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# Copyright 2016 The PDFium Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
buildconfig = "//build/config/"
# The python interpreter to use by default. On Windows, this will look
# for python3.exe and python3.bat.
script_executable = "python3"
default_args = {
# PDFs only need to run JavaScript.
v8_enable_webassembly = false
# Turns on compiler optimizations in V8 in Debug build.
v8_optimized_debug = true
# PDFium is currently incompatible with the V8 Sandbox.
# See for details.
v8_enable_sandbox = false
# PDFium has its own unsafe-buffers enforcement directories.
clang_unsafe_buffers_paths = "//pdfium_unsafe_buffers_paths.txt"
no_check_targets = [
# TODO( Remove the exceptions for googletest once it is
# possible to support Abseil flags in tests without regressing things (e.g.
# no added static initializers) in production binaries.
# See and/or check if these entries exist in
# Chromium's //.gn file.