 0x9260, 0xc938, 0xe49e, 0xb660,
0xdb38, 0xed9e, 0x6c40, 0x2420, 0x9218, 0xc90e, 0x6c20, 0xb618, 0x6c10,
0x26c0, 0x9370, 0xc9bc, 0x6ec0, 0x2660, 0x9338, 0xc99e, 0x6e60, 0xb738,
0xdb9e, 0x6e30, 0x2618, 0x6e18, 0x2770, 0x93bc, 0x6f70, 0x2738, 0x939e,
0x6f38, 0xb79e, 0x6f1c, 0x27bc, 0x6fbc, 0x279e, 0x6f9e, 0xd960, 0xecb8,
0xf65e, 0xb240, 0xd930, 0xec9c, 0xb220, 0xd918, 0xec8e, 0xb210, 0xd90c,
0xb208, 0xb204, 0x9160, 0xc8b8, 0xe45e, 0xb360, 0x9130, 0xc89c, 0x6640,
0x2220, 0xd99c, 0xc88e, 0x6620, 0x2210, 0x910c, 0x6610, 0xb30c, 0x9106,
0x2204, 0x2360, 0x91b8, 0xc8de, 0x6760, 0x2330, 0x919c, 0x6730, 0xb39c,
0x918e, 0x6718, 0x230c, 0x2306, 0x23b8, 0x91de, 0x67b8, 0x239c, 0x679c,
0x238e, 0x678e, 0x67de, 0xb140, 0xd8b0, 0xec5c, 0xb120, 0xd898, 0xec4e,
0xb110, 0xd88c, 0xb108, 0xd886, 0xb104, 0xb102, 0x2140, 0x90b0, 0xc85c,
0x6340, 0x2120, 0x9098, 0xc84e, 0x6320, 0xb198, 0xd8ce, 0x6310, 0x2108,
0x9086, 0x6308, 0xb186, 0x6304, 0x21b0, 0x90dc, 0x63b0, 0x2198, 0x90ce,
0x6398, 0xb1ce, 0x638c, 0x2186, 0x6386, 0x63dc, 0x63ce, 0xb0a0, 0xd858,
0xec2e, 0xb090, 0xd84c, 0xb088, 0xd846, 0xb084, 0xb082, 0x20a0, 0x9058,
0xc82e, 0x61a0, 0x2090, 0x904c, 0x6190, 0xb0cc, 0x9046, 0x6188, 0x2084,
0x6184, 0x2082, 0x20d8, 0x61d8, 0x61cc, 0x61c6, 0xd82c, 0xd826, 0xb042,
0x902c, 0x2048, 0x60c8, 0x60c4, 0x60c2, 0x8ac0, 0xc570, 0xe2bc, 0x8a60,
0xc538, 0x1440, 0x8a30, 0xc51c, 0x1420, 0x8a18, 0x1410, 0x1408, 0x16c0,
0x8b70, 0xc5bc, 0x1660, 0x8b38, 0xc59e, 0x1630, 0x8b1c, 0x1618, 0x160c,
0x1770, 0x8bbc, 0x1738, 0x8b9e, 0x171c, 0x17bc, 0x179e, 0xcd60, 0xe6b8,
0xf35e, 0x9a40, 0xcd30, 0xe69c, 0x9a20, 0xcd18, 0xe68e, 0x9a10, 0xcd0c,
0x9a08, 0xcd06, 0x8960, 0xc4b8, 0xe25e, 0x9b60, 0x8930, 0xc49c, 0x3640,
0x1220, 0xcd9c, 0xc48e, 0x3620, 0x9b18, 0x890c, 0x3610, 0x1208, 0x3608,
0x1360, 0x89b8, 0xc4de, 0x3760, 0x1330, 0xcdde, 0x3730, 0x9b9c, 0x898e,
0x3718, 0x130c, 0x370c, 0x13b8, 0x89de, 0x37b8, 0x139c, 0x379c, 0x138e,
0x13de, 0x37de, 0xdd40, 0xeeb0, 0xf75c, 0xdd20, 0xee98, 0xf74e, 0xdd10,
0xee8c, 0xdd08, 0xee86, 0xdd04, 0x9940, 0xccb0, 0xe65c, 0xbb40, 0x9920,
0xeedc, 0xe64e, 0xbb20, 0xdd98, 0xeece, 0xbb10, 0x9908, 0xcc86, 0xbb08,
0xdd86, 0x9902, 0x1140, 0x88b0, 0xc45c, 0x3340, 0x1120, 0x8898, 0xc44e,
0x7740, 0x3320, 0x9998, 0xccce, 0x7720, 0xbb98, 0xddce, 0x8886, 0x7710,
0x3308, 0x9986, 0x7708, 0x1102, 0x11b0, 0x88dc, 0x33b0, 0x1198, 0x88ce,
0x77b0, 0x3398, 0x99ce, 0x7798, 0xbbce, 0x1186, 0x3386, 0x11dc, 0x33dc,
0x11ce, 0x77dc, 0x33ce, 0xdca0, 0xee58, 0xf72e, 0xdc90, 0xee4c, 0xdc88,
0xee46, 0xdc84, 0xdc82, 0x98a0, 0xcc58, 0xe62e, 0xb9a0, 0x9890, 0xee6e,
0xb990, 0xdccc, 0xcc46, 0xb988, 0x9884, 0xb984, 0x9882, 0xb982, 0x10a0,
0x8858, 0xc42e, 0x31a0, 0x1090, 0x884c, 0x73a0, 0x3190, 0x98cc, 0x8846,
0x7390, 0xb9cc, 0x1084, 0x7388, 0x3184, 0x1082, 0x3182, 0x10d8, 0x886e,
0x31d8, 0x10cc, 0x73d8, 0x31cc, 0x10c6, 0x73cc, 0x31c6, 0x10ee, 0x73ee,
0xdc50, 0xee2c, 0xdc48, 0xee26, 0xdc44, 0xdc42, 0x9850, 0xcc2c, 0xb8d0,
0x9848, 0xcc26, 0xb8c8, 0xdc66, 0xb8c4, 0x9842, 0xb8c2, 0x1050, 0x882c,
0x30d0, 0x1048, 0x8826, 0x71d0, 0x30c8, 0x9866, 0x71c8, 0xb8e6, 0x1042,
0x71c4, 0x30c2, 0x71c2, 0x30ec, 0x71ec, 0x71e6, 0xee16, 0xdc22, 0xcc16,
0x9824, 0x9822, 0x1028, 0x3068, 0x70e8, 0x1022, 0x3062, 0x8560, 0x0a40,
0x8530, 0x0a20, 0x8518, 0xc28e, 0x0a10, 0x850c, 0x0a08, 0x8506, 0x0b60,
0x85b8, 0xc2de, 0x0b30, 0x859c, 0x0b18, 0x858e, 0x0b0c, 0x0b06, 0x0bb8,
0x85de, 0x0b9c, 0x0b8e, 0x0bde, 0x8d40, 0xc6b0, 0xe35c, 0x8d20, 0xc698,
0x8d10, 0xc68c, 0x8d08, 0xc686, 0x8d04, 0x0940, 0x84b0, 0xc25c, 0x1b40,
0x0920, 0xc6dc, 0xc24e, 0x1b20, 0x8d98, 0xc6ce, 0x1b10, 0x0908, 0x8486,
0x1b08, 0x8d86, 0x0902, 0x09b0, 0x84dc, 0x1bb0, 0x0998, 0x84ce, 0x1b98,
0x8dce, 0x1b8c, 0x0986, 0x09dc, 0x1bdc, 0x09ce, 0x1bce, 0xcea0, 0xe758,
0xf3ae, 0xce90, 0xe74c, 0xce88, 0xe746, 0xce84, 0xce82, 0x8ca0, 0xc658,
0x9da0, 0x8c90, 0xc64c, 0x9d90, 0xcecc, 0xc646, 0x9d88, 0x8c84, 0x9d84,
0x8c82, 0x9d82, 0x08a0, 0x8458, 0x19a0, 0x0890, 0xc66e, 0x3ba0, 0x1990,
0x8ccc, 0x8446, 0x3b90, 0x9dcc, 0x0884, 0x3b88, 0x1984, 0x0882, 0x1982,
0x08d8, 0x846e, 0x19d8, 0x08cc, 0x3bd8, 0x19cc, 0x08c6, 0x3bcc, 0x19c6,
0x08ee, 0x19ee, 0x3bee, 0xef50, 0xf7ac, 0xef48, 0xf7a6, 0xef44, 0xef42,
0xce50, 0xe72c, 0xded0, 0xef6c, 0xe726, 0xdec8, 0xef66, 0xdec4, 0xce42,
0xdec2, 0x8c50, 0xc62c, 0x9cd0, 0x8c48, 0xc626, 0xbdd0, 0x9cc8, 0xce66,
0xbdc8, 0xdee6, 0x8c42, 0xbdc4, 0x9cc2, 0xbdc2, 0x0850, 0x842c, 0x18d0,
0x0848, 0x8426, 0x39d0, 0x18c8, 0x8c66, 0x7bd0, 0x39c8, 0x9ce6, 0x0842,
0x7bc8, 0xbde6, 0x18c2, 0x7bc4, 0x086c, 0x18ec, 0x0866, 0x39ec, 0x18e6,
0x7bec, 0x39e6, 0x7be6, 0xef28, 0xf796, 0xef24, 0xef22, 0xce28, 0xe716,
0xde68, 0xef36, 0xde64, 0xce22, 0xde62, 0x8c28, 0xc616, 0x9c68, 0x8c24,
0xbce8, 0x9c64, 0x8c22, 0xbce4, 0x9c62, 0xbce2, 0x0828, 0x8416, 0x1868,
0x8c36, 0x38e8, 0x1864, 0x0822, 0x79e8, 0x38e4, 0x1862, 0x79e4, 0x38e2,
0x79e2, 0x1876, 0x79f6, 0xef12, 0xde34, 0xde32, 0x9c34, 0xbc74, 0xbc72,
0x1834, 0x3874, 0x78f4, 0x78f2, 0x0540, 0x0520, 0x8298, 0x0510, 0x0508,
0x0504, 0x05b0, 0x0598, 0x058c, 0x0586, 0x05dc, 0x05ce, 0x86a0, 0x8690,
0xc34c, 0x8688, 0xc346, 0x8684, 0x8682, 0x04a0, 0x8258, 0x0da0, 0x86d8,
0x824c, 0x0d90, 0x86cc, 0x0d88, 0x86c6, 0x0d84, 0x0482, 0x0d82, 0x04d8,
0x826e, 0x0dd8, 0x86ee, 0x0dcc, 0x04c6, 0x0dc6, 0x04ee, 0x0dee, 0xc750,
0xc748, 0xc744, 0xc742, 0x8650, 0x8ed0, 0xc76c, 0xc326, 0x8ec8, 0xc766,
0x8ec4, 0x8642, 0x8ec2, 0x0450, 0x0cd0, 0x0448, 0x8226, 0x1dd0, 0x0cc8,
0x0444, 0x1dc8, 0x0cc4, 0x0442, 0x1dc4, 0x0cc2, 0x046c, 0x0cec, 0x0466,
0x1dec, 0x0ce6, 0x1de6, 0xe7a8, 0xe7a4, 0xe7a2, 0xc728, 0xcf68, 0xe7b6,
0xcf64, 0xc722, 0xcf62, 0x8628, 0xc316, 0x8e68, 0xc736, 0x9ee8, 0x8e64,
0x8622, 0x9ee4, 0x8e62, 0x9ee2, 0x0428, 0x8216, 0x0c68, 0x8636, 0x1ce8,
0x0c64, 0x0422, 0x3de8, 0x1ce4, 0x0c62, 0x3de4, 0x1ce2, 0x0436, 0x0c76,
0x1cf6, 0x3df6, 0xf7d4, 0xf7d2, 0xe794, 0xefb4, 0xe792, 0xefb2, 0xc714,
0xcf34, 0xc712, 0xdf74, 0xcf32, 0xdf72, 0x8614, 0x8e34, 0x8612, 0x9e74,
0x8e32, 0xbef4},
{0xf560, 0xfab8, 0xea40, 0xf530, 0xfa9c, 0xea20, 0xf518, 0xfa8e, 0xea10,
0xf50c, 0xea08, 0xf506, 0xea04, 0xeb60, 0xf5b8, 0xfade, 0xd640, 0xeb30,
0xf59c, 0xd620, 0xeb18, 0xf58e, 0xd610, 0xeb0c, 0xd608, 0xeb06, 0xd604,
0xd760, 0xebb8, 0xf5de, 0xae40, 0xd730, 0xeb9c, 0xae20, 0xd718, 0xeb8e,
0xae10, 0xd70c, 0xae08, 0xd706, 0xae04, 0xaf60, 0xd7b8, 0xebde, 0x5e40,
0xaf30, 0xd79c, 0x5e20, 0xaf18, 0xd78e, 0x5e10, 0xaf0c, 0x5e08, 0xaf06,
0x5f60, 0xafb8, 0xd7de, 0x5f30, 0xaf9c, 0x5f18, 0xaf8e, 0x5f0c, 0x5fb8,
0xafde, 0x5f9c, 0x5f8e, 0xe940, 0xf4b0, 0xfa5c, 0xe920, 0xf498, 0xfa4e,
0xe910, 0xf48c, 0xe908, 0xf486, 0xe904, 0xe902, 0xd340, 0xe9b0, 0xf4dc,
0xd320, 0xe998, 0xf4ce, 0xd310, 0xe98c, 0xd308, 0xe986, 0xd304, 0xd302,
0xa740, 0xd3b0, 0xe9dc, 0xa720, 0xd398, 0xe9ce, 0xa710, 0xd38c, 0xa708,
0xd386, 0xa704, 0xa702, 0x4f40, 0xa7b0, 0xd3dc, 0x4f20, 0xa798, 0xd3ce,
0x4f10, 0xa78c, 0x4f08, 0xa786, 0x4f04, 0x4fb0, 0xa7dc, 0x4f98, 0xa7ce,
0x4f8c, 0x4f86, 0x4fdc, 0x4fce, 0xe8a0, 0xf458, 0xfa2e, 0xe890, 0xf44c,
0xe888, 0xf446, 0xe884, 0xe882, 0xd1a0, 0xe8d8, 0xf46e, 0xd190, 0xe8cc,
0xd188, 0xe8c6, 0xd184, 0xd182, 0xa3a0, 0xd1d8, 0xe8ee, 0xa390, 0xd1cc,
0xa388, 0xd1c6, 0xa384, 0xa382, 0x47a0, 0xa3d8, 0xd1ee, 0x4790, 0xa3cc,
0x4788, 0xa3c6, 0x4784, 0x4782, 0x47d8, 0xa3ee, 0x47cc, 0x47c6, 0x47ee,
0xe850, 0xf42c, 0xe848, 0xf426, 0xe844, 0xe842, 0xd0d0, 0xe86c, 0xd0c8,
0xe866, 0xd0c4, 0xd0c2, 0xa1d0, 0xd0ec, 0xa1c8, 0xd0e6, 0xa1c4, 0xa1c2,
0x43d0, 0xa1ec, 0x43c8, 0xa1e6, 0x43c4, 0x43c2, 0x43ec, 0x43e6, 0xe828,
0xf416, 0xe824, 0xe822, 0xd068, 0xe836, 0xd064, 0xd062, 0xa0e8, 0xd076,
0xa0e4, 0xa0e2, 0x41e8, 0xa0f6, 0x41e4, 0x41e2, 0xe814, 0xe812, 0xd034,
0xd032, 0xa074, 0xa072, 0xe540, 0xf2b0, 0xf95c, 0xe520, 0xf298, 0xf94e,
0xe510, 0xf28c, 0xe508, 0xf286, 0xe504, 0xe502, 0xcb40, 0xe5b0, 0xf2dc,
0xcb20, 0xe598, 0xf2ce, 0xcb10, 0xe58c, 0xcb08, 0xe586, 0xcb04, 0xcb02,
0x9740, 0xcbb0, 0xe5dc, 0x9720, 0xcb98, 0xe5ce, 0x9710, 0xcb8c, 0x9708,
0xcb86, 0x9704, 0x9702, 0x2f40, 0x97b0, 0xcbdc, 0x2f20, 0x9798, 0xcbce,
0x2f10, 0x978c, 0x2f08, 0x9786, 0x2f04, 0x2fb0, 0x97dc, 0x2f98, 0x97ce,
0x2f8c, 0x2f86, 0x2fdc, 0x2fce, 0xf6a0, 0xfb58, 0x6bf0, 0xf690, 0xfb4c,
0x69f8, 0xf688, 0xfb46, 0x68fc, 0xf684, 0xf682, 0xe4a0, 0xf258, 0xf92e,
0xeda0, 0xe490, 0xfb6e, 0xed90, 0xf6cc, 0xf246, 0xed88, 0xe484, 0xed84,
0xe482, 0xed82, 0xc9a0, 0xe4d8, 0xf26e, 0xdba0, 0xc990, 0xe4cc, 0xdb90,
0xedcc, 0xe4c6, 0xdb88, 0xc984, 0xdb84, 0xc982, 0xdb82, 0x93a0, 0xc9d8,
0xe4ee, 0xb7a0, 0x9390, 0xc9cc, 0xb790, 0xdbcc, 0xc9c6, 0xb788, 0x9384,
0xb784, 0x9382, 0xb782, 0x27a0, 0x93d8, 0xc9ee, 0x6fa0, 0x2790, 0x93cc,
0x6f90, 0xb7cc, 0x93c6, 0x6f88, 0x2784, 0x6f84, 0x2782, 0x27d8, 0x93ee,
0x6fd8, 0x27cc, 0x6fcc, 0x27c6, 0x6fc6, 0x27ee, 0xf650, 0xfb2c, 0x65f8,
0xf648, 0xfb26, 0x64fc, 0xf644, 0x647e, 0xf642, 0xe450, 0xf22c, 0xecd0,
0xe448, 0xf226, 0xecc8, 0xf666, 0xecc4, 0xe442, 0xecc2, 0xc8d0, 0xe46c,
0xd9d0, 0xc8c8, 0xe466, 0xd9c8, 0xece6, 0xd9c4, 0xc8c2, 0xd9c2, 0x91d0,
0xc8ec, 0xb3d0, 0x91c8, 0xc8e6, 0xb3c8, 0xd9e6, 0xb3c4, 0x91c2, 0xb3c2,
0x23d0, 0x91ec, 0x67d0, 0x23c8, 0x91e6, 0x67c8, 0xb3e6, 0x67c4, 0x23c2,
0x67c2, 0x23ec, 0x67ec, 0x23e6, 0x67e6, 0xf628, 0xfb16, 0x62fc, 0xf624,
0x627e, 0xf622, 0xe428, 0xf216, 0xec68, 0xf636, 0xec64, 0xe422, 0xec62,
0xc868, 0xe436, 0xd8e8, 0xc864, 0xd8e4, 0xc862, 0xd8e2, 0x90e8, 0xc876,
0xb1e8, 0xd8f6, 0xb1e4, 0x90e2, 0xb1e2, 0x21e8, 0x90f6, 0x63e8, 0x21e4,
0x63e4, 0x21e2, 0x63e2, 0x21f6, 0x63f6, 0xf614, 0x617e, 0xf612, 0xe414,
0xec34, 0xe412, 0xec32, 0xc834, 0xd874, 0xc832, 0xd872, 0x9074, 0xb0f4,
0x9072, 0xb0f2, 0x20f4, 0x61f4, 0x20f2, 0x61f2, 0xf60a, 0xe40a, 0xec1a,
0xc81a, 0xd83a, 0x903a, 0xb07a, 0xe2a0, 0xf158, 0xf8ae, 0xe290, 0xf14c,
0xe288, 0xf146, 0xe284, 0xe282, 0xc5a0, 0xe2d8, 0xf16e, 0xc590, 0xe2cc,
0xc588, 0xe2c6, 0xc584, 0xc582, 0x8ba0, 0xc5d8, 0xe2ee, 0x8b90, 0xc5cc,
0x8b88, 0xc5c6, 0x8b84, 0x8b82, 0x17a0, 0x8bd8, 0xc5ee, 0x1790, 0x8bcc,
0x1788, 0x8bc6, 0x1784, 0x1782, 0x17d8, 0x8bee, 0x17cc, 0x17c6, 0x17ee,
0xf350, 0xf9ac, 0x35f8, 0xf348, 0xf9a6, 0x34fc, 0xf344, 0x347e, 0xf342,
0xe250, 0xf12c, 0xe6d0, 0xe248, 0xf126, 0xe6c8, 0xf366, 0xe6c4, 0xe242,
0xe6c2, 0xc4d0, 0xe26c, 0xcdd0, 0xc4c8, 0xe266, 0xcdc8, 0xe6e6, 0xcdc4,
0xc4c2, 0xcdc2, 0x89d0, 0xc4ec, 0x9bd0, 0x89c8, 0xc4e6, 0x9bc8, 0xcde6,
0x9bc4, 0x89c2, 0x9bc2, 0x13d0, 0x89ec, 0x37d0, 0x13c8, 0x89e6, 0x37c8,
0x9be6, 0x37c4, 0x13c2, 0x37c2, 0x13ec, 0x37ec, 0x13e6, 0x37e6, 0xfba8,
0x75f0, 0xbafc, 0xfba4, 0x74f8, 0xba7e, 0xfba2, 0x747c, 0x743e, 0xf328,
0xf996, 0x32fc, 0xf768, 0xfbb6, 0x76fc, 0x327e, 0xf764, 0xf322, 0x767e,
0xf762, 0xe228, 0xf116, 0xe668, 0xe224, 0xeee8, 0xf776, 0xe222, 0xeee4,
0xe662, 0xeee2, 0xc468, 0xe236, 0xcce8, 0xc464, 0xdde8, 0xcce4, 0xc462,
0xdde4, 0xcce2, 0xdde2, 0x88e8, 0xc476, 0x99e8, 0x88e4, 0xbbe8, 0x99e4,
0x88e2, 0xbbe4, 0x99e2, 0xbbe2, 0x11e8, 0x88f6, 0x33e8, 0x11e4, 0x77e8,
0x33e4, 0x11e2, 0x77e4, 0x33e2, 0x77e2, 0x11f6, 0x33f6, 0xfb94, 0x72f8,
0xb97e, 0xfb92, 0x727c, 0x723e, 0xf314, 0x317e, 0xf734, 0xf312, 0x737e,
0xf732, 0xe214, 0xe634, 0xe212, 0xee74, 0xe632, 0xee72, 0xc434, 0xcc74,
0xc432, 0xdcf4, 0xcc72, 0xdcf2, 0x8874, 0x98f4, 0x8872, 0xb9f4, 0x98f2,
0xb9f2, 0x10f4, 0x31f4, 0x10f2, 0x73f4, 0x31f2, 0x73f2, 0xfb8a, 0x717c,
0x713e, 0xf30a, 0xf71a, 0xe20a, 0xe61a, 0xee3a, 0xc41a, 0xcc3a, 0xdc7a,
0x883a, 0x987a, 0xb8fa, 0x107a, 0x30fa, 0x71fa, 0x70be, 0xe150, 0xf0ac,
0xe148, 0xf0a6, 0xe144, 0xe142, 0xc2d0, 0xe16c, 0xc2c8, 0xe166, 0xc2c4,
0xc2c2, 0x85d0, 0xc2ec, 0x85c8, 0xc2e6, 0x85c4, 0x85c2, 0x0bd0, 0x85ec,
0x0bc8, 0x85e6, 0x0bc4, 0x0bc2, 0x0bec, 0x0be6, 0xf1a8, 0xf8d6, 0x1afc,
0xf1a4, 0x1a7e, 0xf1a2, 0xe128, 0xf096, 0xe368, 0xe124, 0xe364, 0xe122,
0xe362, 0xc268, 0xe136, 0xc6e8, 0xc264, 0xc6e4, 0xc262, 0xc6e2, 0x84e8,
0xc276, 0x8de8, 0x84e4, 0x8de4, 0x84e2, 0x8de2, 0x09e8, 0x84f6, 0x1be8,
0x09e4, 0x1be4, 0x09e2, 0x1be2, 0x09f6, 0x1bf6, 0xf9d4, 0x3af8, 0x9d7e,
0xf9d2, 0x3a7c, 0x3a3e, 0xf194, 0x197e, 0xf3b4, 0xf192, 0x3b7e, 0xf3b2,
0xe114, 0xe334, 0xe112, 0xe774, 0xe332, 0xe772, 0xc234, 0xc674, 0xc232,
0xcef4, 0xc672, 0xcef2, 0x8474, 0x8cf4, 0x8472, 0x9df4, 0x8cf2, 0x9df2,
0x08f4, 0x19f4, 0x08f2, 0x3bf4, 0x19f2, 0x3bf2, 0x7af0, 0xbd7c, 0x7a78,
0xbd3e, 0x7a3c, 0x7a1e, 0xf9ca, 0x397c, 0xfbda, 0x7b7c, 0x393e, 0x7b3e,
0xf18a, 0xf39a, 0xf7ba, 0xe10a, 0xe31a, 0xe73a, 0xef7a, 0xc21a, 0xc63a,
0xce7a, 0xdefa, 0x843a, 0x8c7a, 0x9cfa, 0xbdfa, 0x087a, 0x18fa, 0x39fa,
0x7978, 0xbcbe, 0x793c, 0x791e, 0x38be, 0x79be, 0x78bc, 0x789e, 0x785e,
0xe0a8, 0xe0a4, 0xe0a2, 0xc168, 0xe0b6, 0xc164, 0xc162, 0x82e8, 0xc176,
0x82e4, 0x82e2, 0x05e8, 0x82f6, 0x05e4, 0x05e2, 0x05f6, 0xf0d4, 0x0d7e,
0xf0d2, 0xe094, 0xe1b4, 0xe092, 0xe1b2, 0xc134, 0xc374, 0xc132, 0xc372,
0x8274, 0x86f4, 0x8272, 0x86f2, 0x04f4, 0x0df4, 0x04f2, 0x0df2, 0xf8ea,
0x1d7c, 0x1d3e, 0xf0ca, 0xf1da, 0xe08a, 0xe19a, 0xe3ba, 0xc11a, 0xc33a,
0xc77a, 0x823a, 0x867a, 0x8efa, 0x047a, 0x0cfa, 0x1dfa, 0x3d78, 0x9ebe,
0x3d3c, 0x3d1e, 0x1cbe, 0x3dbe, 0x7d70, 0xbebc, 0x7d38, 0xbe9e, 0x7d1c,
0x7d0e, 0x3cbc, 0x7dbc, 0x3c9e, 0x7d9e, 0x7cb8, 0xbe5e, 0x7c9c, 0x7c8e,
0x3c5e, 0x7cde, 0x7c5c, 0x7c4e, 0x7c2e, 0xc0b4, 0xc0b2, 0x8174, 0x8172,
0x02f4, 0x02f2, 0xe0da, 0xc09a, 0xc1ba, 0x813a, 0x837a, 0x027a, 0x06fa,
0x0ebe, 0x1ebc, 0x1e9e, 0x3eb8, 0x9f5e, 0x3e9c, 0x3e8e, 0x1e5e, 0x3ede,
0x7eb0, 0xbf5c, 0x7e98, 0xbf4e, 0x7e8c, 0x7e86, 0x3e5c, 0x7edc, 0x3e4e,
0x7ece, 0x7e58, 0xbf2e, 0x7e4c, 0x7e46, 0x3e2e, 0x7e6e, 0x7e2c, 0x7e26,
0x0f5e, 0x1f5c, 0x1f4e, 0x3f58, 0x9fae, 0x3f4c, 0x3f46, 0x1f2e, 0x3f6e,
0x3f2c, 0x3f26},
{0xabe0, 0xd5f8, 0x53c0, 0xa9f0, 0xd4fc, 0x51e0, 0xa8f8, 0xd47e, 0x50f0,
0xa87c, 0x5078, 0xfad0, 0x5be0, 0xadf8, 0xfac8, 0x59f0, 0xacfc, 0xfac4,
0x58f8, 0xac7e, 0xfac2, 0x587c, 0xf5d0, 0xfaec, 0x5df8, 0xf5c8, 0xfae6,
0x5cfc, 0xf5c4, 0x5c7e, 0xf5c2, 0xebd0, 0xf5ec, 0xebc8, 0xf5e6, 0xebc4,
0xebc2, 0xd7d0, 0xebec, 0xd7c8, 0xebe6, 0xd7c4, 0xd7c2, 0xafd0, 0xd7ec,
0xafc8, 0xd7e6, 0xafc4, 0x4bc0, 0xa5f0, 0xd2fc, 0x49e0, 0xa4f8, 0xd27e,
0x48f0, 0xa47c, 0x4878, 0xa43e, 0x483c, 0xfa68, 0x4df0, 0xa6fc, 0xfa64,
0x4cf8, 0xa67e, 0xfa62, 0x4c7c, 0x4c3e, 0xf4e8, 0xfa76, 0x4efc, 0xf4e4,
0x4e7e, 0xf4e2, 0xe9e8, 0xf4f6, 0xe9e4, 0xe9e2, 0xd3e8, 0xe9f6, 0xd3e4,
0xd3e2, 0xa7e8, 0xd3f6, 0xa7e4, 0xa7e2, 0x45e0, 0xa2f8, 0xd17e, 0x44f0,
0xa27c, 0x4478, 0xa23e, 0x443c, 0x441e, 0xfa34, 0x46f8, 0xa37e, 0xfa32,
0x467c, 0x463e, 0xf474, 0x477e, 0xf472, 0xe8f4, 0xe8f2, 0xd1f4, 0xd1f2,
0xa3f4, 0xa3f2, 0x42f0, 0xa17c, 0x4278, 0xa13e, 0x423c, 0x421e, 0xfa1a,
0x437c, 0x433e, 0xf43a, 0xe87a, 0xd0fa, 0x4178, 0xa0be, 0x413c, 0x411e,
0x41be, 0x40bc, 0x409e, 0x2bc0, 0x95f0, 0xcafc, 0x29e0, 0x94f8, 0xca7e,
0x28f0, 0x947c, 0x2878, 0x943e, 0x283c, 0xf968, 0x2df0, 0x96fc, 0xf964,
0x2cf8, 0x967e, 0xf962, 0x2c7c, 0x2c3e, 0xf2e8, 0xf976, 0x2efc, 0xf2e4,
0x2e7e, 0xf2e2, 0xe5e8, 0xf2f6, 0xe5e4, 0xe5e2, 0xcbe8, 0xe5f6, 0xcbe4,
0xcbe2, 0x97e8, 0xcbf6, 0x97e4, 0x97e2, 0xb5e0, 0xdaf8, 0xed7e, 0x69c0,
0xb4f0, 0xda7c, 0x68e0, 0xb478, 0xda3e, 0x6870, 0xb43c, 0x6838, 0xb41e,
0x681c, 0x25e0, 0x92f8, 0xc97e, 0x6de0, 0x24f0, 0x927c, 0x6cf0, 0xb67c,
0x923e, 0x6c78, 0x243c, 0x6c3c, 0x241e, 0x6c1e, 0xf934, 0x26f8, 0x937e,
0xfb74, 0xf932, 0x6ef8, 0x267c, 0xfb72, 0x6e7c, 0x263e, 0x6e3e, 0xf274,
0x277e, 0xf6f4, 0xf272, 0x6f7e, 0xf6f2, 0xe4f4, 0xedf4, 0xe4f2, 0xedf2,
0xc9f4, 0xdbf4, 0xc9f2, 0xdbf2, 0x93f4, 0x93f2, 0x65c0, 0xb2f0, 0xd97c,
0x64e0, 0xb278, 0xd93e, 0x6470, 0xb23c, 0x6438, 0xb21e, 0x641c, 0x640e,
0x22f0, 0x917c, 0x66f0, 0x2278, 0x913e, 0x6678, 0xb33e, 0x663c, 0x221e,
0x661e, 0xf91a, 0x237c, 0xfb3a, 0x677c, 0x233e, 0x673e, 0xf23a, 0xf67a,
0xe47a, 0xecfa, 0xc8fa, 0xd9fa, 0x91fa, 0x62e0, 0xb178, 0xd8be, 0x6270,
0xb13c, 0x6238, 0xb11e, 0x621c, 0x620e, 0x2178, 0x90be, 0x6378, 0x213c,
0x633c, 0x211e, 0x631e, 0x21be, 0x63be, 0x6170, 0xb0bc, 0x6138, 0xb09e,
0x611c, 0x610e, 0x20bc, 0x61bc, 0x209e, 0x619e, 0x60b8, 0xb05e, 0x609c,
0x608e, 0x205e, 0x60de, 0x605c, 0x604e, 0x15e0, 0x8af8, 0xc57e, 0x14f0,
0x8a7c, 0x1478, 0x8a3e, 0x143c, 0x141e, 0xf8b4, 0x16f8, 0x8b7e, 0xf8b2,
0x167c, 0x163e, 0xf174, 0x177e, 0xf172, 0xe2f4, 0xe2f2, 0xc5f4, 0xc5f2,
0x8bf4, 0x8bf2, 0x35c0, 0x9af0, 0xcd7c, 0x34e0, 0x9a78, 0xcd3e, 0x3470,
0x9a3c, 0x3438, 0x9a1e, 0x341c, 0x340e, 0x12f0, 0x897c, 0x36f0, 0x1278,
0x893e, 0x3678, 0x9b3e, 0x363c, 0x121e, 0x361e, 0xf89a, 0x137c, 0xf9ba,
0x377c, 0x133e, 0x373e, 0xf13a, 0xf37a, 0xe27a, 0xe6fa, 0xc4fa, 0xcdfa,
0x89fa, 0xbae0, 0xdd78, 0xeebe, 0x74c0, 0xba70, 0xdd3c, 0x7460, 0xba38,
0xdd1e, 0x7430, 0xba1c, 0x7418, 0xba0e, 0x740c, 0x32e0, 0x9978, 0xccbe,
0x76e0, 0x3270, 0x993c, 0x7670, 0xbb3c, 0x991e, 0x7638, 0x321c, 0x761c,
0x320e, 0x760e, 0x1178, 0x88be, 0x3378, 0x113c, 0x7778, 0x333c, 0x111e,
0x773c, 0x331e, 0x771e, 0x11be, 0x33be, 0x77be, 0x72c0, 0xb970, 0xdcbc,
0x7260, 0xb938, 0xdc9e, 0x7230, 0xb91c, 0x7218, 0xb90e, 0x720c, 0x7206,
0x3170, 0x98bc, 0x7370, 0x3138, 0x989e, 0x7338, 0xb99e, 0x731c, 0x310e,
0x730e, 0x10bc, 0x31bc, 0x109e, 0x73bc, 0x319e, 0x739e, 0x7160, 0xb8b8,
0xdc5e, 0x7130, 0xb89c, 0x7118, 0xb88e, 0x710c, 0x7106, 0x30b8, 0x985e,
0x71b8, 0x309c, 0x719c, 0x308e, 0x718e, 0x105e, 0x30de, 0x71de, 0x70b0,
0xb85c, 0x7098, 0xb84e, 0x708c, 0x7086, 0x305c, 0x70dc, 0x304e, 0x70ce,
0x7058, 0xb82e, 0x704c, 0x7046, 0x302e, 0x706e, 0x702c, 0x7026, 0x0af0,
0x857c, 0x0a78, 0x853e, 0x0a3c, 0x0a1e, 0x0b7c, 0x0b3e, 0xf0ba, 0xe17a,
0xc2fa, 0x85fa, 0x1ae0, 0x8d78, 0xc6be, 0x1a70, 0x8d3c, 0x1a38, 0x8d1e,
0x1a1c, 0x1a0e, 0x0978, 0x84be, 0x1b78, 0x093c, 0x1b3c, 0x091e, 0x1b1e,
0x09be, 0x1bbe, 0x3ac0, 0x9d70, 0xcebc, 0x3a60, 0x9d38, 0xce9e, 0x3a30,
0x9d1c, 0x3a18, 0x9d0e, 0x3a0c, 0x3a06, 0x1970, 0x8cbc, 0x3b70, 0x1938,
0x8c9e, 0x3b38, 0x191c, 0x3b1c, 0x190e, 0x3b0e, 0x08bc, 0x19bc, 0x089e,
0x3bbc, 0x199e, 0x3b9e, 0xbd60, 0xdeb8, 0xef5e, 0x7a40, 0xbd30, 0xde9c,
0x7a20, 0xbd18, 0xde8e, 0x7a10, 0xbd0c, 0x7a08, 0xbd06, 0x7a04, 0x3960,
0x9cb8, 0xce5e, 0x7b60, 0x3930, 0x9c9c, 0x7b30, 0xbd9c, 0x9c8e, 0x7b18,
0x390c, 0x7b0c, 0x3906, 0x7b06, 0x18b8, 0x8c5e, 0x39b8, 0x189c, 0x7bb8,
0x399c, 0x188e, 0x7b9c, 0x398e, 0x7b8e, 0x085e, 0x18de, 0x39de, 0x7bde,
0x7940, 0xbcb0, 0xde5c, 0x7920, 0xbc98, 0xde4e, 0x7910, 0xbc8c, 0x7908,
0xbc86, 0x7904, 0x7902, 0x38b0, 0x9c5c, 0x79b0, 0x3898, 0x9c4e, 0x7998,
0xbcce, 0x798c, 0x3886, 0x7986, 0x185c, 0x38dc, 0x184e, 0x79dc, 0x38ce,
0x79ce, 0x78a0, 0xbc58, 0xde2e, 0x7890, 0xbc4c, 0x7888, 0xbc46, 0x7884,
0x7882, 0x3858, 0x9c2e, 0x78d8, 0x384c, 0x78cc, 0x3846, 0x78c6, 0x182e,
0x386e, 0x78ee, 0x7850, 0xbc2c, 0x7848, 0xbc26, 0x7844, 0x7842, 0x382c,
0x786c, 0x3826, 0x7866, 0x7828, 0xbc16, 0x7824, 0x7822, 0x3816, 0x7836,
0x0578, 0x82be, 0x053c, 0x051e, 0x05be, 0x0d70, 0x86bc, 0x0d38, 0x869e,
0x0d1c, 0x0d0e, 0x04bc, 0x0dbc, 0x049e, 0x0d9e, 0x1d60, 0x8eb8, 0xc75e,
0x1d30, 0x8e9c, 0x1d18, 0x8e8e, 0x1d0c, 0x1d06, 0x0cb8, 0x865e, 0x1db8,
0x0c9c, 0x1d9c, 0x0c8e, 0x1d8e, 0x045e, 0x0cde, 0x1dde, 0x3d40, 0x9eb0,
0xcf5c, 0x3d20, 0x9e98, 0xcf4e, 0x3d10, 0x9e8c, 0x3d08, 0x9e86, 0x3d04,
0x3d02, 0x1cb0, 0x8e5c, 0x3db0, 0x1c98, 0x8e4e, 0x3d98, 0x9ece, 0x3d8c,
0x1c86, 0x3d86, 0x0c5c, 0x1cdc, 0x0c4e, 0x3ddc, 0x1cce, 0x3dce, 0xbea0,
0xdf58, 0xefae, 0xbe90, 0xdf4c, 0xbe88, 0xdf46, 0xbe84, 0xbe82, 0x3ca0,
0x9e58, 0xcf2e, 0x7da0, 0x3c90, 0x9e4c, 0x7d90, 0xbecc, 0x9e46, 0x7d88,
0x3c84, 0x7d84, 0x3c82, 0x7d82, 0x1c58, 0x8e2e, 0x3cd8, 0x1c4c, 0x7dd8,
0x3ccc, 0x1c46, 0x7dcc, 0x3cc6, 0x7dc6, 0x0c2e, 0x1c6e, 0x3cee, 0x7dee,
0xbe50, 0xdf2c, 0xbe48, 0xdf26, 0xbe44, 0xbe42, 0x3c50, 0x9e2c, 0x7cd0,
0x3c48, 0x9e26, 0x7cc8, 0xbe66, 0x7cc4, 0x3c42, 0x7cc2, 0x1c2c, 0x3c6c,
0x1c26, 0x7cec, 0x3c66, 0x7ce6, 0xbe28, 0xdf16, 0xbe24, 0xbe22, 0x3c28,
0x9e16, 0x7c68, 0x3c24, 0x7c64, 0x3c22, 0x7c62, 0x1c16, 0x3c36, 0x7c76,
0xbe14, 0xbe12, 0x3c14, 0x7c34, 0x3c12, 0x7c32, 0x02bc, 0x029e, 0x06b8,
0x835e, 0x069c, 0x068e, 0x025e, 0x06de, 0x0eb0, 0x875c, 0x0e98, 0x874e,
0x0e8c, 0x0e86, 0x065c, 0x0edc, 0x064e, 0x0ece, 0x1ea0, 0x8f58, 0xc7ae,
0x1e90, 0x8f4c, 0x1e88, 0x8f46, 0x1e84, 0x1e82, 0x0e58, 0x872e, 0x1ed8,
0x8f6e, 0x1ecc, 0x0e46, 0x1ec6, 0x062e, 0x0e6e, 0x1eee, 0x9f50, 0xcfac,
0x9f48, 0xcfa6, 0x9f44, 0x9f42, 0x1e50, 0x8f2c, 0x3ed0, 0x9f6c, 0x8f26,
0x3ec8, 0x1e44, 0x3ec4, 0x1e42, 0x3ec2, 0x0e2c, 0x1e6c, 0x0e26, 0x3eec,
0x1e66, 0x3ee6, 0xdfa8, 0xefd6, 0xdfa4, 0xdfa2, 0x9f28, 0xcf96, 0xbf68,
0x9f24, 0xbf64, 0x9f22, 0xbf62, 0x1e28, 0x8f16, 0x3e68, 0x1e24, 0x7ee8,
0x3e64, 0x1e22, 0x7ee4, 0x3e62, 0x7ee2, 0x0e16, 0x1e36, 0x3e76, 0x7ef6,
0xdf94, 0xdf92, 0x9f14, 0xbf34, 0x9f12, 0xbf32, 0x1e14, 0x3e34, 0x1e12,
0x7e74, 0x3e32, 0x7e72, 0xdf8a, 0x9f0a, 0xbf1a, 0x1e0a, 0x3e1a, 0x7e3a,
0x035c, 0x034e, 0x0758, 0x83ae, 0x074c, 0x0746, 0x032e, 0x076e, 0x0f50,
0x87ac, 0x0f48, 0x87a6, 0x0f44, 0x0f42, 0x072c, 0x0f6c, 0x0726, 0x0f66,
0x8fa8, 0xc7d6, 0x8fa4, 0x8fa2, 0x0f28, 0x8796, 0x1f68, 0x8fb6, 0x1f64,
0x0f22, 0x1f62, 0x0716, 0x0f36, 0x1f76, 0xcfd4, 0xcfd2, 0x8f94, 0x9fb4,
0x8f92, 0x9fb2, 0x0f14, 0x1f34, 0x0f12, 0x3f74, 0x1f32, 0x3f72, 0xcfca,
0x8f8a, 0x9f9a, 0x0f0a, 0x1f1a, 0x3f3a, 0x03ac, 0x03a6, 0x07a8, 0x83d6,
0x07a4, 0x07a2, 0x0396, 0x07b6, 0x87d4, 0x87d2, 0x0794, 0x0fb4, 0x0792,
0x0fb2, 0xc7ea}};
int32_t Get17BitCodeword(int i, int j) {
return (0x10000 | kCodewordTable[i][j]);
} // namespace
CBC_PDF417::CBC_PDF417() = default;
CBC_PDF417::~CBC_PDF417() = default;
CBC_BarcodeMatrix* CBC_PDF417::getBarcodeMatrix() {
return m_barcodeMatrix.get();
bool CBC_PDF417::GenerateBarcodeLogic(WideStringView msg,
int32_t errorCorrectionLevel) {
int32_t errorCorrectionCodeWords =
if (errorCorrectionCodeWords < 0)
return false;
absl::optional<WideString> high_level =
if (!high_level.has_value())
return false;
size_t sourceCodeWords = high_level.value().GetLength();
std::vector<int32_t> dimensions =
determineDimensions(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords);
if (dimensions.size() != 2)
return false;
int32_t cols = dimensions[0];
int32_t rows = dimensions[1];
int32_t pad = getNumberOfPadCodewords(sourceCodeWords,
errorCorrectionCodeWords, cols, rows);
if (sourceCodeWords + errorCorrectionCodeWords + 1 > 929)
return false;
int32_t n = sourceCodeWords + pad + 1;
WideString sb;
sb += (wchar_t)n;
sb += high_level.value();
for (int32_t i = 0; i < pad; i++)
sb += (wchar_t)900;
WideString dataCodewords(sb);
absl::optional<WideString> ec =
if (!ec.has_value())
return false;
WideString fullCodewords = dataCodewords + ec.value();
m_barcodeMatrix = std::make_unique<CBC_BarcodeMatrix>(cols, rows);
encodeLowLevel(fullCodewords, cols, rows, errorCorrectionLevel,
return true;
void CBC_PDF417::setDimensions(int32_t maxCols,
int32_t minCols,
int32_t maxRows,
int32_t minRows) {
m_maxCols = maxCols;
m_minCols = minCols;
m_maxRows = maxRows;
m_minRows = minRows;
int32_t CBC_PDF417::calculateNumberOfRows(int32_t m, int32_t k, int32_t c) {
int32_t r = ((m + 1 + k) / c) + 1;
if (c * r >= (m + 1 + k + c)) {
return r;
int32_t CBC_PDF417::getNumberOfPadCodewords(int32_t m,
int32_t k,
int32_t c,
int32_t r) {
int32_t n = c * r - k;
return n > m + 1 ? n - m - 1 : 0;
void CBC_PDF417::encodeChar(int32_t pattern,
int32_t len,
CBC_BarcodeRow* logic) {
int32_t map = 1 << (len - 1);
bool last = ((pattern & map) != 0);
size_t width = 0;
for (int32_t i = 0; i < len; i++) {
bool black = ((pattern & map) != 0);
if (last == black) {
} else {
logic->AddBar(last, width);
last = black;
width = 1;
map >>= 1;
logic->AddBar(last, width);
void CBC_PDF417::encodeLowLevel(WideString fullCodewords,
int32_t c,
int32_t r,
int32_t errorCorrectionLevel,
CBC_BarcodeMatrix* logic) {
int32_t idx = 0;
for (int32_t y = 0; y < r; y++) {
CBC_BarcodeRow* logicRow = logic->getRow(y);
int32_t cluster = y % 3;
encodeChar(START_PATTERN, 17, logicRow);
int32_t left;
int32_t right;
if (cluster == 0) {
left = (30 * (y / 3)) + ((r - 1) / 3);
right = (30 * (y / 3)) + (c - 1);
} else if (cluster == 1) {
left = (30 * (y / 3)) + (errorCorrectionLevel * 3) + ((r - 1) % 3);
right = (30 * (y / 3)) + ((r - 1) / 3);
} else {
left = (30 * (y / 3)) + (c - 1);
right = (30 * (y / 3)) + (errorCorrectionLevel * 3) + ((r - 1) % 3);
int32_t pattern = Get17BitCodeword(cluster, left);
encodeChar(pattern, 17, logicRow);
for (int32_t x = 0; x < c; x++) {
pattern = Get17BitCodeword(cluster, fullCodewords[idx]);
encodeChar(pattern, 17, logicRow);
pattern = Get17BitCodeword(cluster, right);
encodeChar(pattern, 17, logicRow);
encodeChar(STOP_PATTERN, 18, logicRow);
std::vector<int32_t> CBC_PDF417::determineDimensions(
size_t sourceCodeWords,
int32_t errorCorrectionCodeWords) const {
std::vector<int32_t> dimensions;
float ratio = 0.0f;
for (int32_t cols = m_minCols; cols <= m_maxCols; cols++) {
int32_t rows =
calculateNumberOfRows(sourceCodeWords, errorCorrectionCodeWords, cols);
if (rows < m_minRows)
if (rows > m_maxRows)
float newRatio =
((17 * cols + 69) * DEFAULT_MODULE_WIDTH) / (rows * HEIGHT);
if (!dimensions.empty() &&
fabsf(newRatio - PREFERRED_RATIO) > fabsf(ratio - PREFERRED_RATIO)) {
ratio = newRatio;
dimensions[0] = cols;
dimensions[1] = rows;
if (dimensions.empty()) {
int32_t rows = calculateNumberOfRows(sourceCodeWords,
errorCorrectionCodeWords, m_maxCols);
if (rows < m_minRows) {
dimensions[0] = m_maxCols;
dimensions[1] = m_minRows;
} else if (rows >= 3 && rows <= 90) {
dimensions[0] = m_maxCols;
dimensions[1] = rows;
return dimensions;