Fix the typo in a corpus test filename.

Rename "formfeild.pdf" to "formfield.pdf" and rename its expectation.

Change-Id: Id38155b396aa652cb26e1638698ebc4d7260ae69
Reviewed-by: Tom Sepez <>
diff --git a/fx/form/formfeild.pdf b/fx/form/formfield.pdf
similarity index 100%
rename from fx/form/formfeild.pdf
rename to fx/form/formfield.pdf
Binary files differ
diff --git a/fx/form/formfeild_expected.pdf.0.png b/fx/form/formfield_expected.pdf.0.png
similarity index 100%
rename from fx/form/formfeild_expected.pdf.0.png
rename to fx/form/formfield_expected.pdf.0.png
Binary files differ