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// Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#ifndef _FPF_SKIA_FONT_H_
#define _FPF_SKIA_FONT_H_
#if _FX_OS_ == _FX_ANDROID_
class CFPF_SkiaFontDescriptor;
class CFPF_SkiaFontMgr;
class SkTypeface;
class CFPF_SkiaFont : public IFPF_Font
virtual ~CFPF_SkiaFont();
virtual void Release();
virtual IFPF_Font* Retain();
virtual FPF_HFONT GetHandle();
virtual CFX_ByteString GetFamilyName();
virtual CFX_WideString GetPsName();
virtual FX_DWORD GetFontStyle() const
return m_dwStyle;
virtual FX_BYTE GetCharset() const
return m_uCharset;
virtual FX_INT32 GetGlyphIndex(FX_WCHAR wUnicode);
virtual FX_INT32 GetGlyphWidth(FX_INT32 iGlyphIndex);
virtual FX_INT32 GetAscent() const;
virtual FX_INT32 GetDescent() const;
virtual FX_BOOL GetGlyphBBox(FX_INT32 iGlyphIndex, FX_RECT &rtBBox);
virtual FX_BOOL GetBBox(FX_RECT &rtBBox);
virtual FX_INT32 GetHeight() const;
virtual FX_INT32 GetItalicAngle() const;
virtual FX_DWORD GetFontData(FX_DWORD dwTable, FX_LPBYTE pBuffer, FX_DWORD dwSize);
FX_BOOL InitFont(CFPF_SkiaFontMgr *pFontMgr, CFPF_SkiaFontDescriptor *pFontDes, FX_BSTR bsFamily, FX_DWORD dwStyle, FX_BYTE uCharset);
CFPF_SkiaFontMgr *m_pFontMgr;
CFPF_SkiaFontDescriptor *m_pFontDes;
FXFT_Face m_Face;
FX_DWORD m_dwStyle;
FX_BYTE m_uCharset;
FX_DWORD m_dwRefCount;