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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include "core/include/fpdftext/fpdf_text.h"
#include "fsdk_actionhandler.h"
#include "fsdk_annothandler.h"
#include "fsdk_baseannot.h"
#include "fsdk_baseform.h"
#include "fsdk_common.h"
#include "fsdk_define.h"
#include "fx_systemhandler.h"
#include "javascript/IJavaScript.h"
#include "public/fpdf_formfill.h"
#include "public/fpdf_fwlevent.h" // cross platform keycode and events define.
class CFFL_IFormFiller;
class CPDFSDK_ActionHandler;
class CPDFSDK_Annot;
class CPDFSDK_Document;
class CPDFSDK_InterForm;
class CPDFSDK_PageView;
class CPDFSDK_Widget;
class IFX_SystemHandler;
class CPDFDoc_Environment final {
CPDFDoc_Environment(UnderlyingDocumentType* pDoc, FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* pFFinfo);
void FFI_Invalidate(FPDF_PAGE page,
double left,
double top,
double right,
double bottom) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_Invalidate)
m_pInfo->FFI_Invalidate(m_pInfo, page, left, top, right, bottom);
void FFI_OutputSelectedRect(FPDF_PAGE page,
double left,
double top,
double right,
double bottom) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_OutputSelectedRect)
m_pInfo->FFI_OutputSelectedRect(m_pInfo, page, left, top, right, bottom);
void FFI_SetCursor(int nCursorType) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_SetCursor)
m_pInfo->FFI_SetCursor(m_pInfo, nCursorType);
int FFI_SetTimer(int uElapse, TimerCallback lpTimerFunc) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_SetTimer)
return m_pInfo->FFI_SetTimer(m_pInfo, uElapse, lpTimerFunc);
return -1;
void FFI_KillTimer(int nTimerID) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_KillTimer)
m_pInfo->FFI_KillTimer(m_pInfo, nTimerID);
FX_SYSTEMTIME FFI_GetLocalTime() const {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_GetLocalTime) {
FPDF_SYSTEMTIME systime = m_pInfo->FFI_GetLocalTime(m_pInfo);
fxtime.wDay = systime.wDay;
fxtime.wDayOfWeek = systime.wDayOfWeek;
fxtime.wHour = systime.wHour;
fxtime.wMilliseconds = systime.wMilliseconds;
fxtime.wMinute = systime.wMinute;
fxtime.wMonth = systime.wMonth;
fxtime.wSecond = systime.wSecond;
fxtime.wYear = systime.wYear;
return fxtime;
void FFI_OnChange() {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_OnChange)
FX_BOOL FFI_IsSHIFTKeyDown(FX_DWORD nFlag) const {
return (nFlag & FWL_EVENTFLAG_ShiftKey) != 0;
FX_BOOL FFI_IsCTRLKeyDown(FX_DWORD nFlag) const {
return (nFlag & FWL_EVENTFLAG_ControlKey) != 0;
FX_BOOL FFI_IsALTKeyDown(FX_DWORD nFlag) const {
return (nFlag & FWL_EVENTFLAG_AltKey) != 0;
FX_BOOL FFI_IsINSERTKeyDown(FX_DWORD nFlag) const { return FALSE; }
int JS_appAlert(const FX_WCHAR* Msg,
const FX_WCHAR* Title,
FX_UINT Icon);
int JS_appResponse(const FX_WCHAR* Question,
const FX_WCHAR* Title,
const FX_WCHAR* Default,
const FX_WCHAR* cLabel,
FPDF_BOOL bPassword,
void* response,
int length);
void JS_appBeep(int nType) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform->app_beep)
m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform->app_beep(m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform, nType);
CFX_WideString JS_fieldBrowse();
CFX_WideString JS_docGetFilePath();
void JS_docSubmitForm(void* formData, int length, const FX_WCHAR* URL);
void JS_docmailForm(void* mailData,
int length,
const FX_WCHAR* To,
const FX_WCHAR* Subject,
const FX_WCHAR* CC,
const FX_WCHAR* BCC,
const FX_WCHAR* Msg);
void JS_docprint(FPDF_BOOL bUI,
int nStart,
int nEnd,
FPDF_BOOL bSilent,
FPDF_BOOL bShrinkToFit,
FPDF_BOOL bPrintAsImage,
FPDF_BOOL bReverse,
FPDF_BOOL bAnnotations) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform->Doc_print)
m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform->Doc_print(m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform, bUI, nStart,
nEnd, bSilent, bShrinkToFit,
bPrintAsImage, bReverse, bAnnotations);
void JS_docgotoPage(int nPageNum) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform &&
m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform->Doc_gotoPage(m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform, nPageNum);
FPDF_PAGE FFI_GetPage(FPDF_DOCUMENT document, int nPageIndex) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_GetPage)
return m_pInfo->FFI_GetPage(m_pInfo, document, nPageIndex);
return NULL;
FPDF_PAGE FFI_GetCurrentPage(FPDF_DOCUMENT document) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_GetCurrentPage)
return m_pInfo->FFI_GetCurrentPage(m_pInfo, document);
return NULL;
int FFI_GetRotation(FPDF_PAGE page) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_GetRotation)
return m_pInfo->FFI_GetRotation(m_pInfo, page);
return 0;
void FFI_ExecuteNamedAction(const FX_CHAR* namedAction) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_ExecuteNamedAction)
m_pInfo->FFI_ExecuteNamedAction(m_pInfo, namedAction);
void FFI_OnSetFieldInputFocus(void* field,
FX_BOOL bFocus) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_SetTextFieldFocus)
m_pInfo->FFI_SetTextFieldFocus(m_pInfo, focusText, nTextLen, bFocus);
void FFI_DoURIAction(const FX_CHAR* bsURI) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_DoURIAction)
m_pInfo->FFI_DoURIAction(m_pInfo, bsURI);
void FFI_DoGoToAction(int nPageIndex,
int zoomMode,
float* fPosArray,
int sizeOfArray) {
if (m_pInfo && m_pInfo->FFI_DoGoToAction)
m_pInfo->FFI_DoGoToAction(m_pInfo, nPageIndex, zoomMode, fPosArray,
FX_BOOL IsJSInitiated() const { return m_pInfo && m_pInfo->m_pJsPlatform; }
void SetSDKDocument(CPDFSDK_Document* pFXDoc) { m_pSDKDoc = pFXDoc; }
CPDFSDK_Document* GetSDKDocument() const { return m_pSDKDoc; }
UnderlyingDocumentType* GetUnderlyingDocument() const {
return m_pUnderlyingDoc;
CFX_ByteString GetAppName() const { return ""; }
IFX_SystemHandler* GetSysHandler() const { return m_pSysHandler.get(); }
FPDF_FORMFILLINFO* GetFormFillInfo() const { return m_pInfo; }
CFFL_IFormFiller* GetIFormFiller(); // Creates if not present.
CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr* GetAnnotHandlerMgr(); // Creates if not present.
IJS_Runtime* GetJSRuntime(); // Creates if not present.
CPDFSDK_ActionHandler* GetActionHander(); // Creates if not present.
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_AnnotHandlerMgr> m_pAnnotHandlerMgr;
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_ActionHandler> m_pActionHandler;
std::unique_ptr<IJS_Runtime> m_pJSRuntime;
CPDFSDK_Document* m_pSDKDoc;
UnderlyingDocumentType* const m_pUnderlyingDoc;
std::unique_ptr<CFFL_IFormFiller> m_pIFormFiller;
std::unique_ptr<IFX_SystemHandler> m_pSysHandler;
class CPDFSDK_Document {
CPDFSDK_Document(UnderlyingDocumentType* pDoc, CPDFDoc_Environment* pEnv);
CPDFSDK_InterForm* GetInterForm();
// Gets the document object for the next layer down; for master this is
// a CPDF_Document, but for XFA it is a CPDFXFA_Document.
UnderlyingDocumentType* GetUnderlyingDocument() const {
return GetPDFDocument();
// Gets the CPDF_Document, either directly in master, or from the
// CPDFXFA_Document for XFA.
CPDF_Document* GetPDFDocument() const { return m_pDoc; }
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetPageView(UnderlyingPageType* pPage,
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetPageView(int nIndex);
CPDFSDK_PageView* GetCurrentView();
void RemovePageView(UnderlyingPageType* pPage);
void UpdateAllViews(CPDFSDK_PageView* pSender, CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFocusAnnot();
IJS_Runtime* GetJsRuntime();
FX_BOOL SetFocusAnnot(CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot, FX_UINT nFlag = 0);
FX_BOOL KillFocusAnnot(FX_UINT nFlag = 0);
FX_BOOL ExtractPages(const CFX_WordArray& arrExtraPages,
CPDF_Document* pDstDoc);
FX_BOOL InsertPages(int nInsertAt,
const CPDF_Document* pSrcDoc,
const CFX_WordArray& arrSrcPages);
FX_BOOL ReplacePages(int nPage,
const CPDF_Document* pSrcDoc,
const CFX_WordArray& arrSrcPages);
void OnCloseDocument();
int GetPageCount() { return m_pDoc->GetPageCount(); }
FX_BOOL GetPermissions(int nFlag);
FX_BOOL GetChangeMark() { return m_bChangeMask; }
void SetChangeMark() { m_bChangeMask = TRUE; }
void ClearChangeMark() { m_bChangeMask = FALSE; }
CFX_WideString GetPath();
UnderlyingPageType* GetPage(int nIndex);
CPDFDoc_Environment* GetEnv() { return m_pEnv; }
void ProcJavascriptFun();
FX_BOOL ProcOpenAction();
CPDF_OCContext* GetOCContext();
std::map<UnderlyingPageType*, CPDFSDK_PageView*> m_pageMap;
UnderlyingDocumentType* m_pDoc;
std::unique_ptr<CPDFSDK_InterForm> m_pInterForm;
CPDFSDK_Annot* m_pFocusAnnot;
CPDFDoc_Environment* m_pEnv;
std::unique_ptr<CPDF_OCContext> m_pOccontent;
FX_BOOL m_bChangeMask;
FX_BOOL m_bBeingDestroyed;
class CPDFSDK_PageView final {
CPDFSDK_PageView(CPDFSDK_Document* pSDKDoc, UnderlyingPageType* page);
void PageView_OnDraw(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
CFX_Matrix* pUser2Device,
CPDF_RenderOptions* pOptions);
const CPDF_Annot* GetPDFAnnotAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFXAnnotAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
const CPDF_Annot* GetPDFWidgetAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFXWidgetAtPoint(FX_FLOAT pageX, FX_FLOAT pageY);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetFocusAnnot();
void SetFocusAnnot(CPDFSDK_Annot* pSDKAnnot, FX_UINT nFlag = 0) {
m_pSDKDoc->SetFocusAnnot(pSDKAnnot, nFlag);
FX_BOOL KillFocusAnnot(FX_UINT nFlag = 0) {
return m_pSDKDoc->KillFocusAnnot(nFlag);
void KillFocusAnnotIfNeeded();
FX_BOOL Annot_HasAppearance(CPDF_Annot* pAnnot);
CPDFSDK_Annot* AddAnnot(CPDF_Dictionary* pDict);
CPDFSDK_Annot* AddAnnot(const FX_CHAR* lpSubType, CPDF_Dictionary* pDict);
CPDFSDK_Annot* AddAnnot(CPDF_Annot* pPDFAnnot);
FX_BOOL DeleteAnnot(CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot);
size_t CountAnnots() const;
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetAnnot(size_t nIndex);
CPDFSDK_Annot* GetAnnotByDict(CPDF_Dictionary* pDict);
CPDF_Page* GetPDFPage() { return m_page; }
CPDF_Document* GetPDFDocument();
CPDFSDK_Document* GetSDKDocument() { return m_pSDKDoc; }
FX_BOOL OnLButtonDown(const CPDF_Point& point, FX_UINT nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnLButtonUp(const CPDF_Point& point, FX_UINT nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnChar(int nChar, FX_UINT nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnKeyDown(int nKeyCode, int nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnKeyUp(int nKeyCode, int nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnMouseMove(const CPDF_Point& point, int nFlag);
FX_BOOL OnMouseWheel(double deltaX,
double deltaY,
const CPDF_Point& point,
int nFlag);
bool IsValidAnnot(const CPDF_Annot* p) const;
void GetCurrentMatrix(CFX_Matrix& matrix) { matrix = m_curMatrix; }
void UpdateRects(CFX_RectArray& rects);
void UpdateView(CPDFSDK_Annot* pAnnot);
const std::vector<CPDFSDK_Annot*>& GetAnnotList() const {
return m_fxAnnotArray;
int GetPageIndex();
void LoadFXAnnots();
void SetValid(FX_BOOL bValid) { m_bValid = bValid; }
FX_BOOL IsValid() { return m_bValid; }
void SetLock(FX_BOOL bLocked) { m_bLocked = bLocked; }
FX_BOOL IsLocked() { return m_bLocked; }
void TakeOverPage() { m_bTakeOverPage = TRUE; }
void PageView_OnHighlightFormFields(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
CPDFSDK_Widget* pWidget);
CFX_Matrix m_curMatrix;
UnderlyingPageType* m_page;
std::unique_ptr<CPDF_AnnotList> m_pAnnotList;
std::vector<CPDFSDK_Annot*> m_fxAnnotArray;
CPDFSDK_Document* m_pSDKDoc;
CPDFSDK_Widget* m_CaptureWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bEnterWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bExitWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bOnWidget;
FX_BOOL m_bValid;
FX_BOOL m_bLocked;
FX_BOOL m_bTakeOverPage;
template <class TYPE>
class CGW_ArrayTemplate : public CFX_ArrayTemplate<TYPE> {
CGW_ArrayTemplate() {}
~CGW_ArrayTemplate() {}
typedef int (*LP_COMPARE)(TYPE p1, TYPE p2);
void Sort(LP_COMPARE pCompare, FX_BOOL bAscent = TRUE) {
int nSize = this->GetSize();
QuickSort(0, nSize - 1, bAscent, pCompare);
void QuickSort(FX_UINT nStartPos,
FX_UINT nStopPos,
FX_BOOL bAscend,
LP_COMPARE pCompare) {
if (nStartPos >= nStopPos)
if ((nStopPos - nStartPos) == 1) {
TYPE Value1 = this->GetAt(nStartPos);
TYPE Value2 = this->GetAt(nStopPos);
int iGreate = (*pCompare)(Value1, Value2);
if ((bAscend && iGreate > 0) || (!bAscend && iGreate < 0)) {
this->SetAt(nStartPos, Value2);
this->SetAt(nStopPos, Value1);
FX_UINT m = nStartPos + (nStopPos - nStartPos) / 2;
FX_UINT i = nStartPos;
TYPE Value = this->GetAt(m);
while (i < m) {
TYPE temp = this->GetAt(i);
int iGreate = (*pCompare)(temp, Value);
if ((bAscend && iGreate > 0) || (!bAscend && iGreate < 0)) {
this->InsertAt(m + 1, temp);
} else {
FX_UINT j = nStopPos;
while (j > m) {
TYPE temp = this->GetAt(j);
int iGreate = (*pCompare)(temp, Value);
if ((bAscend && iGreate < 0) || (!bAscend && iGreate > 0)) {
this->InsertAt(m, temp);
} else {
if (nStartPos < m)
QuickSort(nStartPos, m, bAscend, pCompare);
if (nStopPos > m)
QuickSort(m, nStopPos, bAscend, pCompare);