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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <vector>
#include "core/fpdfdoc/cpdf_formcontrol.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/observable.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/unowned_ptr.h"
#include "core/fxge/cfx_color.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/cpdfsdk_formfillenvironment.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/cpdfsdk_widget.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/pwl/cpwl_timer.h"
#include "fpdfsdk/pwl/cpwl_timer_handler.h"
class CPWL_Edit;
class CPWL_MsgControl;
class CPWL_ScrollBar;
class CFX_SystemHandler;
class IPVT_FontMap;
// window styles
#define PWS_CHILD 0x80000000L
#define PWS_BORDER 0x40000000L
#define PWS_BACKGROUND 0x20000000L
#define PWS_HSCROLL 0x10000000L
#define PWS_VSCROLL 0x08000000L
#define PWS_VISIBLE 0x04000000L
#define PWS_READONLY 0x01000000L
#define PWS_AUTOFONTSIZE 0x00800000L
#define PWS_AUTOTRANSPARENT 0x00400000L
#define PWS_NOREFRESHCLIP 0x00200000L
// edit and label styles
#define PES_MULTILINE 0x0001L
#define PES_PASSWORD 0x0002L
#define PES_LEFT 0x0004L
#define PES_RIGHT 0x0008L
#define PES_MIDDLE 0x0010L
#define PES_TOP 0x0020L
#define PES_BOTTOM 0x0040L
#define PES_CENTER 0x0080L
#define PES_CHARARRAY 0x0100L
#define PES_AUTOSCROLL 0x0200L
#define PES_AUTORETURN 0x0400L
#define PES_UNDO 0x0800L
#define PES_RICH 0x1000L
#define PES_SPELLCHECK 0x2000L
#define PES_TEXTOVERFLOW 0x4000L
#define PES_NOREAD 0x8000L
// listbox styles
#define PLBS_MULTIPLESEL 0x0001L
#define PLBS_HOVERSEL 0x0008L
// combobox styles
struct CPWL_Dash {
CPWL_Dash() : nDash(0), nGap(0), nPhase(0) {}
CPWL_Dash(int32_t dash, int32_t gap, int32_t phase)
: nDash(dash), nGap(gap), nPhase(phase) {}
void Reset() {
nDash = 0;
nGap = 0;
nPhase = 0;
int32_t nDash;
int32_t nGap;
int32_t nPhase;
inline bool operator==(const CFX_Color& c1, const CFX_Color& c2) {
return c1.nColorType == c2.nColorType && c1.fColor1 - c2.fColor1 < 0.0001 &&
c1.fColor1 - c2.fColor1 > -0.0001 &&
c1.fColor2 - c2.fColor2 < 0.0001 &&
c1.fColor2 - c2.fColor2 > -0.0001 &&
c1.fColor3 - c2.fColor3 < 0.0001 &&
c1.fColor3 - c2.fColor3 > -0.0001 &&
c1.fColor4 - c2.fColor4 < 0.0001 && c1.fColor4 - c2.fColor4 > -0.0001;
inline bool operator!=(const CFX_Color& c1, const CFX_Color& c2) {
return !(c1 == c2);
#define PWL_DEFAULT_BLACKCOLOR CFX_Color(CFX_Color::kGray, 0)
#define PWL_DEFAULT_WHITECOLOR CFX_Color(CFX_Color::kGray, 1)
class CPWL_Wnd : public CPWL_TimerHandler, public Observable<CPWL_Wnd> {
class PrivateData {
~PrivateData() {}
class ProviderIface : public Observable<ProviderIface> {
virtual ~ProviderIface() = default;
// get a matrix which map user space to CWnd client space
virtual CFX_Matrix GetWindowMatrix(PrivateData* pAttached) = 0;
class FocusHandlerIface {
virtual ~FocusHandlerIface() = default;
virtual void OnSetFocus(CPWL_Edit* pEdit) = 0;
class CreateParams {
CreateParams(const CreateParams& other);
CFX_FloatRect rcRectWnd; // required
UnownedPtr<CFX_SystemHandler> pSystemHandler; // required
UnownedPtr<IPVT_FontMap> pFontMap; // required
ProviderIface::ObservedPtr pProvider; // required
UnownedPtr<FocusHandlerIface> pFocusHandler; // optional
uint32_t dwFlags; // optional
CFX_Color sBackgroundColor; // optional
CPDFSDK_Widget::ObservedPtr pAttachedWidget; // required
BorderStyle nBorderStyle; // optional
int32_t dwBorderWidth; // optional
CFX_Color sBorderColor; // optional
CFX_Color sTextColor; // optional
int32_t nTransparency; // optional
float fFontSize; // optional
CPWL_Dash sDash; // optional
UnownedPtr<PrivateData> pAttachedData; // optional
UnownedPtr<CPWL_Wnd> pParentWnd; // ignore
CPWL_MsgControl* pMsgControl; // ignore
int32_t eCursorType; // ignore
CFX_Matrix mtChild; // ignore
~CPWL_Wnd() override;
// Returns |true| iff this instance is still allocated.
virtual bool InvalidateRect(CFX_FloatRect* pRect);
virtual bool OnKeyDown(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnChar(uint16_t nChar, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnLButtonDblClk(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnLButtonDown(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnLButtonUp(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnRButtonDown(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnRButtonUp(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnMouseMove(const CFX_PointF& point, uint32_t nFlag);
virtual bool OnMouseWheel(short zDelta,
const CFX_PointF& point,
uint32_t nFlag);
virtual void SetScrollInfo(const PWL_SCROLL_INFO& info);
virtual void SetScrollPosition(float pos);
virtual void ScrollWindowVertically(float pos);
virtual void NotifyLButtonDown(CPWL_Wnd* child, const CFX_PointF& pos);
virtual void NotifyLButtonUp(CPWL_Wnd* child, const CFX_PointF& pos);
virtual void NotifyMouseMove(CPWL_Wnd* child, const CFX_PointF& pos);
virtual void SetFocus();
virtual void KillFocus();
virtual void SetCursor();
// Returns |true| iff this instance is still allocated.
virtual bool SetVisible(bool bVisible);
virtual void SetFontSize(float fFontSize);
virtual float GetFontSize() const;
virtual WideString GetText();
virtual WideString GetSelectedText();
virtual void ReplaceSelection(const WideString& text);
virtual bool CanUndo();
virtual bool CanRedo();
virtual bool Undo();
virtual bool Redo();
virtual CFX_FloatRect GetFocusRect() const;
virtual CFX_FloatRect GetClientRect() const;
void InvalidateFocusHandler(FocusHandlerIface* handler);
void InvalidateProvider(ProviderIface* provider);
void Create(const CreateParams& cp);
void Destroy();
bool Move(const CFX_FloatRect& rcNew, bool bReset, bool bRefresh);
void SetCapture();
void ReleaseCapture();
void DrawAppearance(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
const CFX_Matrix& mtUser2Device);
CFX_Color GetBackgroundColor() const;
void SetBackgroundColor(const CFX_Color& color);
CFX_Color GetBorderColor() const;
CFX_Color GetTextColor() const;
void SetTextColor(const CFX_Color& color);
CFX_Color GetBorderLeftTopColor(BorderStyle nBorderStyle) const;
CFX_Color GetBorderRightBottomColor(BorderStyle nBorderStyle) const;
void SetBorderStyle(BorderStyle eBorderStyle);
BorderStyle GetBorderStyle() const;
const CPWL_Dash& GetBorderDash() const;
int32_t GetBorderWidth() const;
int32_t GetInnerBorderWidth() const;
CFX_FloatRect GetWindowRect() const;
CFX_PointF GetCenterPoint() const;
bool IsVisible() const { return m_bVisible; }
bool HasFlag(uint32_t dwFlags) const;
void AddFlag(uint32_t dwFlags);
void RemoveFlag(uint32_t dwFlags);
void SetClipRect(const CFX_FloatRect& rect);
const CFX_FloatRect& GetClipRect() const;
CPWL_Wnd* GetParentWindow() const {
return m_CreationParams.pParentWnd.Get();
PrivateData* GetAttachedData() const {
return m_CreationParams.pAttachedData.Get();
bool WndHitTest(const CFX_PointF& point) const;
bool ClientHitTest(const CFX_PointF& point) const;
bool IsCaptureMouse() const;
void EnableWindow(bool bEnable);
bool IsEnabled() const { return m_bEnabled; }
const CPWL_Wnd* GetFocused() const;
bool IsFocused() const;
bool IsReadOnly() const;
CPWL_ScrollBar* GetVScrollBar() const;
IPVT_FontMap* GetFontMap() const { return m_CreationParams.pFontMap.Get(); }
ProviderIface* GetProvider() const {
return m_CreationParams.pProvider.Get();
FocusHandlerIface* GetFocusHandler() const {
return m_CreationParams.pFocusHandler.Get();
int32_t GetTransparency();
void SetTransparency(int32_t nTransparency);
CFX_Matrix GetChildToRoot() const;
CFX_Matrix GetChildMatrix() const;
void SetChildMatrix(const CFX_Matrix& mt);
CFX_Matrix GetWindowMatrix() const;
virtual void OnSetFocus();
virtual void OnKillFocus();
// CPWL_TimerHandler:
CFX_SystemHandler* GetSystemHandler() const override;
virtual void CreateChildWnd(const CreateParams& cp);
// Returns |true| iff this instance is still allocated.
virtual bool RePosChildWnd();
virtual void DrawThisAppearance(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
const CFX_Matrix& mtUser2Device);
virtual void OnCreate(CreateParams* pParamsToAdjust);
virtual void OnCreated();
virtual void OnDestroy();
bool IsNotifying() const { return m_bNotifying; }
bool IsValid() const { return m_bCreated; }
const CreateParams& GetCreationParams() const { return m_CreationParams; }
// Returns |true| iff this instance is still allocated.
bool InvalidateRectMove(const CFX_FloatRect& rcOld,
const CFX_FloatRect& rcNew);
bool IsWndCaptureMouse(const CPWL_Wnd* pWnd) const;
bool IsWndCaptureKeyboard(const CPWL_Wnd* pWnd) const;
static bool IsCTRLpressed(uint32_t nFlag) {
return CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment::IsCTRLKeyDown(nFlag);
static bool IsSHIFTpressed(uint32_t nFlag) {
return CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment::IsSHIFTKeyDown(nFlag);
static bool IsALTpressed(uint32_t nFlag) {
return CPDFSDK_FormFillEnvironment::IsALTKeyDown(nFlag);
CFX_PointF ParentToChild(const CFX_PointF& point) const;
CFX_FloatRect ParentToChild(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) const;
void DrawChildAppearance(CFX_RenderDevice* pDevice,
const CFX_Matrix& mtUser2Device);
CFX_FloatRect PWLtoWnd(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) const;
void AddChild(CPWL_Wnd* pWnd);
void RemoveChild(CPWL_Wnd* pWnd);
void CreateScrollBar(const CreateParams& cp);
void CreateVScrollBar(const CreateParams& cp);
void AdjustStyle();
void CreateMsgControl();
void DestroyMsgControl();
CPWL_MsgControl* GetMsgControl() const;
CreateParams m_CreationParams;
std::vector<CPWL_Wnd*> m_Children;
UnownedPtr<CPWL_ScrollBar> m_pVScrollBar;
CFX_FloatRect m_rcWindow;
CFX_FloatRect m_rcClip;
bool m_bCreated;
bool m_bVisible;
bool m_bNotifying;
bool m_bEnabled;