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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2015 The PDFium Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from dataclasses import dataclass
import distutils.spawn
import itertools
import os
import shutil
import sys
import common
class PathMode:
"""PathMode indicates the available expected results' paths.
DEFAULT: Used for default expected paths in the format of
'NAME_expected(_OSNAME)?.pdf.#.png'. For a test, this path always
SKIA: Used when Skia or SkiaPaths is enabled, for paths in the format
of 'NAME_expected_skia(_OSNAME)?.pdf.#.png'.
Such paths only exist when the expected results of Skia or
SkiaPaths are different from those of AGG.
SKIAPATHS: Used when SkiaPaths is enabled, for path in the format of
Such paths only exist when the expected results from using AGG,
Skia and SkiaPaths are all different from each other.
Always check PathMode in an incrementing order as the modes are listed in
order of its matching paths' precedence.
SKIA = 1
class ImageDiff:
"""Details about an image diff.
actual_path: Path to the actual image file.
expected_path: Path to the expected image file, or `None` if no matches.
diff_path: Path to the diff image file, or `None` if no diff.
reason: Optional reason for the diff.
actual_path: str
expected_path: str = None
diff_path: str = None
reason: str = None
class PNGDiffer():
def __init__(self, finder, features, reverse_byte_order):
self.pdfium_diff_path = finder.ExecutablePath('pdfium_diff')
self.os_name = finder.os_name
self.reverse_byte_order = reverse_byte_order
if 'SKIAPATHS' in features:
self.max_path_mode = PathMode.SKIAPATHS
elif 'SKIA' in features:
self.max_path_mode = PathMode.SKIA
self.max_path_mode = PathMode.DEFAULT
def CheckMissingTools(self, regenerate_expected):
if (regenerate_expected and self.os_name == 'linux' and
not distutils.spawn.find_executable('optipng')):
return 'Please install "optipng" to regenerate expected images.'
return None
def GetActualFiles(self, input_filename, source_dir, working_dir):
actual_paths = []
path_templates = PathTemplates(input_filename, source_dir, working_dir,
self.os_name, self.max_path_mode)
for page in itertools.count():
actual_path = path_templates.GetActualPath(page)
expected_paths = path_templates.GetExpectedPaths(page)
if any(map(os.path.exists, expected_paths)):
return actual_paths
def _RunImageCompareCommand(self, image_diff):
cmd = [self.pdfium_diff_path]
if self.reverse_byte_order:
cmd.extend([image_diff.actual_path, image_diff.expected_path])
return common.RunCommand(cmd)
def _RunImageDiffCommand(self, image_diff):
# TODO( Diff mode ignores --reverse-byte-order.
return common.RunCommand([
self.pdfium_diff_path, '--subtract', image_diff.actual_path,
image_diff.expected_path, image_diff.diff_path
def ComputeDifferences(self, input_filename, source_dir, working_dir):
"""Computes differences between actual and expected image files.
A list of `ImageDiff` instances, one per differing page.
image_diffs = []
path_templates = PathTemplates(input_filename, source_dir, working_dir,
self.os_name, self.max_path_mode)
for page in itertools.count():
page_diff = ImageDiff(actual_path=path_templates.GetActualPath(page))
if not os.path.exists(page_diff.actual_path):
last_not_found_expected_path = None
compare_error = None
for expected_path in path_templates.GetExpectedPaths(page):
if not os.path.exists(expected_path):
last_not_found_expected_path = expected_path
page_diff.expected_path = expected_path
compare_error = self._RunImageCompareCommand(page_diff)
if not compare_error:
# Found a match.
if page_diff.expected_path:
if not compare_error:
# Proceed to next page
page_diff.reason = str(compare_error)
# TODO( Compare and diff in a single invocation.
page_diff.diff_path = path_templates.GetDiffPath(page)
if not self._RunImageDiffCommand(page_diff):
print(f'WARNING: No diff for {page_diff.actual_path}')
page_diff.diff_path = None
if page == 0:
print(f'WARNING: no expected results files for {input_filename}')
if last_not_found_expected_path:
page_diff.reason = f'{last_not_found_expected_path} does not exist'
page_diff.reason = f'Missing expected result for 0-based page {page}'
return image_diffs
# TODO( Add support to automatically generate
# Skia/SkiaPaths specific expected results.
def Regenerate(self, input_filename, source_dir, working_dir, platform_only):
path_templates = PathTemplates(input_filename, source_dir, working_dir,
self.os_name, self.max_path_mode)
for page in itertools.count():
# Loop through the generated page images. Stop when there is a page
# missing a png, which means the document ended.
actual_path = path_templates.GetActualPath(page)
if not os.path.isfile(actual_path):
platform_expected_path = path_templates.GetExpectedPathByPathMode(
page, PathMode.DEFAULT, self.os_name)
# If there is a platform expected png, we will overwrite it. Otherwise,
# overwrite the generic png in "all" mode, or do nothing in "platform"
# mode.
if os.path.exists(platform_expected_path):
expected_path = platform_expected_path
elif not platform_only:
expected_path = path_templates.GetExpectedPathByPathMode(
page, PathMode.DEFAULT)
shutil.copyfile(actual_path, expected_path)
common.RunCommand(['optipng', expected_path])
ACTUAL_TEMPLATE = '.pdf.%d.png'
DIFF_TEMPLATE = '.pdf.%d.diff.png'
class PathTemplates:
def __init__(self, input_filename, source_dir, working_dir, os_name,
assert PathMode.DEFAULT <= max_path_mode <= PathMode.SKIAPATHS, (
'Unexpected Maximum PathMode: %d.' % max_path_mode)
input_root, _ = os.path.splitext(input_filename)
self.actual_path_template = os.path.join(working_dir,
input_root + ACTUAL_TEMPLATE)
self.diff_path_template = os.path.join(working_dir,
input_root + DIFF_TEMPLATE)
self.source_dir = source_dir
self.input_root = input_root
self.max_path_mode = max_path_mode
self.os_name = os_name
# Pre-create the available templates depending on |max_path_mode|.
self.expected_templates = []
for mode in range(PathMode.DEFAULT, max_path_mode + 1):
self._GetExpectedTemplateByPathMode(mode, os_name),
def GetActualPath(self, page):
return self.actual_path_template % page
def GetDiffPath(self, page):
return self.diff_path_template % page
def _GetExpectedTemplateByPathMode(self, mode, os_name=None):
expected_str = '_expected'
if mode == PathMode.DEFAULT:
elif mode == PathMode.SKIA:
expected_str += '_skia'
elif mode == PathMode.SKIAPATHS:
expected_str += '_skiapaths'
assert False, 'Unexpected PathMode: %d.' % mode
if os_name:
expected_str += '_' + self.os_name
return os.path.join(self.source_dir,
self.input_root + expected_str + ACTUAL_TEMPLATE)
def GetExpectedPathByPathMode(self, page, mode, os_name=None):
return self._GetExpectedTemplateByPathMode(mode, os_name) % page
def GetExpectedPaths(self, page):
return [template % page for template in self.expected_templates]