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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "core/fxcrt/cfx_retain_ptr.h"
#include "xfa/fde/ifde_txtedtengine.h"
class CFDE_TxtEdtBuf;
class CFDE_TxtEdtPage;
class CFDE_TxtEdtParag;
class CFX_TxtBreak;
class IFDE_TxtEdtDoRecord;
class IFX_CharIter;
class CFDE_TxtEdtEngine {
void SetEditParams(const FDE_TXTEDTPARAMS& params);
int32_t CountPages() const;
CFDE_TxtEdtPage* GetPage(int32_t nIndex);
void SetTextByStream(const CFX_RetainPtr<CFX_SeekableStreamProxy>& pStream);
void SetText(const CFX_WideString& wsText);
int32_t GetTextLength() const;
CFX_WideString GetText(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount) const;
void ClearText();
int32_t GetCaretRect(CFX_RectF& rtCaret) const;
int32_t GetCaretPos() const;
int32_t SetCaretPos(int32_t nIndex, bool bBefore);
int32_t MoveCaretPos(FDE_TXTEDTMOVECARET eMoveCaret,
bool bShift = false,
bool bCtrl = false);
void Lock();
void Unlock();
bool IsLocked() const;
int32_t Insert(int32_t nStart, const wchar_t* lpText, int32_t nLength);
int32_t Delete(int32_t nStart, bool bBackspace = false);
int32_t DeleteRange(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount = -1);
int32_t Replace(int32_t nStart,
int32_t nLength,
const CFX_WideString& wsReplace);
void SetLimit(int32_t nLimit);
void SetAliasChar(wchar_t wcAlias);
void RemoveSelRange(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount);
void AddSelRange(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount);
int32_t CountSelRanges() const;
int32_t GetSelRange(int32_t nIndex, int32_t* nStart) const;
void ClearSelection();
bool Redo(const IFDE_TxtEdtDoRecord* pRecord);
bool Undo(const IFDE_TxtEdtDoRecord* pRecord);
int32_t StartLayout();
int32_t DoLayout();
void EndLayout();
int32_t CountParags() const;
CFDE_TxtEdtParag* GetParag(int32_t nParagIndex) const;
CFDE_TxtEdtBuf* GetTextBuf() const;
int32_t GetTextBufLength() const;
CFX_TxtBreak* GetTextBreak() const;
int32_t GetLineCount() const;
int32_t GetPageLineCount() const;
int32_t Line2Parag(int32_t nStartParag,
int32_t nStartLineofParag,
int32_t nLineIndex,
int32_t& nStartLine) const;
wchar_t GetAliasChar() const { return m_wcAliasChar; }
friend class CFDE_TxtEdtDoRecord_Insert;
friend class CFDE_TxtEdtDoRecord_DeleteRange;
friend class CFDE_TxtEdtPage;
int32_t nStart;
int32_t nCount;
int32_t nParagIndex;
int32_t nCharIndex;
void Inner_Insert(int32_t nStart, const wchar_t* lpText, int32_t nLength);
CFX_WideString GetPreDeleteText(int32_t nIndex, int32_t nLength);
CFX_WideString GetPreInsertText(int32_t nIndex,
const wchar_t* lpText,
int32_t nLength);
CFX_WideString GetPreReplaceText(int32_t nIndex,
int32_t nOriginLength,
const wchar_t* lpText,
int32_t nLength);
void Inner_DeleteRange(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount = -1);
void DeleteRange_DoRecord(int32_t nStart, int32_t nCount, bool bSel = false);
void ResetEngine();
void RebuildParagraphs();
void RemoveAllParags();
void RemoveAllPages();
void UpdateParags();
void UpdatePages();
void UpdateTxtBreak();
bool ReplaceParagEnd(wchar_t*& lpText,
int32_t& nLength,
bool bPreIsCR = false);
void RecoverParagEnd(CFX_WideString& wsText) const;
int32_t MovePage2Char(int32_t nIndex);
void TextPos2ParagPos(int32_t nIndex, FDE_TXTEDTPARAGPOS& ParagPos) const;
int32_t MoveForward(bool& bBefore);
int32_t MoveBackward(bool& bBefore);
bool MoveUp(CFX_PointF& ptCaret);
bool MoveDown(CFX_PointF& ptCaret);
bool MoveLineStart();
bool MoveLineEnd();
bool MoveParagStart();
bool MoveParagEnd();
bool MoveHome();
bool MoveEnd();
bool IsFitArea(CFX_WideString& wsText);
void UpdateCaretRect(int32_t nIndex, bool bBefore = true);
void GetCaretRect(CFX_RectF& rtCaret,
int32_t nPageIndex,
int32_t nCaret,
bool bBefore = true);
void UpdateCaretIndex(const CFX_PointF& ptCaret);
bool IsSelect();
void DeleteSelect();
std::unique_ptr<CFDE_TxtEdtBuf> m_pTxtBuf;
std::unique_ptr<CFX_TxtBreak> m_pTextBreak;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<CFDE_TxtEdtPage>> m_PagePtrArray;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<CFDE_TxtEdtParag>> m_ParagPtrArray;
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<FDE_TXTEDTSELRANGE>> m_SelRangePtrArr;
int32_t m_nPageLineCount;
int32_t m_nLineCount;
int32_t m_nAnchorPos;
int32_t m_nLayoutPos;
float m_fCaretPosReserve;
int32_t m_nCaret;
bool m_bBefore;
int32_t m_nCaretPage;
CFX_RectF m_rtCaret;
uint32_t m_dwFindFlags;
bool m_bLock;
int32_t m_nLimit;
wchar_t m_wcAliasChar;
int32_t m_nFirstLineEnd;
bool m_bAutoLineEnd;
wchar_t m_wLineEnd;