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// Copyright 2016 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
#include "core/fpdfdoc/cpvt_floatrect.h"
#include "core/fpdfdoc/cpvt_lineinfo.h"
#include "core/fpdfdoc/include/cpvt_line.h"
#include "core/fpdfdoc/include/cpvt_wordplace.h"
#include "core/fpdfdoc/include/cpvt_wordrange.h"
#include "core/fpdfdoc/pdf_vt.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/include/fx_coordinates.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/include/fx_string.h"
#include "core/fxcrt/include/fx_system.h"
class CSection;
class IPVT_FontMap;
struct CPVT_SecProps;
struct CPVT_Section;
struct CPVT_SectionInfo;
struct CPVT_Word;
struct CPVT_WordProps;
struct CPVT_WordInfo;
class CPDF_VariableText : private CPDF_EditContainer {
enum class ScriptType { Normal, Super, Sub };
class Iterator {
explicit Iterator(CPDF_VariableText* pVT);
FX_BOOL NextWord();
FX_BOOL PrevWord();
FX_BOOL NextLine();
FX_BOOL PrevLine();
FX_BOOL NextSection();
FX_BOOL PrevSection();
FX_BOOL SetWord(const CPVT_Word& word);
FX_BOOL GetWord(CPVT_Word& word) const;
FX_BOOL GetLine(CPVT_Line& line) const;
FX_BOOL GetSection(CPVT_Section& section) const;
FX_BOOL SetSection(const CPVT_Section& section);
void SetAt(int32_t nWordIndex);
void SetAt(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
const CPVT_WordPlace& GetAt() const { return m_CurPos; }
CPVT_WordPlace m_CurPos;
CPDF_VariableText* const m_pVT;
class Provider {
Provider(IPVT_FontMap* pFontMap);
virtual ~Provider();
virtual int32_t GetCharWidth(int32_t nFontIndex,
uint16_t word,
int32_t nWordStyle);
virtual int32_t GetTypeAscent(int32_t nFontIndex);
virtual int32_t GetTypeDescent(int32_t nFontIndex);
virtual int32_t GetWordFontIndex(uint16_t word,
int32_t charset,
int32_t nFontIndex);
virtual FX_BOOL IsLatinWord(uint16_t word);
virtual int32_t GetDefaultFontIndex();
IPVT_FontMap* m_pFontMap;
virtual ~CPDF_VariableText();
CPDF_VariableText::Provider* SetProvider(
CPDF_VariableText::Provider* pProvider);
CPDF_VariableText::Iterator* GetIterator();
// CPDF_EditContainer.
void SetPlateRect(const CFX_FloatRect& rect) override {
CFX_FloatRect GetContentRect() const override;
const CFX_FloatRect& GetPlateRect() const override {
return CPDF_EditContainer::GetPlateRect();
void SetAlignment(int32_t nFormat = 0) { m_nAlignment = nFormat; }
void SetPasswordChar(uint16_t wSubWord = '*') { m_wSubWord = wSubWord; }
void SetLimitChar(int32_t nLimitChar = 0) { m_nLimitChar = nLimitChar; }
void SetCharSpace(FX_FLOAT fCharSpace = 0.0f) { m_fCharSpace = fCharSpace; }
void SetHorzScale(int32_t nHorzScale = 100) { m_nHorzScale = nHorzScale; }
void SetMultiLine(FX_BOOL bMultiLine = TRUE) { m_bMultiLine = bMultiLine; }
void SetAutoReturn(FX_BOOL bAuto = TRUE) { m_bLimitWidth = bAuto; }
void SetFontSize(FX_FLOAT fFontSize) { m_fFontSize = fFontSize; }
void SetCharArray(int32_t nCharArray = 0) { m_nCharArray = nCharArray; }
void SetAutoFontSize(FX_BOOL bAuto = TRUE) { m_bAutoFontSize = bAuto; }
void SetRichText(FX_BOOL bRichText) { m_bRichText = bRichText; }
void SetLineLeading(FX_FLOAT fLineLeading) { m_fLineLeading = fLineLeading; }
void Initialize();
FX_BOOL IsValid() const { return m_bInitial; }
FX_BOOL IsRichText() const { return m_bRichText; }
void RearrangeAll();
void RearrangePart(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
void ResetAll();
void SetText(const FX_WCHAR* text,
int32_t charset = 1,
const CPVT_SecProps* pSecProps = NULL,
const CPVT_WordProps* pWordProps = NULL);
CPVT_WordPlace InsertWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
uint16_t word,
int32_t charset = 1,
const CPVT_WordProps* pWordProps = NULL);
CPVT_WordPlace InsertSection(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CPVT_SecProps* pSecProps = NULL,
const CPVT_WordProps* pWordProps = NULL);
CPVT_WordPlace InsertText(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const FX_WCHAR* text,
int32_t charset = 1,
const CPVT_SecProps* pSecProps = NULL,
const CPVT_WordProps* pWordProps = NULL);
CPVT_WordPlace DeleteWords(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
CPVT_WordPlace DeleteWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
CPVT_WordPlace BackSpaceWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
int32_t GetTotalWords() const;
FX_FLOAT GetFontSize() const { return m_fFontSize; }
int32_t GetAlignment() const { return m_nAlignment; }
uint16_t GetPasswordChar() const { return GetSubWord(); }
int32_t GetCharArray() const { return m_nCharArray; }
int32_t GetLimitChar() const { return m_nLimitChar; }
FX_BOOL IsMultiLine() const { return m_bMultiLine; }
int32_t GetHorzScale() const { return m_nHorzScale; }
FX_FLOAT GetCharSpace() const { return m_fCharSpace; }
CPVT_WordPlace GetBeginWordPlace() const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetEndWordPlace() const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetPrevWordPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetNextWordPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace SearchWordPlace(const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetUpWordPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetDownWordPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CFX_FloatPoint& point) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetLineBeginPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetLineEndPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetSectionBeginPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace GetSectionEndPlace(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
void UpdateWordPlace(CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace AdjustLineHeader(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
FX_BOOL bPrevOrNext) const;
int32_t WordPlaceToWordIndex(const CPVT_WordPlace& place) const;
CPVT_WordPlace WordIndexToWordPlace(int32_t index) const;
uint16_t GetSubWord() const { return m_wSubWord; }
friend class CTypeset;
friend class CSection;
int32_t GetCharWidth(int32_t nFontIndex,
uint16_t Word,
uint16_t SubWord,
int32_t nWordStyle);
int32_t GetTypeAscent(int32_t nFontIndex);
int32_t GetTypeDescent(int32_t nFontIndex);
int32_t GetWordFontIndex(uint16_t word, int32_t charset, int32_t nFontIndex);
int32_t GetDefaultFontIndex();
FX_BOOL IsLatinWord(uint16_t word);
CPVT_WordPlace AddSection(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CPVT_SectionInfo& secinfo);
CPVT_WordPlace AddLine(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CPVT_LineInfo& lineinfo);
CPVT_WordPlace AddWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CPVT_WordInfo& wordinfo);
FX_BOOL GetWordInfo(const CPVT_WordPlace& place, CPVT_WordInfo& wordinfo);
FX_BOOL SetWordInfo(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
const CPVT_WordInfo& wordinfo);
FX_BOOL GetLineInfo(const CPVT_WordPlace& place, CPVT_LineInfo& lineinfo);
FX_BOOL GetSectionInfo(const CPVT_WordPlace& place,
CPVT_SectionInfo& secinfo);
FX_FLOAT GetWordFontSize(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo,
FX_BOOL bFactFontSize = FALSE);
FX_FLOAT GetWordWidth(int32_t nFontIndex,
uint16_t Word,
uint16_t SubWord,
FX_FLOAT fCharSpace,
int32_t nHorzScale,
FX_FLOAT fFontSize,
FX_FLOAT fWordTail,
int32_t nWordStyle);
FX_FLOAT GetWordWidth(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetWordAscent(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo, FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
FX_FLOAT GetWordDescent(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo, FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
FX_FLOAT GetWordAscent(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo,
FX_BOOL bFactFontSize = FALSE);
FX_FLOAT GetWordDescent(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo,
FX_BOOL bFactFontSize = FALSE);
FX_FLOAT GetLineAscent(const CPVT_SectionInfo& SecInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetLineDescent(const CPVT_SectionInfo& SecInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetFontAscent(int32_t nFontIndex, FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
FX_FLOAT GetFontDescent(int32_t nFontIndex, FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
int32_t GetWordFontIndex(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetCharSpace(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo);
int32_t GetHorzScale(const CPVT_WordInfo& WordInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetLineLeading(const CPVT_SectionInfo& SecInfo);
FX_FLOAT GetLineIndent(const CPVT_SectionInfo& SecInfo);
int32_t GetAlignment(const CPVT_SectionInfo& SecInfo);
void ClearSectionRightWords(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
FX_BOOL ClearEmptySection(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
void ClearEmptySections(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
void LinkLatterSection(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
void ClearWords(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
CPVT_WordPlace ClearLeftWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
CPVT_WordPlace ClearRightWord(const CPVT_WordPlace& place);
CPVT_FloatRect Rearrange(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
FX_FLOAT GetAutoFontSize();
FX_BOOL IsBigger(FX_FLOAT fFontSize);
CPVT_FloatRect RearrangeSections(const CPVT_WordRange& PlaceRange);
void ResetSectionArray();
CPVT_ArrayTemplate<CSection*> m_SectionArray;
int32_t m_nLimitChar;
int32_t m_nCharArray;
FX_BOOL m_bMultiLine;
FX_BOOL m_bLimitWidth;
FX_BOOL m_bAutoFontSize;
int32_t m_nAlignment;
FX_FLOAT m_fLineLeading;
FX_FLOAT m_fCharSpace;
int32_t m_nHorzScale;
uint16_t m_wSubWord;
FX_FLOAT m_fFontSize;
FX_BOOL m_bInitial;
FX_BOOL m_bRichText;
CPDF_VariableText::Provider* m_pVTProvider;
CPDF_VariableText::Iterator* m_pVTIterator;