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Name: Little CMS
Version: 2.6
Security Critical: yes
License: MIT License
Color Management Engine.
Local Modifications:
0000-tag-type-confusion.patch: Fix a type confusion.
0001-from16-to-8-overflow.patch: Prevent a UBSan warning.
0002-infinite-loop-GrowNamedColorList.patch: Fix infinite loop when calling GrowNamedColorList.
0003-uninit.patch: Fix use uninitialized value and stack buffer overflow read.
0004-memory-leak-Type_Curve_Read.patch: Fix memory leak in Type_Curve_Read.
0005-memory-leak-AllocEmptyTransform.patch: Fix memory leak in AllocEmptyTransform.
0006-memory-leak-Type_NamedColor_Read.patch: Fix memory leak in Type_NamedColor_Read.
0007-memory-leak-OptimizeByResampling.patch: Fix memory leak in OptimizeByResampling.
0008-memory-leak-Type_MPEmatrix_Read.patch: Fix memory leak in MPEmatrix_Read.
0009-cmsStageAllocMatrix-param-swap.patch: Fix rows/cols swap in cmsStageAllocMatrix.
0010-reject-nan.patch: Reject NaN when reading float numbers.
0011-memory-leak-ReadSegmentedCurve.patch: Fix memory leak in ReadSegmentedCurve.
0012-backport-c0a98d86.patch: Fix several issues. Backport from upstream
0013-utf8.patch: Encode source files as utf-8.
0014-avoid-fixed-inf.patch: Avoid fixed number LUT optimization on inf values.
0015-sanitize-float-read.patch: Sanitize floating point read. Partially backport
from upstream
0016-check-LUT-and-MPE.patch: check LUT consistency and sanitize MPE profiles.
0017-upstream-integer-overflow-MPEmatrix_Read.patch: fix some integer overflows.
0018-verify-size-before-reading.patch: fix OOM issue when there won't be enough
data to read anyway.
0019-upstream-direct-leak-Type_MPE_Read.patch: fix leak in cmstypes.c.
TODO(ochang): List other patches.